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03-04-2007, 06:57 AM
Hey there :p Right, here's my band, The Third Sin.

We're doing Pop-punk music, although it may sound more like simple rock sometimes, especially in the songs which can be heard on Myspace.. Just because those songs will soon be 1 year old, our style got clearer since. ^^ Anyway, here is our myspace: http://myspace.com/thethirdsinmusic , don't hesitate to post any comments or to add us ;)

03-04-2007, 07:01 AM
it was ok, but I don't know what to think of your vocalist cause it sounded like he was shy to shy to sing..

03-04-2007, 07:06 AM
Just started singing when this was recorded, much better now ^^

03-06-2007, 02:15 PM
I like it.

Powerful riffs and good singing. Nice.

03-08-2007, 12:55 PM
Thanks dude ;)

Do any of you know 3 Storeys High? We had a proposal to play with them April 3rd in Paris, but we just won't be able to, because 'tis a Tuesday, and hard to bring 50 people a Tuesday night in Paris and to make them pay 10... Too bad :/

03-29-2007, 10:02 AM
A little up right here ^^

03-29-2007, 10:43 AM
Not bad not bad, Keep it up.

03-29-2007, 11:43 AM
I thought it was pretty good, but the vocals need to be recorded more clearly and loudly. By that, you should just try take a step back away from the mic, when recording, and sing louder. But yeah, pretty good.

03-29-2007, 12:19 PM
Hey Frozendoll, it's not bad :cool: !!!

Keep that ^^

03-30-2007, 09:51 AM
Thank you all for your support and advice :) By the way, we plan to record a few new tracks soon, I'll keep on warning you with fresh news ^^

04-09-2007, 08:22 AM
Upping up :p