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Ambient Pop /Adult Alternative Pop/Rock /Alternative Pop/Rock /Dream Pop /(trip-hop roots)

Review by MacKenzie Wilson (allmusic.com)
Belgium's dream pop trio Hooverphonic has seemed to creatively move beyond their icy smooth seascape found on 1998's Blue Wonder Power Milk and shift into a darkwave mood on their third full-length, The Magnificent Tree. Classic embryonic vocalic beauty from Geike Arnaert still carries the translucence of the band's signature ethereality, and shines as hard as she did on the band's previous releases. However, musical composition on songs such as "Pink Fluffy Dinosaurs" and "Frosted Flake Wood" are more intricate and sonically defined. Chief songwriter and programmer Alex Callier and guitarist Raymond Geerts aim for abstract theatrics; multi-instrumentation is brooding and creeping, but Hooverphonic's distinct maturation cannot overshadow the gorgeous, flowing soundscapes they previously laid down. It's not disheartening by any means, for Hooverphonic does compose an attractive depiction of revamped new wave elements and twisted synth-pop in the face of new millennium teendom. They are far from manufactured label-conscious musical fascism, yet still are represented by a major label. But staying true to the Julee Cruise-like ambience, songs such as "Out of Sight" and "Mad About You" are thoroughly dramatic and make for an illustrious listen. The Magnificent Tree has not completely ignored the musical mystery, and the listener shouldn't forget such mastery while Hooverphonic's cultivation had to be perfectly split. [The Japanese release adds two bonus tracks — the "Long Version" and "Edit" of "Visions" — in the place of "Renaissance Affair," the bonus track added to the standard release.]

I saw them in TV performing "Mad About You" at EU's 50th anniversary concert a couple of weeks ago. I checked their myspace and besides "Mad about you" fell in love with the live peformance of "Vinegar & Salt". Then downloaded the whole discography and totally fell in love with their 3rd album "The Magnificent Tree".
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=91747932 (Mad About You) <3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ox0oyrbJvdo (Vinegar & Salt (live)) My gosh, she's so hot, great song <3

The Magnificent Tree

It's a pleasantly depressive album, suitable for a melancholic mood. Fragile and beautiful voice of Geike Arnaert can really touch your heart. It's a great mix of pop, rock and electronic sounds.

01.Autoharp - Album's fairly long intro. Some Chinese guitar strumming and scratching vocals of a talking guy. Geike talks too, plus dreamy and abstract vocals towards the end.

02.Mad About You - Single. I've read somewhere that it was a big European hit. Violins catchy as fuck with drumming on icicles :p . Dramatic, sexy vocals that break your heart.

03.Waves - I luUuv it. It must be the friendliest song ever! I'm a little baby HAU again, playing at the sandpit.

04.Jackie Cane - Single. Sooo fine. Sheryl Crow-like song with simple guitar melody and the sound that you must have heard somewhere. Awesome choral vocal effect at the end, sound like a children singing.

05.The Magnificent Tree - When I'll be in heaven, I want to hear music like this.

06.Vinegar & Salt - Single. Beautiful. They released live album (at the theatre) later and this song got different feel. Way to break my heart assholes, see youtube video.

07.Frosted Flake Wood - Haaa, this is a fairy tale song. So cute. :) It's a dueto, Geike and some guy.

08.Everytime We Live Together We Die a Bit More - Sooo cool! Futuristic, depressive and cute. Catchy bassguitar.

09.Out of Sight - Single. Gorgeous pop song. Violins and beautiful Geike's voice. <3

10.Pink Fluffy Dinosaurs - Calm slow song, slightly depressive. Well, it's almost the end of the album, time to sleep, but I wouldn't skip the last 2 songs. ;)

11.L'odeur Animale - It's in the mood of Pink fluffy dinosaurs but it's a much better song. Noble and very pleasant. Piano and ghosts flying around. Boo boo boo!

12.Renaissance Affair - It's the song from the previous album. I can see why they put it on here. Great song. I love these "bagpipes" or whatever is it.

[B]H4U http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y33/HeadAroundU/new_angel.gif

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