View Full Version : Musicians! For Sale...ibanez Neck And Dimarzio Humbucker!

05-01-2007, 12:28 AM
Hey folks, I'm selling two items...

Ibanez Wizard II neck

I bought it off ebay less than a year ago for a now-defunct project, so it has to go.

It's got the AANJ heel. It was originally on my rainforest RG project, but that's kind of gone down the gurgler so I'm selling all the useful parts, which are all still good and functional, I've just kind of lost the guitar building bug for the time being. and I'm hard up for cash!

The headstock was sanded back to the black plastic or whatever it was and had the rainforest design painted on. This can be easily stripped, repainted black and turned back into an ibanez headstock with a headstock decal, which are readily available on ebay. Or, you could strip it back and customize the headstock as I have.

The neck is great and fast as is any Wizard II, Rosewood is great. Minimal fretwear (which is nowhere near enough of a concern for need of a refret according to 2 local guitar techs)...photos soon. When my RG was together this neck played fine. Comes with the bottom part of the locking nut but I seem to have misplaced the screws (I used this neck with a hardtail body so the screws were not needed).

Ideally I'd like $80 AUD or best offer. It really needs to go so all offers considered.
Dimarzio Breed Neck Pickup

Just under a year old. Works fine. Also used in the Rainforest guitar. Hardly seen any playtime.

$60 AUD including postage


Australian buyer/s preferred (but certainly not a must). Will figure out payment via paypal or something, I'm pretty new to selling. If your international and want to buy, we should be able to figure something out.

Special offer :p

Buy both off me for $130 AUD or best offer!


If you are from overseas, use xe.com to convert, and see how much you will be paying.