View Full Version : Morgan Tsvangirai is the most inspirational person ever!

05-10-2007, 06:39 PM
Ah how the newspaper delight with descriptions of his heroic stand against the impressively corrupt and EVIL government of Zimbabwe.

His marketing by the world press presents Tsvangirai as the last bastion of hope, this dark horse of Zimbabwean politics. We know that he is a simple man. He has no formal education. Son of a carpenter and brick-layer. Started his vocational career in the nickel mines, and worked his way up to foreman.

What we sometimes hear is that he was a member of the ruling party of Zimbabwe. The perma-corrupt Zimbabwe African National Unity-Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). This fact somehow makes him even more inspirational. It was the government that appointed him head of the national union, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). And for a while he was the government's man. Then conditions started deteriorating(wow, I have no idea how to spell this word).

The war veterans were demanding money from the government and using violence to get it too. The government caved in and started paying all the war veterans a monthly pension. Now the utterly corrupt government of Zimbabwe couldn't actually afford to do this, so they did the financially genius solution of printing more money, because, why can't we all have money? On top of that they added more sales taxes on various common goods. So higher inflation and higher taxes, that's nice. (The war veterans are also just about to go and take a whole lot of white land, creating an even greater economic disaster...cause you know..they bought the land on loans...and these loans aren't going to be paid back now...and so the banks had unfortunately just thrown money around....) Not that that matters since any money the banks had would soon become worthless.

So what's a simple trade union leader to do? The government expects loyalty, this is the kind of government that appoints union leaders in the first place. This was all back in 1998, and this was when Tsvangirai began distancing the unions from the government. Strikes were the obvious tool to use. The country was crippled in strikes. Not that they had any real effect.

But it turned Tsvangirai into the voice of the opposition. He went on to create a political party called the MDC. He talks about how he wants to bring Zimbabwe into a "irreversible transition to freedom." He wants justice to come swiftly to the leaders of the current government. He wants to wrestle land back from a ruling elite. He wants to end governmental abuses. He wants to sound exactly like Mugabe did back in the 1980's.

That's really the crux of it isn't it? Back in the 1980's Mugabe was a hero. He led the guerillas against all possible odds. He was intelligent, outspoken. He was a leader and a symbol for the cause. 20 years later we have the same situation. Strange as fuck situation.

I still find the things Tsvangirai talks about to be inspirational. I'll loathe the day he fails to bring reform, or the day he betrays his revolution.