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08-27-2007, 05:51 AM
I got back from the dentist's a little while ago, and it was probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had at a doctor's. I'm 2 wisdom teeth down now, which I suppose was worth it, but I haven't been in that much pain in a while.

The first tooth went smoothly enough - I got my local anasthesia (along with a mild panic attack at the beginning, since I wasn't expecting any adrenaline in the shot), he fucked around with the tooth a while, I felt a massive amount of pressure and heard a crunch and then he pulled the damn thing out.

The second tooth, however, definitely did not go so well. I started feeling pain when he started digging around in my mouth trying to remove the tooth, and tried to tell him, but unfortunately my entire mouth was numb as this point and I couldn't manage more than a strange moan. Eventually, as he get prodding around the pain became less and less bearable and I tried to signal it to him by being more vehement in my moaning noises and drumming my arms on the dentist's chair. His response? "It hurts a little? That's normal, don't worry." I tried to respond "It doesn't hurt a little, it hurts like hell," but what ended up coming out instead was "idonz wud a wid wudz la el!" He merely smiled and jammed the damn dentist's drill in my mouth for more torture.

Long story short, he eventually jammed something into my tooth to try and get it out and it felt like he was tearing my jaw off. After his wife held me down for a while and he kept wrenching at it, something eventually popped out and relief washed over me. I waited for him to stitch up my gum, but he paused and explained to me that my tooth was awkwardly positioned and that he'd had to cut it into 4 parts that he would have to extract separately.

The next half hour was more of the same, but at least now I'm home with an ice pack pressed to my cheek and still unable to feel my lower lip.

Tell the tales of your bad (or painful) doctor's experiences over the years, and how much you want to burn down their houses for what the advancement of medicine has led us to.

08-27-2007, 05:59 AM
The worst part about teeth operations is you're not supposed to smoke weed (or put much of anything in your mouth for that matter) to ease the pain, but at least you get codeine. Not like i'm a fan, but it's useful.

I haven't done any dentist crap since I was like 9. Well I had like a filling or two and clean up when I was 16 but that's it. I hate, hate, hate motherfucking dentists. Childhood trauma and stuff. I'll probably go this year though because i'm starting to feel pain when I chew very sweet goodies on my right side, and that's not a good sign...

08-27-2007, 06:21 AM
I've never had bad experiences with dentists. My dentist was a really nice guy. He was doing everything he could do to give me less pain. And I know it sounds very weird but I didn't mind at all because I kinda enjoyed the pain. Especially that crackling noise that comes out when they're pulling your tooth. I used to love it. Anyway, that nice dentist died and since then I've never been to a dentist. My teeth are just fine.

My worst experience was with my gynecologist. I'm not giving details but I can say that I don't want to see that woman and her hands with those plastic gloves again.

Sin Studly
08-27-2007, 06:37 AM
but at least you get codeine. Not like i'm a fan, but it's useful.

Codeine used alongside iboprofen is fucking wonderful for dental pain. Weed isn't.

08-27-2007, 06:43 AM
Codeine used alongside iboprofen is fucking wonderful for dental pain. Weed isn't.

Well I haven't had any serious pain that I needed treating, but weed is wonderful for everything mild. It's just a wonderful, wonderful drug.

08-27-2007, 06:49 AM
Ouch, sounds painful. I never had any serious teeth problems, (or any at all), and I guess I'm lucky, because my dentist is some kind of butcher who manages to get blood all over my face and then say: "Everything looks perfect, you really have greet teeth!" THEN WHY IS MY FACE COVERED IN BLOOD??????

My worst doctors experience pain-wise a gynecologist's thing too, it made me decide that instead of getting a new IUD in 5 years I'll just have children. I doubt giving birth hurts more than that experience.

Then I have another bad experience which wasn't painful but just plain stupid. This happened when I was about fifteen years old, I was seeing a neurologist about my migraines.

Doctor to my mom: "You really shouldn't take these medicines more than 2 to 3 times a week. In fact *turns to my mom*, I think you should keep them for her, so she can't take too many"

Right. Then what do I do when I'm in school? Call my mom t bring them over? I was FIFTEEN! Then his phone rings, he talks on the phone for fifteen minutes, and when he finally hangs up, my mom opens her mouth to asks something (probably about his idiotic idea about the meds) and he says: "Hurry up a little missy, I don't have all day, I have other patients too!".


I never went back there. Asshole.

08-27-2007, 06:53 AM
Actually, that's not the worst at all. Once I had to see a doctor to check if I was still legible (???) for disability. That's all he was supposed to do, check if I was ill, not cure me, nothing. But this guy turned out to be some weird alternative doctor in his spare time and figured that I have migraines all the time because my uncle who committed suicide when I was twelve haunts me. (Of course this means he started haunting me when he was still alive, as I had migraines since I was 7, but I guess he didn't think about that detail) He also suggested that I should visit his practice, because he could help me.

I was scared, of course. First of all because his story creeped me out (even though I didn't believe it, that's still not a nice thing to hear), and also because this guy was supposed to secure my disability, I was afraid that if I'd say "No thanks" he'd write down that I didn't wanna get better or something. I did say no though, because I figured that if he'd do something like that I could always report him. But yikes, what a creep.

08-27-2007, 07:44 AM
i suppose i was sheltered from bad doctor experiences because most physicians i went to were friends of my mom's. so they were nice/competent, for the most part.

except for the dentists, who are always a nightmare for me, because i have a v. sensitive mouf. and they NEVER give me enough anaesthesia. and they never believe that IT STILL HURTS, dammit.

my least favorite dentist is my aunt, who, since we're family, believes that i should just "suck it up" because i'm a "big girl" and it doesn't hurt much at all.


me: raaaaa owww!
aunt: oh come on. can't be that bad. *attacks*
aunt: aw. you're being a baby. *harder*
aunt: oh please, i'm almost done!

etc. fuck.

my most recent crap doctor experience was with a plastic surgeon who, out of the blue, offered me a breast augmentation (mind you, i went in to inquire about eye surgery/potential nosejob... not boobs). reeeal professional there buddy.

Rag Doll
08-27-2007, 08:25 AM
when i was 13 i went to the hospital for back pain. they couldn't figure out was wrong and did MRIs and CT scans and all that stuff. eventually they just couldnt figure it out and told my mother i had ovarian/uterine cancer. we thought that for a full 24 hours before i was transferred to a different hospital.

last summer i was in the hospital (different hospitals than those mentioned above). my gynecologist was away for the weekend with his family, so he wasnt able to ask me all the annoying questions they ask when they're discharging you and then sign me out. the resident gynecologist came in instead. so, i'm in there, with my mom, ready to leave and he's asking all the questions. and finally he's like "are you sexually active?"...and of course, me, being tired and now a little like "uh oh...preg? no plzzzzz" could only say "why does that matter?". and it turns out it didnt matter at all, he had no reason to ask, and didnt even care that he's not supposed to ask stuff like that in front of other people. my mother is now very uhhh..."ohmygod make sure you take your pill...ohmygod make sure you use something effective....ohmygod please dont have sex when i'm home".....and she is just getting worse about it and this was a YEAR ago. thanks guyyyyy.

i know i have more. hafta think about it....i'm constantly seeing doctors/in the hospital.