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Starting with the CIA down to George W. Bush they are all Vatican Knights serving at the pleasure of the Pope:

George H.W. Bush Shrinner Freemason, Knight of Malta, Skull n Bones Papal Knight of Euolgia
Knights of Malta - Sovereign Military Order of Malta

The formal name of this elite Catholic lay organization is the "Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John, of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta" (SMOM). It was founded in l061 as a military order to protect "the poor of Christ" and pilgrims to the Holy Land. An international order of laymen with charitable objectives, SMOM now claims 10,000 members in 42 countries. The group is organized as a sovereign,

though landless, diplomatic state whose only territory consists of a headquarters in Rome. This unusual diplomatic status allows SMOM to send items across borders without review by local customs authorities. (5,10,13) Social historian Stephen Birmingham has said that the Knights of Malta "comprise what is perhaps the most exclusive club on earth. They are more than just Catholic aristocracy. They can pick up a telephone and chat with the Pope. "(14) SMOM has been called "the cutting edge of right-wing Catholicism, a hidden mating ground where the Catholic church and the U. S. ruling elite intersect. " As of l983, the U. S. chapter had l,750 members. (10,14)

J. Peter Grace has a long history of involvement in CIA-linked projects, such as the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD). In addition, he was involved with the CIA-backed Radio Free Liberty and Radio Free Europe projects in Europe, and Grace representative Francis D. Flanagan belonged to International Telephone and Telegraph's (IT&T) "Ad Hoc Committee on Chile" during the l973 overthrow of Salvador Allende in Chile. IT&T had CIA backing for its efforts against the Allende government. (14)

According to a source named Jimmy-the-Weasel, Mafia members apparently created memberships in SMOM for a fee, using their connections in SMOM. ( During the Vietnam war, the Knights of Malta supported U. S. military intervention in Southeast Asia and contributed to Washington's pacification campaign in South Vietnam. (10) SMOM gave its highest award of honor, the Gran Croci Al Merito Conplacca, to Gen. Reinhard Gehlen in l948. Gehlen, who was not a Catholic, was awarded the honor because of his efforts in the "crusade against godless Communism. " Gehlen headed Adolf Hitler's spy operations against the Soviet Union during World War II. After the war, he and his spy apparatus--staffed mostly by former Nazis--were recruited by the CIA. He became the first director of the BND, West Germany's intelligence agency, which contributed large percentages of NATO's raw intelligence during the Cold War. (14) In l963, as Director of the CIA, John McCone oversaw the assassination of South Vietnam's Prime Minister, Ngo Dinh Diem. In l973, from a senior post in IT&T, he played a role in the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile. (6)

U. S. Address: The Hill Building, 839 l7th St. NW, Washington D. C. 20006 (202-835-2657).


*5. Interview with Roberto Alejos, Jan 27, 1987.

*6. Francoise Hervet, "Knights of Darkness: The Sovereign Military Order of Malta," Covert Action Information Bulletin, Winter, 1986.

*8. Letter from James Sullivan, July 28, l987.

*l0. The New Right Humanitarians, The Resource Center, l986.

*l3. Private Organizations with U. S. Connections: El Salvador, The Resource Center, l988.

*l4. Martin A. Lee, "Who Are the Knights of Malta?" Natl Catholic Reporter, Oct ll, l983.

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Here are some facts about the Knights of Malta that generally are not included in many history textbooks or encyclopedias in America (NOTE: CIA = Central Intelligence Agency)

· The Knights of Malta is a Roman Catholic religious-military order that is headquarted in Rome with the Jesuit Order. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (i.e., the Knights of Malta) is controlled by the Jesuit Superior General (i.e., the “Black Pope”).

· When the Knights Templar Order (whose members had become the international bankers of their day) was disbanded in 1312, much of its enormous wealth was passed on to the Knights of St. John (which later became known as the Knights of Malta).

· During World War II, several Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta headed up top intelligence operations: (1) William “Wild Bill” Donovan was head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS – which later became the CIA); (2) German General Reinhard Gehlen was head of Nazi intelligence on the eastern front; and, (3) Prince Anton Turkul was head of Soviet intelligence – he used Jesuit priests for couriers.

· Knight of Malta (and German general) Reinhard Gehlen was brought to the USA after World War II. Reinhard Gehlen and William Donovan helped to set up the CIA.

· Members of the Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta who have been “Director, CIA” are: William Donovan, John McCone, William Casey, William Colby, and George Tenet.

· The longtime chief of Counterintelligence at the CIA was Jesuit-controlled Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton – who also headed up the “Vatican” and “Israel” desks at the CIA. Angleton was also the CIA liaison to the “Warren [whitewash] Commission” that produced a major cover-up of the real conspirators involved in the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK).

· According to Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, several other Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta were involved either in the JFK assassination or the subsequent cover-up: Clay Shaw (CIA contract agent & international industrialist); Lee Iacocca (then Director of the Dearborn Division of Ford Motor Company – who “took care of” the presidential limousine evidence); and Cartha DeLoach (then Assistant Director, FBI).

· Two Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta, Henry Robinson Luce and William Randolph Hearst, were very powerful “players” in the publishing world.

· Several Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta have been big players in the world of banking. Here are a few according to Eric Jon Phelps: Joseph Larkin (Chase Manhattan), Martin F. Shea (Morgan Bank of NY), and Francis X. Stankard (Chase Manhattan). Eric says that, according to Martin Lee, Morgan Bank of NY has a telex to the Knights of Malta.

For additional information on the Knights of Malta, please visit www.pastorbutch.com (click on the “Tackling the Tough Topics” box) or www.tacklingthetoughtopics.net, and then please read these newsletters: “The Jesuits – Parts III & IV”, “World War II”, and “The Real Controllers of the USA”.

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From: An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences," etc. by Albert G. Mackey, M.D., Thirty-Third Degree, Volume I, published by the Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, & London, 1925, Volume One, pp. 392-95:

"This Order, which at various times in the progress of its history received the names of Knights Hospitalers, Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Rhodes, and lastly, Knights of Malta, was one of the most important of the religious and military orders of knighthood which sprang into existence during the Crusades which were instituted for the recovery of the Holy Land. It owes its origin to the Hospitalers of Jerusalem, that wholly religious and charitable Order which was established at Jerusalem, in 1048, by pious merchants of Amalfi for the succor of poor and distressed Latin pilgrims....

"The Organization of the Order in its days of prosperity was very complicated, partaking of both a monarchial and a republican character. Over all presided a Grand Master, who, although invested with extensive powers, was still controlled by the legislative action of the General Chapter....

"...There are now two bodies-one Catholic and the other Protestant, but each repudiates the other....
"The degree of Knight of Malta is conferred in the United States as "an appendant Order" in a Commandery of Knights Templar. There is a ritual attached to the degree, but very few are in possession of it, and it is generally communicated after the candidate has been created a Knights Templar...."
[end of quote]

The Knights of Malta are the militia of the Pope, and are sworn to total obedience by a blood oath which is taken extremely seriously and to the death. The Pope as the head of the Vatican is also the head of a foreign national power.

As a member of the Knights of Malta, and by virtue of your blood oath of obedience to the Pope, you are required to support to the death the desires of the head of the Order of the Knights of Malta-in this case, Pope Benedict XVI -over and above any other allegiance you may feel or pretend to feel toward any other loyalty-such as a loyalty to the Constitution for the united States of America.

Those who are presently members of the Knights of Malta must on penalty of death support those policies advocated by the Vatican. It is not hard for them to do this. They BELIEVE in these policies and principles. The polices which are espoused and proclaimed by the office of the Pope are as follows:
1. End of sovereignty for the United States and other countries.
2. End of absolute property rights.
3. End of all gun rights.
4. The new international economic Order (world government).
5. The redistribution of wealth and jobs.
6. Calls for nations to trust the United Nations.
7. Total disarmament.
8. Promote the United Nations as the hope for peace.
9. Promote UNESCO, the deadly educational and cultural arm of the United Nations.
10. Promote interdependence.
11. Support sanctions honoring Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin-the New Age Humanist Priest.
12. Support the belief that the economic principle of traditional Christian or Catholic social doctrine is the economic principle of communism.
13. Promote the Pope as the acting go-between for the United States and the Soviet Union.

It doesn't really matter what kind of religious or political affiliation a member professes, when they take an oath as a Knight they are obligated by that blood oath of obedience to follow the political lead of the Vatican and will do so to their dying breath-as all good Knights of Malta do. Their first loyalty is to the Vatican, anything else is secondary.
Each and every member is under complete and total obedience to the Vatican's political ambitions.

The "Knights of Malta" are the militia of the Pope. In the book "Behold a Pale Horse" you will find research into this. It is one of the NWO SECRET SOCIETIES that are determined to overrun and destroy America. The Pope is not innocent of this either. The Pope wants to be the leader of the world. He meets with world leaders to promote "peace" as his means of public acceptance. It's a conspiracy of darkness.

Members include: Paul Cain, Mark Joyner, Benny Hinn, Bob Dole, William Casey, former director of the CIA, George H.W. Bush, Pat Buchanan,

Some videos on topic:
[b]Roman Empire Rules Today DVD#1

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tfl;dr .

Sin Studly
09-11-2007, 10:51 PM
Protestants are so cute/stupid. We should keep a one or two of them alive in zoos after creating the New World Order.

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I really like the music of The Offspring, but there is a point where personal behaviour becomes reprehensible, such as the globalist actions of bono.

I have no problem with the lay Catholic who is just doing what they think is following the teachings of Jesus.

It should be obvious to even you that your Church at the Vatican level has a long history of involvement in politics, it is this that every nation has to be on guard for. Built right into the U.S.Constitution (first amendment) is a seperation of church and state for this very reason, due to the political climate the US founders were escaping at that time.

There are some devout followers of Jesus who are Catholics, to the point of believing every word of the bible as they understand it, some even including Genesis creation and all.

Knowing your church is working with zionist on a quest for world domination, will you care? and if you don't care, will you just make excusses for the death, never admitting the wrong? even when being wrong means Judgement by God that will surely come?

The French Revolution

The guillotine was the preferred method of execution, and anywhere from 500,000 to over 1,000,000 people perished--mostly made up of those against the revolution.

But why all the mass killings of innocent people? The population of France was immense, and in order to carry out the revolutionary plans for socialist equality for all, France had to be systematically depopulated. Papers were seized at the home of the head leader of the Jacobins--Maximilien Robespierre--and the man reporting on these papers wrote:

"These men, in order to bring us to the happiness of Sparta, wished to annihilate 12-15 millions of the French people..."

Thus a systematic plan of national depopulation, or mass murder, was introduced.
as far as we know they fell short of their goals

Millions died in France not thousands. Enuff to fill lime quarries and turn the rivers red ruining the fish. All the revolutions and wars are but an underground inquisition of this church/state, beginning with the St.Bartholomew's Day Massacre (http://www.reformation.org/bart.html) of 1572 French Huguenots after the glorious Reformation of 1517 and the spread of protestantism (reading the bible).

Some of the French protestants fled to North America. George Washington was a decendant of a French Huguenot protestant. An American Catholic use to be a contridiction of terms, now it's about 50/50.

Hitler was working toward the NWO, he as well was a Roman Catholic that signed a concordate making Catholicism the only recognized religion of Nazi Germany. This is strong evidence that the Vatican runs the NWO drive. (http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Roman%20Catholicism/former_hitler_youth_elected_pope.htm)

A sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century. Startling revelations of forced conversions, mass murder of non-Catholics, Catholic extermination camps, disclosures of Catholic clergy as commanders of concentration camps; documented with names, dates, places, pictures and eyewitness testimony.
http://www.srpska-mreza.com/library/facts/photo/dish.jpg (http://www.reformation.org/holocaus.html)
The result of WWII was a reduction of European protestants by 50 million, this took place all the way up until 1945, with the Catholic church having a hands on participation in the former Yugoslavia. Of the 900,000 targets (Greek Orthodox) 200,000 forced converted while 700,000 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usta%C5%A1e#Genocide) were tortured to death by the Catholic Nazi Ustaše. The 200,000 were later murdered as well upon first arrival at their new church.

Jasenovac - The Vatican's Holocaust in Croatia 19 min.

Upon the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Ante Pavelitch became the leader of the independent Catholic state of Croatia under the protection of Mussolini and Hitler. Pope Pius XII also supported him with diplomacy and money. When he was firmly in control, he issued an ultimatum to the non-Catholic population (heretics): convert to Catholicism or die. Most of them were Eastern Orthodox and their churches were closed, parish documents destroyed and worshipers often arrested, imprisoned in their own churches and set on fire. Those who did not convert were submitted to unbelievable torture or were slaughtered outright. (http://www.chick.com/bc/1989/holocaustorinquisition.asp?FROM=Catholicpage)

09-12-2007, 12:04 AM
History of the U.S. War in Vietnam (http://www.vvaw.org/about/warhistory.php)

Former Emperor Bao Dai had appointed Ngo Dinh Diem, a Vietnamese Catholic who had lived in the U.S. and Europe, Premier of South Vietnam. Though Vietnam was 95% Buddhist, the Catholic Diem was soon recognized as the future leader of Vietnam by the CIA and other U.S. interests. In 1956 the U.S. refused to go along with the promised nation-wide elections because, in the words of President Eisenhower, "Possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader rather than Chief of State Bao Dai."
What happens over and over is a catholic country won't last, due to the restrictions on freedom and lies within the church. The people then take up the bible for themselves, in no need of any church. The Catholic church then launches a "cleansing" inquisition of death followed by athiesm and communism, still no freedom, no truth allowed. This is why it is very important to know if our leaders (U.S.) have allegiance to the Pope.

Restrictions on freedom in the form of a Roman Fascist state, where there is an elite (clergy, politicians/CEO), and a serfdom (citizens), seperated by a large police force of Roman Soldiers (pigs).

More on the catholics in Vietnam from an out of print book I just got off Amazon.com (last one) available free online.
The Religious Beginnings of an Unholy War (http://www.popedope.com/vietnam/vietnam.html)
The Shocking Story of the Catholic "Church's" Role in Starting
the Vietnam War
By Avro Manhattan

With an immense collection of facts, photos, names and dates, Manhattan proves that the Vietnam War began as a religious conflict. He shows how America was manipulated into supporting Catholic oppression in Vietnam supposedly to fight communism.

Manhattan explains:

How religious pamphlets and radio broadcasts convinced one million Catholics to leave North Vietnam and live under Catholic rule in the South, overwhelming the Buddhists.

How brutal persecution of Vietnamese Buddhists led to rioting and suicides by fire in the streets.

Why the reports of what was really happening, written by American military and civil advisers, failed to reach the U.S. President.

Why the project backfired, and as U.S. soldiers continued to die, the Vatican made a secret deal with Ho Chi Minh.

Avro Manhattan (http://www.popedope.com/vietnam/avro.html) (1914-1990)
Avro Manhattan was the world's foremost authority on Roman Catholicism in politics. A resident of London, during WW II he operated a radio station called "Radio Freedom" broadcasting to occupied Europe. He was the author of over 20 books including the best-seller The Vatican in World Politics, twice Book-of-the-Month and going through 57 editions. He was a Great Briton who risked his life daily to expose some of the darkest secrets of the Papacy. His books were #1 on the Forbidden Index for the past 50 years!!

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Also tl;dr

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Holy fucking shit what the FUCK is going on in here? This guy needs to be killed immediately in the interest of insuring that he does not procreate. Wow. This is some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen in my life.

09-13-2007, 06:33 AM
He's like NOMAR, only instead of obsessively hating Capitalism, he hates religion.

But yeah, anarchy is for faggots.

I wonder if NOMAR will come back now.

09-13-2007, 12:47 PM
my god.... its as if my eyes are open..... for the first time.

09-13-2007, 01:15 PM
Amishism = Buchszizsm?

09-13-2007, 04:27 PM
He's like NOMAR, only instead of obsessively hating Capitalism, he hates religion.

But yeah, anarchy is for faggots.

I wonder if NOMAR will come back now.

There is a false religious system in Rome that in the past has been responsible for ALL the wars, revolutions, Inquisitions, crusades, as well as banning the Most Holy Bible, creating the Illuminati and most secret societies that have plagued the world today with atheistic communism. As well this beast system in Rome is responsible for the pagan ideation of atheism thru their United Nations/UNESCO, Rockefeller funded Findhorn Foundation and Lucis Trust Theosophy Society.

"The Findhorn Foundation has been collaborating with different UN departments, conferences and agencies since 1992 and is registered as an associate member of UNED-UK (UN Environmental and Development-UK Committee) and as a member of UNESCO's Planet Society Network."

There is a sun cult in Rome;The first Beast of Revelation 13
Washington D.C. is the Image of the first Beast in Rome, and is the second Beast

09-13-2007, 04:30 PM
The Faithbased initiative passed by the Bush admin. seemed to be like money from the government to churches for helping the homeless to save on government social services in some kind of circular logic, however it is being funneled to the Catholic church who are using it to promote illegal immigration, most of which from Mexico, central and South America are fellow catholics.

Catholic Immigration Services

They are very active in the immigration scene working with their counterparts south of the border.

This guy flashes the sign of the devil while tatooed with a satanic goats head. The article says most MS members are catholic.
"Considering that many MS members are heavily tattooed and thus easily spotted, many of their members are barely teenagers, and most are Catholic" (http://www.stratfor.com/products/premium/read_article.php?id=242132)

"'MS-13' is one of nation's most dangerous gangs

Some of the most notorious and dangerous criminals in the United States are part of one gang. It's not the Bloods, it's not the Crips, but a gang called MS-13. 'Live and Direct' takes MSNBC into the streets to investgate how the gang is terrorizing neighborhoods and treating their friends and enemies with brutal, bloody force.

RITA COSBY, HOST, 'LIVE AND DIRECT': [This gang has committed one of the most] horrific crime scenes ever witnessed by law enforcement, young men, women and children brutally murdered with machetes. These innocent victims were slaughtered and dismembered for no reason at the hand of MS-13.

La Mara Salvatrucha, more commonly known as the MS-13, are considered by the FBI to be the most dangerous gang in the U.S., leaving their mark from El Salvador to Honduras to Guatemala to New Mexico, and now on U.S. soil."

09-13-2007, 04:33 PM
LOL. What about all the obelisks in Egypt, then? East Beast?

There is much more to identifying the Beast of Revelation, that was just a quick way to show it. The Vatican had 13 obelisk moved from the ME region.

09-13-2007, 04:33 PM
Coming-Great-American-Final-Inquisition (http://www.reformation.org/us-spanish-inquisition.html)
Alberto Gonzolez has the top law enforcement position in the United States. The new Pope was head of inqisition previously at the Vatican. The US government has fomented the death squads in Iraq and so are capable of bringing it home. The US is not stopping the persecution of the farmers on the US-Mexico border. How much further will they go?

From the 1985 back cover of "The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance" by Baron Avro Manhattan

The Vatican is currently playing along with both Russia and the United States. Historically, she has always gone with the winner, and always leaves an escape hatch for herself. The great prize for the Vatican is the U.S. She is closing in by preaching a Marxist gospel in Latin America and Mexico, and using immigration to flood this nation with Catholic adherents.

09-13-2007, 04:37 PM
My fellow Catholic brothers in Christ,
In case I haven't said this already in this thread, I have no problem with the lay Catholic who is just doing what they think is following the teachings of Jesus.
It should be obvious to even you that your Church at the Vatican level has a long history of involvement in politics, it is this that every nation has to be on guard for. Built right into the U.S.Constitution (first amendment) is a seperation of church and state for this very reason, due to the political climate the US founders were escaping at that time.
There are some devout followers of Jesus who are Catholics, to the point of believing every word of the bible as they understand it, some even including Genesis creation and all. I am glad and welcome all to the fight against this new world order system.

09-13-2007, 04:37 PM
The Vatican brutally silenced the Libertarian Theologians, I mean that was *the* main cause of the last Pope.

Don't you think your world view is considerably shallow in it's analysis?

Not Ozymandias
09-13-2007, 04:58 PM
Let me guess, the reason that America has only ever had one Catholic as President or Vice President is because the Vatican doesn't want to make it too obvious that they're controlling the world, right?

09-13-2007, 07:07 PM
George W. Bush is Catholic and a Vatican agent (http://z10.invisionfree.com/Loose_Change_Forum/index.php?showtopic=13465)

RCC Creates Zionism (http://z10.invisionfree.com/Loose_Change_Forum/index.php?showtopic=7989)

Pagan evolution the NWO religion (http://www.godlikeproductions.com/bbs/message.php?messageid=435578&mpage=&showdate=)

Mota Boy
09-13-2007, 10:21 PM
Let me guess, the reason that America has only ever had one Catholic as President or Vice President is because the Vatican doesn't want to make it too obvious that they're controlling the world, right?
Not only that, the Church also legalized abortion throughout the Western World in order to throw everyone off their scent.

I've always wondered why the Amish were banned from using modern technology, including computers. I never realized it was for their own good.

09-14-2007, 06:38 AM
Dumb religious fags :cool: . Believe yourself and fuck all others who want to control other peoples lives.:)

Sin Studly
09-15-2007, 04:15 AM
I've always wondered why the Amish were banned from using modern technology, including computers. I never realized it was for their own good.

They're not banned from using modern technology, they're just taught to eschew it. It's mainly because mechanised farming leads to people buying up more and more land and being greedy, whereas if you have to work your field with horsedrawn plough, you don't try to buy up your neighbours fields. Some arthritic Amish was actually ordered by the Elders to buy a modern tractor because he couldn't tie his horse's bridle on anymore.

09-15-2007, 10:22 AM
Holy fucking shit what the FUCK is going on in here? This guy needs to be killed immediately in the interest of insuring that he does not procreate. Wow. This is some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen in my life.

you've READ some of that?

*shakes head* no more hope for better days.:(

09-23-2007, 06:41 AM
i read some of that...it's about how geroge bush and other goverment figures are the "knights of valor" or something, i dont know, this guy seems like hes just trying to preach his words

10-15-2007, 05:20 PM
I figured I'd see some moronic wingnut like this somewhere on the Internet or IRL after I saw that stupid article about "The Vatican Releases It's Secrets" on msn news... although I figured it was first going to be one of those fat religious mothers who give birth to 20 kids...