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09-25-2007, 02:19 PM
but it sure breaks my heart to think about it.


this is where I've come my whole life, at least two times a year. to see it in the media, in the Netherlands aswel as abroad, was awkward, a bit funny & yet completely saddening. I know many worse things happen. I can't really justify being a spoiled brat.

my grandfather bought a small wooden house in this area about 40 years ago, after the war. I assume he was looking for that one place that stayed loyal to its promises, that stayed far away from all the absurdity going on in the world, & found it in Switzerland, though he already belonged in the Netherlands after his history here & after the shelter he found here, when he had to flee from Köln. it became my grandparents' second house & I believe it was also exactly what my grandmother needed after having to break with her parents who were with the NSB/SS, because she secretly married a Jew in times of war.

this place kind of became an old friend of mine that allowed me to peek into my grandparents' history, in which they allowed almost no one. well, facts they shared, but that's not the same. it became my history. & now it's literally worthless, given away for free. it's a statement, sure, & original at it, special, like the place always is. but the Erner Galen disappearing just breaks my heart.

& no, I have no lj that I use, & yes, this is something I needed to share.

09-25-2007, 02:33 PM
I wouldn't say the place is worthless. I'm sure they could've gotten money for it if they tried, they just didn't want to go that route probably out of fear that it would change too drastically and ruin the community if they did. If it's not a big and trendy place to be, then there's a good chance that whoever takes over it has some sort of sentimental attachment to it as well and will probably keep it as close as possible to how you remember it yourself.

09-26-2007, 06:38 AM
yeah well, I'm constantly hoping for that sentimental teddybear, that's all like; "aw, this is so cute & small & adorable & awesome & traditional & pure &.." ..& the things that I feel towards the place.

it's such a place that makes you feel right at home. everyone is NORMAL, for one. no one is boozing his way down the piste. beginners there are by definition awesome for giving it a shot, trying & learning, while in more popular places I mainly find them annoying to the point I get the urge to *#$^%(%*# them. maybe because in huge crowded popular overpopulated places they're mostly not really there for the sports. the piste is fantastic, the snow is great, the atmosphere is easy-going & always encouraging..

my grandfather always financially supported the area & the community while he was around, & now he isn't anymore, my father has taken over the task. though it's kind of useless, because it'd only work if everyone contributed. it's our family place, but unfortunately my father has only two brothers, of which one lives in America & one died. & the one who died supported it majorly aswell. now the main figure in town also died of cancer, I'm just fearing the whole community will fall apart. it's not unlikely that it will, if someone won't fucking take this ski-area & pump some money into it.