View Full Version : Real Discussion, offspringish style

05-09-2008, 02:40 AM
Hello to all

First of all I found here the topics hammerhead breakdown like Nirvana "stay away", and half truism is much like MCR, and I want to say :

both Songs are absolutely offspring style ( the style that offspring made, I don't think that much groups are playing like this, maybe BR :P )
also in hammerhead, putting voice on bass solo, that's also offspringish ( etc: self esteem, have you ever, Gone away, Genocide , and many more..)
so remember offspring were till Nirvana playing so fast with so much energy with power chords, maybe the chorus of half truism is a slow, yes I agree. But dexter high voice in choruses and screaming ( in hammerhead), it's so coool

Let's wait for new album
I personally think that hammerhead is great song, THe second part of the song is also super