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05-27-2008, 05:47 AM
I'm going to see the police tonight at the hollywood bowl.

did anyone else see them on this massive tour of theirs?

i actually saw them last summer as well @ dodger stadium with the foo fighters. they are one of my favorite bands, and i figured hell, no one though they would get back together, they announced this is the only tour*, why not see them twice?

*they say its their only tour.. but since this one made 400 million dollars.... and even though they were already fighting 3 shows into the tour.. somehow i dount they can just walk away from an easy payout like that...

05-28-2008, 04:10 PM
My friend was there. I wish I could see them...


05-28-2008, 04:27 PM
I saw em live in Amsterdam last september. Great concert!:cool:

M-Class Planet
06-27-2008, 09:29 AM
Went to The Police in Manchester on Tuesday night.
Awful support from Starsailor. I have all the footballing skills of a rhododendron bush so I will never offer my services to Glasgow Rangers, so why could they not show the same restraint and not make themselves available to The Police as a support band.

Still the Plod were amazing
Bring on the night (Stingo doing the classical guitary bit)
Message in a Bottle ( not as good as my band does it but hey!)
Walking on the Moon
Demolition Man
Voices Inside My Head / When The World Is Running Down
Don't Stand So Close to Me ( Stingo played bass pedals intro in wrong key - pillock!)
Driven To Tears - stunning
Hole In My Life - couldn't believe it!!
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ( Stu forgot to stop when the others did.)
Wrapped Around Your Finger ( stunning! )
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Invisible Sun ( intense)
Can't Stand Losing You/Reggatta De Blanc amazing
Encore I
King of Pain
So Lonely
Every Breath You Take ( Zzzzzzzz)
Encore II
Next To You amazing but The Offspring do it better!)

Fantastic gig though one of the best I have ever been to. I was in row L of the MEN which is actually closer to Carlisle than the stage. Still it was fun to be there.