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Tiene toda la razon!

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Anything we didn't know? Translate something interesting.

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Ok, I just translated it, it's realy long so i got a little lazy towards the end but i got he perfect sense of everything he ws trying to say.

Greg Kriesel: "No band as in existence is as good as the Offspring"
"The Internet exists and we need to get used to it".
"People from all ages come to see our show, even people in their 30s, 40s".
"We never get sick of playing what our fans like to hear" .The Offspring start their album's, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, tour today, before the disc even goes on sale -Which comes out on June 17-. They start things off int eh Electric Festival. So now we chat with Greg K, bassist of the group.

¿What do you expect from your only show in our country??

In Spain we've had nothign but good concerts and the fans are always very energetic. They like to jump and sing along, and that gives us energy in return. I bet the next concert will be like other before.

¿Are guys doing older stuff or are you guys gonna play some new things?

We'll only play 2 or 3 new songs, becuase the fans don't know the knew stuff yet. We'll be playing mostly things from our last 6-7 albums.
¿Quiénes van a los conciertos de The Offspring?

¿You guys get tired of doing the same old stuff?

Totally. People go nuts over Self Esteem. We've played it dince 1994, but as long as the fans want it, we'll play it

Hammerhead, your latest single, is about gun control in the USA. ¿You guys felt the need to make a song out of this topic?

Dexter [Holland] writes the songs and lyrics. Gun control is a hot topic, there are many shotting in the USA, especially in schools, Dester wanted to touch on teh subject. But we don't want to reach any objective we aren't trying to put out much of a message. In my opinion there are too many guns, but we don't want to force people to think like we do; everyone should make their own deciaions based on what they think is right.

¿Why has it taken so long, 5 years, to make a new CD?

Our greatest hits CD didn't have any new stuff on it, but we still toured, so we were working hard since then. For us it's only been 2 and a half years.

¿How do you remember the 90's? ¿Was it hard to cope with the fame?

Not for is. We had been making music for 10 years and we were in our 30's, we were mature enough no to let it get to our heads.

Before the offspring there was Manic SubsIdal, ¿Is it true the band started because you and Holland were refused entry at a Social Distortion Concert?

Yes, we've answered this questinl ots of times already. I remember it like that, but Holland says it was after a party; One of us has to be right(Laughs). Yeah, it was one of those times we were talkinga bout making a band

In 98 you guys gave out a free download of Pretty Fly; and to show your support of Napster you then planned on releasing your album online, Conspiracy Of One. ¿Are you guys still in favor of this?

Today it's teh reality of teh CD industry, We've relaeased our latest single out online, Hammerhead. Cause once it's on the radio, it's getting ont eh intert either way. so this way we can control the way the single is handled. The internet exists and we ahve to get used to it.

¿Does pirating affect you guys alot?

Yeah, we sell a alot less stuff, but we have to get used to the new technologies in the world.

¿Was it hard on you gusy to lose Ron Welty?

No. We reached a point where we couldn't work with him anymore. We had to make a change.

¿What do you listen to?

ON my iPod i have the same music i listened to in the 80s and 90's. . Jane's Addiction, Classical Music, The Police... One of my favorite songs is So Lonely; Because of this song i wanted to play bass.

¿Is there any bad that is as good as the Offspring?

Dunno, I can't answer that, cause (laughs)..... There could be some new band, but i don't follow music as much as i used to, can't think of any that is as good, So i have to say No!

¿Do you feel as if you've improved as a musician since you started?
In the begining i had to learn how to play, and i didn't care how: that's how punk works. Technically i have gotten better but in the end, that punk mentality comes back to me and all i worry about is having fun. you should try to feel it more than do it perfectly, especially in rock. When we started we had no classes, nothing. we got together, and when we chose our instruments, Dexter wanted a guitar... and so then i chose the bass!

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Nice, thanks!

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Ow man I'm so curious what is the REAL reason Ron Welty left the Offspring... maybe one day they'll tell us hehe... All I have seen untill today are vague answers like "we got to a point we couldn't work with him anymore" or "He wanted to play different stuff" but I really think there's something else...

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Cheers for translating Paki7491

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yay. a GREG K interview. its 0k in spanish or in any other languages/accents. i read it in my second tongue (which is in spanish) and read it in my first tongue (which is in english) and yea great decent answers on the questions. yep i am too skeptical about the whole Ron Welty thing. we will ever know?!

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Ineresting,thanks for translating,Paki7491!
I can´t remember having heard any Greg K. interview until now.

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Muchos Gracias, Paki7491 :)

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Ineresting,thanks for translating,Paki7491!
I can´t remember having heard any Greg K. interview until now.

One in Portugal and another on in Holland.

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yeah don't worry about it you guys, i just thought this really should be read by all cause Greg K never speaks, so if he does, we should all listen. And once i had finished translatign it, i fell asleep, that was really tiring.

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Thanx, that was actually an interesting interview.

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Google's translation (http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.20minutos.es%2Fnotici a%2F383604%2Fthe-offspring%2Fgreg-kriesel%2Fentrevista%2F&hl=sv&ie=UTF8&sl=es&tl=en)
Above is the translation to english. For other languages go to http://translate.google.com/translate_t?sl=es&tl=en and paste the link and choose your wanted language.

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Awright! A greg k. interview!

About Ron, I'll bet it's simply because he got tired of Dexter writing everything and he just wanted to do his own stuff.

Bad choice on his part, IMO. What's Steady Ground doing these days? :rolleyes:

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Muchas gracias, no tenia ni idea !

Btw he talks about the recent concert in getafe (spain), did some1 have any video ?? I wanted to go but i cant :(

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Oh, greg rocks

And it most be say: Muchas gracias, not muchos.

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In Spain we've had nothign but good concerts and the fans are always very energetic. They like to jump and sing along, and that gives us energy in return. I bet the next concert will be like other before.

that's for real...