View Full Version : Alanis - Flavors of Entanglement

06-10-2008, 02:26 PM
Alanis's new album after a 4 year wait (almost as long of a wait as Offspring... jesus) came out today. I just picked it up, and it's wonderful. For anyone who was a fan of Alanis's first two major label albums, but dropped off after the second two, this one is a return to amazingness. She's avoided the safe pop that dominated the last two albums, minus "Underneath" (the lead single from the album) and maybe "In Praise of the Vulnerable Man". Even so, they're fairly strong for what they are, unlike most of the songs on "So Called Chaos".

"Straitjacket" has a very electronic sound to it, while "Citizen of the Planet" and "Versions of Violence" are heavy and strong, reminiscent of songs like "I Was Hoping" and "Would Not Come". "Not As We" is just a beautiful ballad, nothing really new, but it proves what a long way her voice has come. She's got so much vocal talent. "Moratorium" has a very dark sound to it, and definitely some of the electronic sounds like in "Straitjacket".

The only songs I'm not huge on are "Torch" and "In Praise of the Vulnerable Man". Kinda bland, but I think Torch will especially grow on me.

Best songs are "Tapes", "Giggling Again for No Reason" (wtf, that's an ALANIS title??), and "Versions of Violence". Also really big on "Citizen", "Not as We", "Moratorium", and "Straitjacket".

She's returned to the dark, more complex sounds she was famous for 10+ years ago, but she's back with a more powerful voice that she's in control of, and more mature lyrics. If anyone is interested in the album, I'd be happy to upload it for you. But you should definitely buy it- it's worth it!