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06-11-2008, 08:57 AM
Talk about how you first got into The Offspring here :) have you been a long time follower? Or did you first join the legion of fans with "Americana"? I'll start off:

I was in grade 6 when I first started seeing "Original Prankster" on MuchMusic, thought the video was friggin hilarious! A couple of months went by and then I heard that they were doing some sort of special on Much, called "Intimate and Interactive" or something like that. And if was during the pre-game show (when they were showing all the videos from the past) that I got so see some of their older stuff. The second I heard "Gone Away", I fell in love, and the live show was amazing, I haven't looked back since :D. To think that my favorite band today is one I came across by chance is an awesome, but scary thought at the same time? What if I hadn't seen that show, I'd be missing out on so much :).

06-11-2008, 09:05 AM
I heard of them through a friend...then bought conspiracy of one on holiday like 2 weeks later and pretty much listened to that and that only for next 6 months untill i bought splinter and ixnay...

06-11-2008, 09:06 AM
Original thread for my original story:

I first heard The Offspring from Pretty Fly. When I was older I listened to Americana and since then I have liked The Offspring.

06-11-2008, 09:08 AM
Original thread for my original story:

Oh I didn't know this thread had been done :( oops, but it's not anywhere on the first couple of pages so woo :)

Bipolar Bear
06-11-2008, 09:08 AM
I started being a fan after finally accepting to listen to Smash after my friend's numerous requests. I thought Offspring was a shit band because of Pretty Fly for a white guy and Why Don't You Get A Job. I was proven wrong.

Dead Kennedy
06-11-2008, 09:08 AM
i first heard them when i was digging through my bro's cds and i found americana,wondered what shit it is,an i really fuckin liked it! i was into rap at that time but i changed my musical style right away:D

Drums beating in my Heart
06-11-2008, 09:09 AM
We'll it was 2 New Years ago, I got a musicbon(or how do you say that:confused:???) I believe it was one from €20...
I went to the shop and they were having a sell out, on all their old CD'sh. I didn't know what I was looking for, and I saw the greatest hits(no discount:D) That time I only knew Pretty Fly, I didn't like that song so much, but yeah, better a cd than throw €20 away...(I also bought a U2 single, because the greatist hits wasn't €20, and it SUCKED :D)
I came home, put the CD in my CD-player and... I LOVED IT STRAIGHT AWAY!!! I went to library and took all the offspring cd's they had there(offspring, ixnay and splinter)
And I loved(almost) every song... The Offspring for ever!!!

(ow my english sucks...)

Unnatural Disaster
06-11-2008, 09:25 AM
When I was 9 years old, I heard Pretty Fly on the radio and really liked it, but didn't think much of it. I completely missed the release of Conspiracy of One. In 2002 (I was 12), when I started really getting into rock music, I asked my uncle to burn me a couple CDs with good rock songs on it for me. This re-introduced me to their music when he gave me some cd's with Offspring songs from Smash and Americana and I instantly loved it. I went out and bought all of their albums and was delightfully surprised when I heard that they were releasing a new album the next year (Splinter). That's how I got started...

06-11-2008, 09:30 AM
Okay. It was january of 1997, we went to a ski-holiday and my friend blasted the radio. They were playing some cool stuff, which I thought was quite fast and noisy, and I liked it. I learned that the song is called All I Want and is from an American band called The Offspring. 15 days later Ixnay hit the stores and I bought it. This is how it started. I was 10 back then.

06-11-2008, 09:35 AM
My older sister was into the Offspring so I remember listening to Ignition when I was 8... but I was still young and had a hard time matching songs to bands etc.

But Smash is when it picked up for me,
I started listening to it on and off myself when it came out then, I still remember the time I decided I was in love with the band, KROQ was doing their new years countdown, Self Esteem was #4,
and its not even when I was listening to it at the time, but the next morning when I was driving home from LA, going through the grapevine,
something about hearing them play self esteem and having the radio somehow sorta cut out so the last thing you hear is "when she's saying, alll that she wants only me" and slowly sorta fade to static and that was it, and I've never looked back.

Edit: I should also make special mention of post-americana bbs and coming on here all the time back then. Fun times, obviously I was already a die-hard fan at the time but that has always helped as a main staple of being here (even if my posting had slowed down a lot in the past few years)

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06-11-2008, 09:39 AM

no thats not an insult, thats right people,
he was sleeping and picked up his fandom through osmosis... quite impressive infact! :)

06-11-2008, 09:40 AM
I hated "Self Esteem" and "Come Out and Play" when I first heard them, they sounded like bad Pearl Jam/Nirvana ripoffs to me for some reason. I disliked rock music in general at that age.

Couple of years later, I got into punk, heard "All I Want" on the radio, then went and shoplifted Ixnay from Wal-Mart. I was 14. Still think it's their best album.

06-11-2008, 09:41 AM
no thats not an insult, thats right people,
he was sleeping and picked up his fandom through osmosis... quite impressive infact! :)

If only I could do the same when it comes to school lol

06-11-2008, 09:49 AM
^ lol don't we all t-immortal, don't we all

edit: nerd moment I guess I should've said diffusion, since osmosis is water but... eh...

06-11-2008, 10:02 AM
(I know it’s long, but I’m bored, and I like the story.)

My Offspring journey is steeped in crime. Bear with me as I set this up a little:

In middle school (8th), my best friend was going through a really bad klepto phase, where he would steal anything from anyone who wasn’t me.

Now, in 7th grade, I had heard “Pretty Fly” and “Get a Job” but I was pretty much “wtf funny, wats next?” because I didn’t like rock back then. I never really gave these songs another thought after that.

Then, in 8th (this was in early 2000, by the way) the aforementioned BFF stole a portable CD from my other friend, and gave the CD inside to me. The CD was Americana. I took the CD home, hoping that this was the one with the “wtf funny” songs on it. Of course, it was. But this is not where the story ends. By this point, I liked rock a little, so I gave the whole CD a listen. Didn’t like it at all. I settled for listening to the big two while playing Gran Turismo 2.

In the year that followed, I had really forgotten about the band and had long lost that CD. In 2001, my brother had stolen a huge assload of Playstation and PS2 games (like 100). Among them was “Crazy Taxi”. You see where I’m going with this. After getting into the game for a week or so, I started to notice the music. “…The awesomeness of this song (Way Down the Line)…The gratingness of that singer’s voice (All I Want)…I bet it’s Offspring.” I only had the two Americana songs to base it on, but I was right. I downloaded those songs, plus “One Fine Day” and that was that.

I eventually stopped listening to those songs and four more years passed. 2005. The Offspring was still in my mind, but in the very very back, where fanny packs now reside. So, wouldn’t ya know it, when I was looking through a box of old crap, Americana! I am very bad with CDs and I always let them get scratched, so you can imagine how this CD looked after 5 years. I’m talking FUBAR. I decided to humor myself and put it in my computer, since I realize my musical tastes had changed a lot by then, but never expecting it to work…This thing played almost perfectly. “’Pretty Fly’ and ‘WDYGAJ’ are still okay, but, hey, I kinda like this ‘TKAA’ and ‘She’s Got Issues’ isn’t bad, either”. So that’s two more that I never liked before. Then came “Staring at the Sun”, “End of the Line”, and others, “Feelings” being the last one I came around to. This was now my official favorite album, dethroning Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” after a decade of tyranny.

I downloaded (illegally, hence more crime) a few more songs, including “Dirty Magic”(which I didn’t really love, but strangely couldn’t stop listening to) and “Kill the President”. The second wave of piracy proved more rewarding, producing “Gone Away,” “The Meaning of Life,” “No Hero” and “Come Out and Play”. I loved all of these, making The Offspring my favorite band.

So, you see, it took three big, highly unlikely tries for me to love Offspring, and it really is miraculous when I think about it. I feel as if God himself was standing in front of my path, refusing passage lest I partake of the nectar and ambrosia that is this great music. End transmission.

06-11-2008, 10:03 AM
edit: nerd moment I guess I should've said diffusion, since osmosis is water but... eh...
rofl, 'twas my first thought, too, so don't feel so bad.

06-11-2008, 10:06 AM
Okay. It was january of 1997, we went to a ski-holiday and my friend blasted the radio. They were playing some cool stuff, which I thought was quite fast and noisy, and I liked it. I learned that the song is called All I Want and is from an American band called The Offspring. 15 days later Ixnay hit the stores and I bought it. This is how it started. I was 10 back then.

I was ten too when I started listening to The Offspring, but I started 6 years later, with Splinter. My father gave it to me, and I listened to it all day long, and he complained all day long about the fucking noise. ("Turn off that crap!!!":D)

06-11-2008, 10:09 AM
^^ I have to say thats one of the more ... unique?... stories I've heard about listening to the Offspring. Awesome hahaha. Gotta love finding CDs in random places like 5 years later...

also glad to see I wasn't the only to make that osmosis/diffusion distinction hahaha.

06-11-2008, 10:18 AM
I share this story with my father every now and then, even though he's been aware of it since it happened. In fact, he played a role in the story of how I came to love The Offspring. This'll be a fairly lengthy read. Perhaps you'll get a chuckle here 'n there. Hopefully, you'll be able to relate to some extent. Either way, I hope you enjoy...

Summer, 1994: Every now and then I would listen to Q107. (which, at the time, wasn't a classic rock station, just a standard rock station) I'd listen here and there, sometimes during the day, sometimes I'd purposely catch the top 7 at 7:00 in hopes of hearing something good. Well, nothing caught my ear. That is, not until I heard THE MOST catchy song these ears had ever heard. Unfortunately, I never came in at the beginning of the song to catch the name of the band and they never seemed to announce who they were afterwards (perhaps I didn't wait long enough for them to mention it a few songs later).

For several days and nights I would listen with the hopes of hearing that song. And sometimes I would catch the end of it, but once again, wouldn't get to hear the name of the band. But I loved the song way too much to stop searching, hoping I would hear them mention the name. Then one night during the top 7 at 7:00 I got to hear "Come Out & Play" from the beginning. And I caught the name of that band; The Offspring. I can't describe just how right that name sounded. The Offspring. It was perfect!

Night after night I would catch the song on the top 7 at 7. I loved absolutely EVERYTHING about it! My father, on the other hand, was not too impressed, having walked by my room while the lyrics "if you're under 18 you won't be doin' any time" were being sung. He hadn't listened closely enough at first to what the song was about, and what angle Dexter was taking as he was singing. It didn't take too long for my dad to "get" what it was about, and once past that he actually liked the song himself. He appreciated the creativity of the middle eastern riff as well as all of the hooks that the song employs.

Not having the money, and not really even thinking of asking my parents to buy me the album, Come Out & Play satiated my appetite for good music until later that year...

I believe it was Fall, '94 when the video for "Self Esteem" came out. And, being in a messy relationship with my girlfriend made that event all the more special.

Again, I remember seeing it for the first time (I saw/heard "Self Esteem" on MuchMusic before hearing it on the radio) and thinking "Oh my God! This can't be possible! This is fucking amazing!" Dexter's voice, the chunky guitars playing those four chords, the topic of the song, it was all perfect. I remember being so happy, so surprised that something like that actually existed. Crazy!

Christmas, 1994. To this day, none of the other presents I got matter(ed). My parents bought the cassette version of Smash for me! Smash! The Offspring's full album! Smash! (we didn't have a cd player at the time.) I remember putting the cassette into my stereo system and turning it up. The cassette doesn't have "Time to Relax" so when the intro drumroll from "Nitro" began I honestly remember thinking "Whaaaat the FUCK is this?!? It's ALL over now, baby!" I had never heard anything like it. It was beautiful. It was so fresh, so new, so unlike everything I had ever heard. I was truly in love. Shortly thereafter I'm sure I was yelled at, y'know... what with the amazing Stupid Dumbshit Goddamn Motherfucker! and all... I played the tape over and over and over.

My father plays guitar so I eventually asked him to teach me the middle eastern riff from COAP. After that it was "Gotta Get Away" which was his favourite song off the album. I'll never forget it. Referring to the rhythm that's played he said "I like that. It takes discipline to play something like that. Simple but steady." He knew it wasn't about being flashy. Often, less is more. So we would play that song together and my older brother learned the bass to it.

After wearing the cassette thin over the next two years, and having moved from the city of Toronto to Northern Ontario (a drastic change in my life, to say the least) I was eagerly awaiting something new from The Offspring. News of a new album came out...

I know this will sound silly, but I swear every word is true. I was such a huge fan of the band and believed in their music so much that I would bug my parents about how this new album was going to "Change the world..." No word of a lie. I used to tell my parents, jokingly, that they should start gathering canned goods because a movement was going to happen. The release of this album was going to cause change the world over. My dad would laugh at my naivete, though he thankfully put up with it. I must have sounded ridiculous, but I was truly looking forward to it and knew that it was much needed in my life, if in nobody else's.

More and more news was released. The whole Epitaph storyline was talked about, but not really cared about in my mind. I heard the title was to be Ixnay on the Hombre. My family has always joked around speaking pig-latin, so I dug the title (as did my dad). I got a release date. I memerized it from the moment I heard it.

The day the album was released was a school day. There was a snow storm that day. Once again, not one word of this is embellished or false. I walked, in the snow storm, from school to the mall that day - about 45 minutes. And when I arrived at the music store inside the mall I looked directly at the "new releases" section and everything was a blur. Everything but Ixnay on the Hombre. I remember walking up to it and grabbing it like it was worth a million bucks! I headed over to the cash register and told the lady that I had been waiting so long for this album. I expressed my love for the band and their music. I must have been glowing! The lady turned around and grabbed a rolled up poster. She said "here you go" and handed it to me. Thinking she was happy for me and simply wanted to impart a nice little gift, I took the poster (still rolled up) and went to wait for a bus to take me home. As I was standing waiting there, I decided to unroll the poster. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! It was a HUGE poster with the cover of Ixnay on the Hombre, lined by large skulls that pop off the surface. I was so happy. What an amazing gesture the lady had made! Overjoyed, I caught the bus, went home, and put the album on, smiling from ear to ear. (Side note: That poster turned out to be more amazing than I had suspected. Those large skulls that line the Ixnay artwork are glow in the dark skulls! Fucking brilliant! I still have it!)

The rest, as they say, is history.... I have followed, and will gladly continue to do so, as long as the band endures. Though in my heart and mind, that will be forever more.

Even though my story spans a few years, I view all of it as my introduction to this great band. It all occured at a very important, yet stressful, time in my life (as well as my family's).

I am so very grateful to have this band and their music. My life is much richer and more enjoyable having heard their music. I cannot stress that enough.

I wish with all of my heart and being that I could express to the band members themselves (Dexter, Noodles, Greg and Ron) my gratitude and appreciation for what they have given me. They are good people. They are admirable musicians, though they might not even admit it. They are important. They are relevant. They are The Offspring.

06-11-2008, 10:20 AM
I heard pretty fly on radio a long time ago,and yeah it was good and catchy,but I wasn't really interested in it.
Back in 2003 I was in England as an exchange student.I lived thre with an English family and a Polish girl(who was also an exchange student from Katowice).Later we listened to different cds,she had Americana and Have you ever really caught my attention.
A week later I went to London and bought both Americana and Ixnay.Quite international how I've been itroduced to the band.

06-11-2008, 10:21 AM
Heard "Self Esteem" on the radio when I was 10 years old, and until I was about 17 I thought it was the absolute greatest song of all time. It literally gave me chills every time it came on the radio.

I picked up Smash on cassette shortly after its release, and bought Ixnay on cassette on its release date. Then, when I got a CD player, I bought both of those albums, then Ignition, then the S/T, on CD. I listened to all four on my stereo every day for pretty much all of 1997 and half of 1998.

Since then, I've purchased every single album on its release date and been obsessed with each. RAFRAG is the first one I ever listened to before its release date (I hadn't even heard "Hit That" when Splinter came out), but I'm still buying the CD on Tuesday.

06-11-2008, 10:25 AM
My story's fairly simple. I played a lot of Crazy Taxi (and it's sequel) back in 2002, and I liked the music, so I bought Americana. I've been a fan ever since.

06-11-2008, 10:36 AM
2000, Xmas. Got a Dreamcast with a bunch of games and demos. One of the demos contained a trailer for Crazy Taxi 2. The music used was Come Out Swinging, and I spent a very long time trying to find what this song was, though I had a hard time deciphering the lyrics (hadn't really been in to music before this point, bearing in mind that I was only young).

One day, while downloading Sonic The Hedgehog videos off of Kazaa I came across an AMV with Come Out Swinging on it. A couple of days later I finally found the song, et viola; A new Offspring fan was born.

06-11-2008, 10:39 AM
These are some pretty awesome and unique stories that have ended up bringing us here together today. Angelo, your story is truly epic and I can almost feel the passion that you have for them through your writings. It's amazing how so many of us heard of them by chance or didn't like them at first until they heard some of their other songs, and now we all unite as fans of one of the best bands ever to walk this earth. Not to mention a band who will deliver us a truly epic record within just 5 days (june 17th for me, im not lucky lol :(). I'm truly proud to be a part of such a passionate group of fans, and I can take comfort in knowing there are people out there other than me that love The Offspring just as much as I do.

Once again, to Dexter and the guys, and to all of you:

Thank you :)

06-11-2008, 10:56 AM
Angelo, your story is truly epic and I can almost feel the passion that you have for them through your writings.

Wow, thank you, my friend. I'm very glad you got something out of it.

It is pretty special to think about the magical effect music can have on people. You don't need any other sense than the ability to hear. If any other sense is involved when listening to this band, we're on different wavelengths completely.

07-08-2008, 02:41 PM
i was at my friends house and we had his sisters i pod and when we turned it on the song "Why dont you get a job" was on. thats 2 years ago and they are still one of my favorite bands

07-08-2008, 02:44 PM
I fell in love with Pretty Fly in 1999 but after a while I remembered hearing and enjoying All I Want earlier.

07-08-2008, 02:45 PM
The first time I heard The Offspring was on MTV and the radio when they were playing "Come Out and Play" and "Self Esteem". That was around '94 or '95 and I immediately became an Offspring fan at the time. Yeah, I know that was an early start, but what the hey?

07-08-2008, 03:08 PM
I just started the 8th grade in 1994 (yes, I'm old). Some friends and I were at a roller rink with the class on a field trip and the DJ started playing "Come Out And Play." I was hooked at that moment.

07-08-2008, 03:12 PM
In my computer. LOL
My mom bought me a new computer, and there were some mp3 files. It came with some songs like "Self Esteem","The Kids Aren't Alright" and "Pretty Fly". I loved them even though the names were written a wrong way. It said the band name was "Off Spring". Haha

07-08-2008, 03:34 PM
a night in my bed ,1995 and smash cassette in my walkman "AIWA" with external audio boxes... TA DAH...

07-08-2008, 03:44 PM
In my old jeep. My dad bought Americana and I was always listening to Pretty Fly and Americana :p That was about 9 years ago.

07-08-2008, 04:01 PM
I remember hearing Come Out and Play before this, but after Americana came out Why Don't You Get a Job was always playing it on the radio. One day as my family and I were driving to the fair it was on the radio and I liked it (mostly due to them saying "bitch" which was a banned word in my vocabulary at the time). It wasn't until a few years later until I learned who they were and I bought all the albums.

07-08-2008, 04:18 PM
When I was about 9 years old, I was at my cousin's house. He was 13 and he told me about this new CD that he got. It was Smash which had just recently come out. He told me to listen to it and put on "Self-Esteem," saying 'here this one starts out kind of funny.' I heard the Lah's and laughed, but I only thought it was okay. I didn't really get into it. I was definitely more into Green Day at the time.

I wouldn't really become an Offspring fan for another few years, until Americana came out. But, I remember that's the first time I ever heard of them, let alone listened to them.

07-08-2008, 04:22 PM
one of my friends had a casette with pretty fly

Johnny Birdbrook
07-08-2008, 04:26 PM
my mother always showed me "self-esteem" i hated it because i was too young.
then, i was about 13 my mother showed me self-esteem again and finally, after 100 times hearing it, i saw the brilliance.

since then i am a fan.

camilo andres
07-08-2008, 04:31 PM
It was about Conspiracy times. I just turned on the radio and it was All I Want being played. I was just like What a song, who are these guys? the song ended and the DJ said those were The Offspring, and now they are releasing their brand new album Conspiracy of One, but this was an old song I want you to hear.
And thats it. That the way I met The Offspring, All I Want is still my favourite song.

Bipolar Bear
07-08-2008, 06:30 PM
When I was in Grade 1, every kid would sing Why Don't You Get A Job? It was mostly because we loved saying Bitch at the start of the song, though. I sometimes secretly sang it in my bed and giggled at those swear words. This is actually true...don't laugh at me I was like 6 years old :mad:

07-08-2008, 06:39 PM
"My friends got a girlfriend and she hates that BITCH" lol

07-08-2008, 06:58 PM
when i was just an adolecent back in teh great ol' 90's era when i first stoled not-so-basic cable to be able to check out free music videos and The Offspring came on playing The Kids Aren't Alright and thats were it hit me :D fuck it it was all worthy :D

07-09-2008, 01:48 AM
Like I said in another topic
march 95 vid of self esteem...

when it first came on on MTV with the skull and the la la la la without waiting for the song to start I told my sister to change the channel - what is this forced piece of shit?!
Than someone at school told me there's this great song playing on TV, it turned out he was talking about self esteem.. I told him I didn't like the intro and felt it was a shitty attempt, he said I should listen to the whole song before I judge. I went up to my grandmas to watch dial MTV (which turned into a daily habit for most of the spring) because I knew Self Esteem would play...

The rest is history

My take on Ixnay: I could only get it on the 5th. I had a shitty portable CD player that had NO shock protection, so I walked carrying the cd player in my two palms infront of my face completely level, struggling with tears during MOL and MOTA.. having waited so long for the "new album", walking through the Vaci utca which is one of the busiest streets (if not the busiest) in budapest always full of pedestrians.. they probably thought I was nuts. And they were probably right.

I saw my first offspring show after americana came out, and to this day have seen a few dozen. They played the first show in my home country for the first time ever this saturday... I am approaching 30 and I am as devoted as ever. I still think this is the one band, that simply always has something to say.. things about me, lyrics about my soul. And the fact that they are some of the nicest friendliest people ever just adds so much more to that.. it adds so much substance to the lyrics, it rectifies the huge admiration I had blindly for them as people and artists all along. To me they are the best band in the world bar none. There are some other truly great bands and artist out there. Simply amazing and truly great efforts.. however none of them are in the same league with this band, with these guys.

I hold true that my greatest accomplishment in life is no other than the fact, that inspired by the offspring I started my own band.. of which Noodles became a real fan of (and even Dexter to some extent) - posting it as one of his current favorite records (with the likes of nofx, dropkick murhpies, rise against etc), and wearing our shirts during offspring shows.
These guys have truly added so much to my life in the past 15 years, I'll never be able to thank them enough - although I will do my best to try.

And props to their crew as well... also some of the nicest dudes in the world. I doubt offspring would be able to pull off their shows as they do, without a crew any worse then the best out there.. which is what they got :)

And that is my story as an offspring fan :)

07-09-2008, 02:29 AM
I love The Offspring since Pretty Fly. I never noticed them before. They played the video at a slovakian channel "markiza" or something. I was stunned and still I am now.

07-09-2008, 02:33 AM
Okay here goes.
Great idea for a thread by the way.

I had heard pretty fly, and why don't you get a job a fair few times on the radio and saw the why dont you get a job video. I couldn't remember the name of the band however.
In 2000, my neighbour used to have Conspiracy of one blairing all the time. When i went over to his place and he whacked on the CD and i listened to the album for the first time i fell in love with it. 'When were ready to sing, we step up to the microphones, and it comes out something like this' and then the bass kicks in from Come out swinging and i just loved it. Every single freakin song of the album. I then told him to burn the disc for me, bought americana then it went on from there.
Theres yet to be an Offspring song i don't like. I thought it would be Fix You, but i even like that now.

07-09-2008, 05:34 AM
there was a clip on polish cartoon network with 'pretty fly' as a BGM when i was 8 :P i didnt know what band that was, but fortunately my cousin convicted me that that was The Offspring. and so it started =d