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06-12-2008, 04:42 PM
Thought I'd share it with you. Notice that I've translated it from Finnish to English, so mind the language... here's some quotes that Noodles said in the interview. Again, translated from Finnish to English...

-It was a depressing time when Ron left. Then Atom joined the band, everything was great again. We played well and we got along better than in years. But then he also went and took off.

-Josh is a great guy, but way too busy. He's the Vandals' and A Perfect Circle's drummer and plays on tour and some other studio sessions. It was very easy to work with him, but he doesn't have the time to be the permanent Offspring drummer.

-Pete is a funny guy who knows how and where to hit the drums correctly. But is he the permanent Offspring drummer? Well, he's a cool guy and his joining in the band went smoothly. We still want to make dates with him before the wedding though...

-Like Spinal Tap already said, D-minor is the saddest key in music, Noodles grins. Well it's not. You just write a few songs and start to make the album around them. We didn't have a meeting where we'd decide that let's decrease the major keys and add minor's.

-We thought that even if Bob would consider to produce us we'd be happy. At the same time we were worried wether he's going to make our record too "bombastic" rock... after all his name is a producer of big Rock. But after our first conversations we realized that no worries at all.

-Bob came to work each day saying "Hello, Noodles! We're making The Offspring record now, isn't that awesome?". He's the most positive man in the world. He knows the way to give critizism in a beautiful spirit.

-It took a long time before the songs had everything right. Parts had to be moved, some songs were abandoned completely, and Dexter jumped from idea to another all the time. He might have done a song and all the sudden just move on to a whole another idea. It was an advance. Hammerhead and Stuff Is Messed Up were made in a situation like that.

-No, they're all Dexter's ideas. Bob was ready to try any stuff. He was patient and so well in this project as one can be.

-Fuck it. Just try to live with the internet. That's the way the world is. You can waste your whole life fighting against the net, but you only get angry and frustrated by that. If you keep the net as your enemy, you should try to do something else than try to live up by making music.

-I think the web has make the music business a lot more interesting and democratic. When a band gets their song or video spread like a virus, they don't need big companies for anything.

-Once back in the times we did the same at that time equipments and possibilities. We put our song at skate and snowboard videos. And when one radio station liked the song and started to play it a bit more, the word was spread like a disease. These days stuff like that happens at the internet like once a week. It's really cool.

-I don't even know how much our album sells. Every now and then I keep hearing the sales, but mostly the biggest ones only. As far as I know we're still going strong.

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Thanks for that dude.

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really nice:D

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Kiitos! moi moi! :)

Nice and interesting interview. I like the part where they explain how those two songs were created, like, jumping from one idea to another.