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06-16-2008, 08:41 PM
Listening to the album for the first time now and giving me first impressions:

*1-10...10 is amazing and 1 is horrible*

Half-truism: 9.5
Trust in you: 8.5
Your gona go far, kid: 9.0
Hammerhead: 9.0
A lot like me: 8.0
Takes me Nowhere: 9.5
Kristy are you doing ok?: 9.0
Nothingtown: 7.5
Stuff is messsed up: 10.0
Fix You: 9.0
Let's hear it from rock bottom: 9.0
Rise and Fall: 9.0

I was drinking while listening and had about 5 drinks in me in under an hour by the last song so the last few could be impaired ratings lol...kickass album, I would say its a new style of offspring and I like it a lot...its not as good as the old school stuff, but its good in its own manner. I did not like Splinter at first, and it took me a long time to warm up to those songs which I now love...it seems as thoe offspring songs get better as time passes almost like a fine wine, so maybe this album is better than good.

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sry should of looked :(

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You are forgiven... this time.