View Full Version : Pyro Offpsring

07-09-2008, 06:22 AM
I Am Not Fucking Pyro Offpsring!!!

07-09-2008, 06:37 AM
No, you're worse.

Rag Doll
07-09-2008, 07:20 AM
Who said you're Pyro Offspring?

Calm down.

07-09-2008, 07:30 AM
I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who asked if he was pyro offspring. But a thread like this is a bit overreactive, no?

07-09-2008, 07:33 AM
This Thread Is Not Fucking Overreactive!!!

07-09-2008, 07:33 AM
a bunch of people have told me that they thought i was pyro offspring

Rag Doll
07-09-2008, 07:45 AM
Well, then calmly explain to them (I'm guessing they contacted you through PM, so respond the same way) that you are not Pyro Offspring.

07-09-2008, 09:23 AM
I don't know who Pyro Offspring is, but I don't like this guy.

Cock Joke
07-09-2008, 03:16 PM
Hey there Pyro Offspring! *Chuckles*

Bipolar Bear
07-09-2008, 08:49 PM
Must not break the one sentence chain, and yeah enjoi is 100x more awesome than pyro (ok i didn't really know pyro and he did look awesome in my humble controversial opinion but anyway fact remains - enjoi is awesome).