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09-17-2008, 08:47 AM
What are yours, hm?

the Pixies- Debaser
R.E.M.- Radio Free Europe
R.E.M.- Begin the Begin
R.E.M.- Finestworksong
R.E.M.- Airportman (controvesial pick!)
R.E.M.- Living Well's the Best Revenge
Neutral Milk Hotel- King of Carrot Flowers, pt. 1.
The Velvet Underground- Sunday Morning
Sonic Youth- Teenage Riot
the Apples in Stereo- Can You Feel It?
Red House Painters- Grace Cathedrial Park
the Mountain Goats- Alpha Incipians
the Mountain Goats- Slow West Vultures
Elliott Smith- Son of Sam

MasteR GunneR
09-17-2008, 08:49 AM
atm I love Pennywise's "As Long as We Can".

09-17-2008, 09:10 AM
All the Offspring ones
NOFX [War On Errorism] - The Separation Of Church And Skate
Powerman 5000 [Transform] - Theme To A Fake Revolution
Strung Out [Exile In Oblivion] - Analog
Muse [Origin Of Symmetry] - New Born
Nicotine [School Of Liberty] - Perfect Crime
Oomph! [GlaubeLiebeTod] - Gott Ist Ein Popstar
Silent Civilian [Rebirth Of The Temple] - Funeral
Spineshank [Height Of Callousness] - Asthmatic
Sum41 [Does It Look Infected?] - Hell Song

That's it for now.

09-17-2008, 09:19 AM
AC/DC - "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, 1976)
AC/DC - "Highway to Hell" (from Highway to Hell, 1979)
AC/DC - "Hell's Bells" (from Back in Black, 1980)
Alice in Chains - "Them Bones" (from Dirt, 1992)
Anthrax - "Among the Living" (from Among the Living, 1987)
Anthrax - "Be All, End All" (from State of Euphoria, 1988)
Anthrax - "Potters Field" (from Sound of White Noise, 1993)
Anthrax - "Random Acts of Senseless Violence" (from Stomp 442, 1995)
Bad Religion - "We're Only Gonna Die" (from How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, 1981)
Bad Religion - "You Are (The Government)" (from Suffer, 1988)
Bad Religion - "Change of Ideas" (from No Control, 1989)
Bad Religion - "Modern Man" (from Against the Grain, 1990)
Bad Religion - "Generator" (from Generator, 1991)
Bad Religion - "Recipe for Hate" (from Recipe for Hate, 1993)
Bad Religion - "Incomplete" (from Stranger Than Fiction, 1994)
Bad Religion - "Supersonic" (from The Process of Belief, 2002)
Circle Jerks - "Deny Everything" (from Group Sex, 1980)
Circle Jerks - "In Your Eyes" (from Golden Shower of Hits, 1982)
Circle Jerks - "Teenage Electric" (from Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities, 1995)
The Cult - "Wild Flower" (from Electric, 1987)
The Cult - "Sun King" (from Sonic Temple, 1989)
Death By Stereo - "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation" (from Day of the Death, 2000)
Fishbone - "Freddie's Dead" (from Truth and Soul, 1988)
Fishbone - "Fight the Youth" (from The Reality of My Surroundings, 1991)
Guns N' Roses - "Welcome to the Jungle" (from Appetite for Destruction, 1987)
Helmet - "In the Meantime" (from Meantime, 1992)
Jesus Jones - "Trust Me" (from Doubt, 1990)
Korn - "Blind" (from Korn, 1994)
Metallica - "Fight Fire With Fire" (from Ride the Lightning, 1984)
Metallica - "Battery" (from Master of Puppets, 1986)
Metallica - "Blackened" (from ...And Justice for All, 1988)
Metallica - "Enter Sandman" (from The Black Album, 1991)
Metallica - "Ain't My Bitch" (from Load, 1996)
Nine Inch Nails - "Head Like a Hole" (from Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)
Nine Inch Nails - "Mr. Self Destruct" (from The Downward Spiral, 1994)
Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (from Nevermind, 1991)
The Offspring - "Jennifer Lost the War" (from The Offspring, 1989)
The Offspring - "Session" (from Ignition, 1992)
Presidents of the United States of America - "Kitty" (from Presidents of the United States of America, 1995)
Rancid - "Nihilism" (from Let's Go, 1994)
Rancid - "Maxwell Murder" (from ...And Out Come the Wolves, 1995)
Skid Row - Monkey Business (from Slave to the Grind, 1991)
Social Distortion - "The Creeps" (from Mommy's Little Monster, 1982)
Social Distortion - "So Far Away" (from Social Distortion, 1990)
Social Distortion - "Cold Feelings" (from Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, 1992)
Social Distortion - "Dear Lover" (from White Light, White Heat, White Trash, 1996)
Social Distortion - "Reach for the Sky" (from Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll, 2004)
Suicidal Tendencies - "Trip at the Brain" (from How Will I Laugh Tomorrow, 1988)
Suicidal Tendencies - "You Can't Bring Me Down" (from Lights...Camera...Revolution!, 1990)
Suicidal Tendencies - "Can't Stop" (from The Art of Rebellion, 1992)
Voivod - "Killing Technology" (from Killing Technology, 1987)
Voivod - "Intro/The Unknown Knows" (from Nothingface, 1989)
Weezer - "My Name Is Jonas" (from The Blue Album, 1994)
Weezer - "Don't Let Go" (from The Green Album, 2001)
Weezer - "Beverly Hills" (from Make Believe, 2005)
Weezer - "Troublemaker" (from The Red Album, 2008)

Well, that's all I could think of right now.

09-17-2008, 09:20 AM
[ obligatory This Is How It Goes / Devil In A Midnight Mass post ]

Also, Miseria Cantare (The Beginning) by AFI.

09-17-2008, 10:08 AM
Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus with Needles by the Flaming Lips is one of the best opening tracks ever and they put it as the fucking second song, losers.

09-17-2008, 12:59 PM
Okay, I seriously just glanced over my entire CD collection and came up pretty empty handed. Actually, most of my favourite openers are from punk rock bands cause there are a few first tracks that totally pump me up. The pump up factor being one of my biggest requisites for being an awesome first track.

Rancid - Maxwell Murder - And Out Come the Wolves

...is the first one that came to mind... even before I looked at my CDs.

Social Distortion - Dear Lover - White Light, White Heat, White Trash
Social Distortion - Reach for the Sky - Sex, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll

The Dandy Warhols - Godless - Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia

The Offspring - Session - Ignition

Seriously, the first time I heard this CD I fell so incredibly in love with this song. Even if the Offspring wasn't one of my favourite bands, I'd like to think I'd still believe that this was a kickass opening track.

The Offspring - The Noose and Nitro

Are also both fantastic sorta first tracks. First songs?

And reaching into the depths of my memory... mostly CDs I don't own:

The Talking Heads - Burning Down the House - Speaking in Tongues
The Talking Heads - Psycho Killer - Stop Making Sense
The Eagles - Get Over It - Hell Freezes Over
The Eagles - Hotel California - Hotel California

Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road - Born to Run

... is pretty sweet. I don't know if I'd say an absolute favourite though.

09-17-2008, 02:12 PM
Lately I've been listening to Heartbreaking Music by Lagwagon a lot.

09-17-2008, 02:25 PM
All of these songs immediately grabbed my attention, and lots of the time ended up being the strongest track on the album.

Against Me! - Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
Against Me! – New Wave
Green Day – Warning
Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American
The Offspring – Session
The Offspring – Half-Truism
Bad Astronaut - Good Morning Night
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Let it Be
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Kinder Words
Alkaline Trio – Private Ey
Alkaline Trio – This Could Be Love
The Real McKenzies – Chip
Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations
Social Distortion - Cold Feelings

Lately I've been listening to Heartbreaking Music by Lagwagon a lot.

Good song.

09-17-2008, 02:34 PM
One that hasn't been mentioned till yet:

Bad Religion - You've Got A Chance

The fast riff/progression at the beginning is so fuckin' powerful! :)

09-17-2008, 02:57 PM
I, too, like Airportman. Others:

Blood Brothers- Set Fire to the Face on Fire (maybe the baddest-ass opening track ever)
AFI- Miseria Cantare
The Offspring- Half-Truism (yes, really)
Eve 6- Rescue (yes, really)
Foo Fighters- The Pretender
The National- Fake Empire
R.E.M.- How the West Was Won and Where it Got Us
R.E.M.- Drive
Ratatat- Seventeen Years
Sponge- Pennywheels
Sponge- My Lackluster Love
Telefon Tel Aviv- When it Happens it Moves All By Itself
Sufjan Stevens- Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
Sufjan Stevens- We Are What You Say
Third Eye Blind- Anything
Yeasayer- Sunrise

09-17-2008, 03:23 PM
Give up the Ghost - (Its Sometimes like it Never Started) [especially in comparison to the outro]
[We're Down 'til We're Underground]
Have Heart - The Same Son
[Songs to Scream at the Sun]
mewithoutYou - Messes of Men
[Brother, Sister]
The Blood Brothers - Set Fire to the Face on Fire
[Young Machetes]
afi - Miseria Cantare
[Sing the Sorrow]
Say Anything - Belt
[...Is a Real Boy]