View Full Version : Paul Newman is DEAD.

09-27-2008, 11:17 AM
Sorry, Jakebert, beat you to it.


This sucks. He was all legendary and stuff.

09-27-2008, 12:14 PM
Shit. I liked that Newman, fellow.

09-27-2008, 01:05 PM
Damn you, 2008! How many more will you take away from us! :(

Seriously, I'm sad and all, but seeing as he was 83 years old, I'm not as in shock as I would have been if he was younger.

09-27-2008, 01:16 PM
Damn, this has been a bad year. :(

09-27-2008, 01:20 PM
sad :( ............................

09-27-2008, 01:59 PM
Goodbye, Newman.

Cock Joke
09-27-2008, 04:19 PM
Holy fuck! His ranch dressing was outta this world.

09-27-2008, 06:12 PM
I prefer Victor Newman. But seriously, in 22 years, I've somehow managed to avoid every single instance of him (movies, tv shows, talk shows). The only reason I know what he looks like--as Zag alluded to--is because of the Newman's Own salad dressing bottles.

Still, there's a place in my heart for legends. :(

Goodbye, Newman.
*thumbs up*

09-27-2008, 07:27 PM
Goodbye, Newman.


09-28-2008, 02:24 AM
The more of these DEAD-THREADs we have, the less and less sincere they seem to me.

09-28-2008, 06:16 AM
So, what do you suggest? We have one, comprehensive, dead celebrity thread? Or do we just not make the threads at all? I could always tell people to stop dying, though.

09-28-2008, 06:19 AM
Do we need a thread for every dead celebrity? It seems more like a first-to-the-draw contest than an actual remembrance of an artist. Token appreciations given, etc.

I mean no offense, you gave absolutely no sign of caring whatsoever in your original post. So why make one?

09-28-2008, 06:23 AM
Yeah, I understood what you meant after I made that post. Formatting them all the same as some kind of in-joke doesn't help either.

09-28-2008, 06:33 AM
I stopped seeing them as sincere a while ago. No one's probably going to go so far as to cry about these passings, so I think the threads are within bounds. Ways of dealing with the slight grief one may feel, and whatnot.

09-28-2008, 10:26 AM
WCM said pretty much what I'd been thinking. The same amount of well known people probably died every other year we've all been posting, it's just that people weren't actively looking to make a dead celebrity thread all the time, no matter how obscure the person, or how little anyone will give a fuck.

I understand if it's an artist that meant something to you and you wanna discuss them or whatever, but really there's no point in so many of these threads, we all know their dead before we get here anyway, I'd understand if someone you didn't care about spontaneously combusted or something, but an 83 year old dying of natural causes isn't all that shocking, especially if you don't particularly care, so unless theres something to discuss other than the "OMG CELEBITYZZ DEATH PLAGUE '08!!1!" can we please stop?

And I'm not looking at anyone in particular, just at the craze in general, I've just been too lazy to say anything yet.

09-28-2008, 11:48 AM
All right, I get it, I'm an asshole, I'll quit with the threads.

Mota Boy
09-28-2008, 10:10 PM
2008: Everybody dies.

And we haven't even been October Surprised by Israel bombing Iran yet.

09-29-2008, 02:40 AM
Chuck Berry, B.B. King, and Les Paul are 81, 83, and 93, respectively. I'm afraid one of them are going to be getting the axe soon :(

10-02-2008, 01:28 PM
I was in a pizzeria/bar in Italy trying to occupy myself with something so picked up an Italian newspaper and attempted/pretended to read it. I was able to decipher this headline and then I thought of the BBS and about how it was for sure being posted about on at that very moment. Awww...

10-02-2008, 01:33 PM
Yeah...these threads are blah...but Mr. Clean just kicked the bucket.