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11-05-2008, 02:21 PM
I'm on an intermural football team at my college. Last week we played a team in the playoffs that had two players that we knew went to our college and the rest we had never seen. It is a rule that you must attend the college to play intermurals and you had to of played previously with that team in the regular season. We talked to a ref who said he had never seen a couple of the players. We also talked to one of the team members who said he had never seen a couple of the kids that the team captain had brought in. I took the issue up with the head of recreational activities and they investigated it. Here is what they found:

One kid hadn't gone to school here since last year.
Two others weren't even in the system.
And another didn't even play, but was written in on the roster. Not a really bad thing in case he played late, but the team captain also kept saying that he did play.

So? Their team was disqualified, their team captain is pissed at me, and we are now playing in the intermural semi-finals today.

Who the hell would cheat at intermural flag football? Prestige? ????

End of story.

11-05-2008, 02:24 PM
sadly I ran into this problem a lot or various forms of it at least, with regards to club players playing on IM teams not in the top leagues. Now in grad school it isn't as much of an issue as the rules state a third of your players can be club so it works. People constantly changed IDs too, pretending to be someone else.

What's worse though were the IM refs...

I agree though... Kinda sad that you'd resort to cheating... even if it does net you a t-shirt at the end of it...