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12-10-2008, 05:49 AM
This thread is not exactly like Shank's. I don't want to know the order of the songs younlike or dislike. I started a discussion like that on the brazilian boards las month asking: "After exact 5 months after its release, how do you like RFRG?"

I only listened to hammerhead live once. Then when it was available for free here. I liked it a lot and had high expectations for the CD. However, I was way too scared when Amazon.com had samples and everybody was very mad at those samples.

I tried not to read those reviews but couldn't help. I did not listen to them and decided to wait. Then, the CD is finally availble on line and everybody is either loving it or hating it. The release date finally came and I got my CD (yes, I waited for the actual CD).

On my way home, I was listening to it, but after listening to the whole CD for the fisrt time I did not know if I liked or disliked it. After a month, I was getting used to it. There were some parts of songs I wasn't (like everybody else) so used to.

After almost 6 months after its release, I can surely say I love the CD and it got in a level that I cannot say which songs are the best or worse (like the other CDs). Back then I would list the ones I liked and the ones I had to listen to more.

But now I just love the whole thing. So, what are your feelings?

Did you like it at first and now not so much? Can you still not tell if you either love it or hate it or you hated it at first and now you love it???

Inspired by Shank.:)

12-10-2008, 06:10 AM
when I heard RAFRAG for the first time I thought that it's a very good album. I've fallen in love in Stuff Is Messed Up, and after hearing it live I'm sure that I love this song. Lately I started to listen to Kristy more often, and I heard it live too, and now I can't stop listening to it.
Generally, after hearing RAFRAG many times I like it even more than at the beginnig. But I can't say that something changed totally, like I hated some song and now I love it or opposite.

12-10-2008, 06:22 AM
Same story with me, Camila. Almost 100% accurate.

12-10-2008, 06:50 AM
Well, as I said in the brazilian boards. Fans' opinions are mutants, they always change.
When I first heard the sample, I thought that A Lot Like Me sucked a lot, I thought it'd be the worst song on the album, when I got the chance to listen to the whole version, I got addicted to it, and A Lot Like Me sure still is one of my favorite songs in the album.
I guess it's all a matter of getting used to, at least for me... I didn't use to listen to Stuff Is Messed all that much, now I do.
I gues you just have to wait for the songs to grow inside you after a little while.

12-10-2008, 08:46 AM
when I heard RAFRAG for the first time I thought that could be better. I like the 90's Offspring style. After 6 months I have the same opinion. RAFRAG could be better. I really don't like how RAFRAG sounds. Bob Rock wasn't a good choice. There are a few great songs, but there are also a few poor songs. I know, I want to much if I want next Ixnay or Ignition. But I will always comparing the new album with my favourites Ixnay and Ignition.

12-10-2008, 11:14 AM
Don't get me wrong, the album is not bad. It's just that I'll probably never listen to RAFRAG again. There are so many bands I like better than the Offspring now. I'll occasionally listen to Smash and Americana though.

12-10-2008, 12:12 PM
yeah I agree, the album is not bad, but I expected something more

12-10-2008, 03:13 PM
Is this like RAFRAG leftovers? Or something similar to Guns N' Roes' Use Your Illusion albums?

12-10-2008, 04:15 PM
I waited to listen to RAFRAG for the first time when my copy of the CD came in my mailbox. I didn't want to ruin it by listening to samples on amazon or the whole album steaming from some website.

Anyway, I love the album just as much now as I did the very first time I listened to it :D

12-10-2008, 10:25 PM
The first songs I heard from RAFRAG blew me away, having heard the first four tracks on the album live I was salivating at the prospect of the other 8 tracks on this album. I listened to the previews available on Amazon.com and A Lot Like Me reinforced that belief all over again...5 down, 7 to go.

Takes Me Nowhere was where it started stumbling a bit, but I still thought it was decent. Then the rest of the record couldn't live up to the spectacular platform laid by the first 5 songs :( (with the exception of Stuff Is Messed Up), however they we're still good tracks in their own right, although not nearly as powerful as the first songs I (and many others) heard from the much awaited RAFRAG.

Since then, Fix You has grown on me a considerable amount,and the rest I'll listen to here and there. But it's still those first 5 that do it for me. While RAFRAG has been the only thing on my playlist for the last 6 months (I kid you not!), I've played the first 5 songs maybe at a ratio of about 10 to 1 over the others, with Fix You and Stuff Is Messed Up at maybe about 4 to 1.

If the first 5 tracks alone could keep me hooked for six months, it makes me slightly saddened as to what could have been if RAFRAG had been as resplendent all the way through. Still in my top 3 Offspring albums :), would have been a no-brainer at my favorite if things had been slightly different in the second half. I don't wanna seem like an impatient fuck, but I can't wait to hear what the guys will come up with next!

12-10-2008, 11:36 PM
When I heard somewhere that Dexter said RAFRAG will be them best album I though "well,then it will be the worse...".
And when I firstly heard the album I was...pissed off! I was waiting for it,saving and now they giving me THIS??? I hated YGGF,K weird drums, teary Kristy and sentimental Fix you. The rest wasn't great for me at all. But I listnened it ones again, heard the lirycs and now I still hate Kristy, but YGGF,K and Fix you are ones of my fav(I like Nothingtown the best:)). But, how it was said in one old polish movie "we like only those songs that we heard before":)

12-12-2008, 04:44 AM
ok remember how i clearly didnt love a lot like me?....well...just to let you know that im starting to get into that music everytime i hear it...:)

12-12-2008, 04:46 AM
But, how it was said in one old polish movie "we like only those songs that we heard before":)

ahah funny, this rarely happens to me when its about the offspring! the only song im starting to like the most now is a lot like me, by the way sorry for the double post :|

but when i first heard YGGFK and the rest, it was love at first sight!! :D and it has been like this since i can remember

Blitzkrieg Bop
12-16-2008, 05:27 AM
I am sure that this point has been raised before, but I find that the marketing and advertising of the new album has been seriously lacking. I know that I live in the middle of nowhere, but by watching TV, I have seen adverts for the new Metallica and Guns & Roses albums and nothing for RAFRAG.

This is not to say that The Offspring aren't know here at all, because there was a huge advertising campaign when they released the Greatest Hits CD. So what is going on, why is the record company not stepping up with RAFRAG.

Bipolar Bear
12-16-2008, 06:52 AM
RAFRAG is better than what I anticipated and is a great album in my opinion. It's a great original yet fitting addition to their career, and I absolutely adore it!

Let's hear it for The Offspring! ;D

12-16-2008, 08:49 AM
Sorry guys but I really don't like Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom. It reminds me Sum 41 and bands like this shit

Bipolar Bear
12-16-2008, 09:39 AM
Sorry guys but I really don't like Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom. It reminds me Sum 41 and bands like this shit

you don't have to apologize for not liking it xD but you don't have to call
bands Shit when they aren't Shit xP

12-16-2008, 10:04 AM
"teenage pop-punk" it's ridiculus xD

Bipolar Bear
12-16-2008, 11:04 AM
"teenage pop-punk" it's ridiculus xD

pshhh haha ! xD
I don't care sum 41 forr the win!

12-16-2008, 12:55 PM
When I first heard it, I thought the first half was amazing, and the rest was still good, but not quite as powerful. I still hold that opinion.

12-16-2008, 02:07 PM
It's been a while since I made a post here, but I feel I have to comment on this thread. When I first bought RAFRAG I was really disappointed. The first half of the album was incredible but I hated the second half. I stopped listening to the album completely for months until yesterday when I put it in my stereo to give it another chance. All I can say is am I ever glad I gave it a second chance. This is a fucking incredible album. I think what ruined it for me when it first came out was the fact that I read into the shitty reviews other people had given it. I will never take someone else's advice or opinion on a piece of art again. I went from losing hating this album to putting it in my top 3 Offspring albums. Every song on it does something for me.

12-16-2008, 02:39 PM
I listened to the Amazon samples, and I was pretty excited, except Fix You was a bit of a worry, and Rise And Fall was certainly too GreenDayish.

The when the album made its premiere on the other website, I woke up early for school, got ready and managed 20 minutes to listen to it before I had to go. I loked the most of it, except Fix You.

Then someone (can't remember who) put the whole album on here available for download as long as we got the CD, so I had a really good listen to it, and my first thoughts was all the best songs were crammed into the first 4 tracks. And the rest were okay, but nothing to get too excited about.

I love every song now besides Kristy and Fix You, Kristy is okay, but Fix You is simply not The Offspring, I still can't believe they released that song over all the b-sides and stuff they had.

But Overall I'm happy with the album, they did a decent job.

12-16-2008, 02:49 PM
Like many others, I thought the first 4 (or 5, I guess) songs were really good. Then the middle of the album just went to hell. The end was very mediocre and wasn't enticing enough to get me to listen through the crap in the middle.

Then had a great idea and renamed "Kristy...Okay?.mp3" to "Kristy...Okay.mp3.crap" (seriously, I did that). Now, as far as me and my itunes are concerned, that song never existed and it doesn't show up or get played.

I can actually listen to the entire album all the way through now. Still not a big fan of Nothingtown, and the album's not as enjoyable as any of the first 5 albums, but it's at the least "good".

I still think this album blows it's gooey load faster than a 16 year old virgin on prom night. They really should have spread those first 4 songs out a little more.

12-16-2008, 02:54 PM
sometimes I think that ppl like Kristy becouse it's about really serious stuff. That we're afraid to not like that, becouse it may mean that we don't care about that things. I do care,but I just don't like the song. It's not about that it's to heavy, but when focus only on music, it's sentimental and teary. It's great that they wrote song about that, it's important, but I don't like the way they did that.

And now I'm wondering why I'm explaining myself so hard...