View Full Version : Screw it - I had a dream,so I made this song, nt smoken weed so why dont u play along

Chaser Xaviour
03-04-2009, 08:56 PM
Setting the scene for the song- Same drum beat to fast up beat, & bitter lyrics as No Breaks.

Ev-er get tired of fixen things,
when you told to,
I just want to buy some new "shit".

Dont have the money
but I ant been funny,
.. . ..
dont wonna put this
try-cycle to-gether.

This is a story of an old guy,
& I wont lye,
oh I dont know why.
Instead of spenden time @ the pub,
hes hangen out,
@ the cinema,

talken some trivia.

------------- repeater - Setting the scene.

-Bloke with a comb over hangen people before goen in. Sits down @ a seat -in the front row.
-Starts chaten, then gets out of his seat crouchen down to have a chat -with people.
Screw it,

out of control,
& I dont give a shit,
just want to feel liberated,
get it together.

go-en slow,
feelen over rated,
getten peer presher
come on - glad that you made it.


Interlude before picken up the pace

I could do this shit all day, yeah or nay. It sounds cool in my head :D
The rest of the scene is to cause riot in the cinema & sainta hats are cool for moshen