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03-14-2009, 05:58 PM
So here is the story
There is this mega Uber cool dude Tschepo who is just great.
Tschepo has a low self esteem so in order to feel big he has to make others feel small, he tried this with me while publicly "humiliating" me.
Anyway I'm not like Tschepo so I don't return the favor of the whole public thing, instead of brutally attacking him, like I used to deal with problems in the early grades of middle school, I write these little poems about it.
About the people who piss me the fuck off. It's all true.

There are a few lines about Tschepo being black. He's not, he was once on the sea coast and his tan completely changed, he was very dark so people started calling him "homie" and black dude. So it's not racial.

The background sound I imagioned is like the one in "Walker - Texas Ranger" or Jack Blacks "long ass f*****g time ago in a town called...".

I hope you like the song.

- the legend -

A long long time ago,
In a place both flat and green,
I'll tell you what I know
I'll tell you what I've seen.

There lived a humble „hero“,
With an IQ just above zero,
But he had plans both tall and wide,
He said he'll no more hide.

A mirror he found one day,
And realized he was not white,
„I'm not gay“ he'd often say,
But he knew he was not right.

He grew both smart and high,
As the many years went by,
Now he says „yo“ instead of hay,
He claims he's white, but he can't lie.

A lonely life this hero led,
He'd often sit and cry,
He slept alone in a cold bed,
And he yelled „why oh why“.

But his sorrow did not last,
As this hero found luck fast,
He forgot all of his past,
And fought to be the best.

He held his head so tall,
And became very rude,
He said fuck you all,
And fuck you good,
He became a cool dude.

He nurtured his dark skin,
It's the softest thing you've ever seen,
But don't be fooled by his faggy chin,
You don't know where it's been.

This hero tried to make a name,
For his egg-shaped, ape-like head,
He searched for glory and many fame,
From his land he quickly fled.

He took some home made bread,
There was no kulen – that made him mad,
He said „I am very very bad,
My neck is no more red“.

He often did good,
He rarely did bad,
Depending on his mood,
And the voices in his head,
Well he did what he could,
The kids thought he was rad,
His mind was still crude,
The books were his dread.

He became of full age,
And finished some school,
He was filled with rage,
Of the world he meant to rule.

To college he moved,
He picked the hardest one,
And once again he proved,
The greatness he's done.

But he did not think of just one thing,
He did not know what the future will bring,

He thought he was the only one,
Who tried to have some freaking fun,

And in his arrogant mind,
Which was actually blind,
Some things he meant to find,
And didn't think of being kind.

His technique was weird,
He thought he was on top,
There's only one man he had feared,
His father – who was a cop.

That was until,
He met that evil guy,
Before him it was all real,
And now it was a lie.

He could not understand,
This awkward mate,
He was a different brand,
He did not share his fate.

Mate did not care for the fame,
He was the star of his film,
He often looked lame,
He was the king of his realm.

This man was not all right,
And he was proud of that fact,
He was not very bright,
A lot of wisdom he lacked.

„How do I fight this man?
He doesn't play by the rules,
He doesn't seem to have a plan,
And makes us all to be fools“.

„How can he handle my words?
After I tried so much,
His thoughts are free as birds,
And they can not be touched“.

Because of this man I feel,
This pain in my skull,
What is his f*****g deal?
He's gonna make me fall“.

„Why is he so nice to me?
Why's he smiling all the time?
Does he think he is free?
He thinks he can rhyme? “

„I want to destroy this freek,
And all that he is,
This guy's a real prick,
Strike him God please“.

Our hero's fall has arrived,
There wasn't much to be said,
He was very alive,
But it was like he was dead.

„This villain is too strong“,
He thought as he watched from a far,
„Never again will I say wrong,
And do harm to Šiptar“.