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renato piquette
04-07-2009, 10:25 AM
i want to listen (read:p) other people giving their point of view of new albums (old stuff can work too,though) and giving their opinions about other`s reviews,well,i`ll start

it`s a good album,i liked it and i`m glad to see they released more than 1 single comparing them to "waste of mind" or "playmate of the year" eras,i also like the way they made an album with both melodic and heavy songs,i consider it much better than their last album "broadcast to the world"

songs i liked the most:
the juggerauts
all for none and none for all
sorry,but your friends are hot
death by disco

04-07-2009, 03:09 PM
I was thinking about making the same kind of thread :P

The last album I listened to was The Casualties - On The Front Line.

The album is truly hardcore street punk. It is not hard to hear that this band is influenced by bands like The Exploited and GBH. The album with the 12 songs on it lasts for 36 minutes or so, so the songs are pretty fast (as they should be). Probably the most amazing with this band is the singer's voice. I don't think he can sing if he wanted to. He screams through the whole album. Thank God a booklet with lyrics came along the CD, because without that, it woyld be hard to hear what he is "singing" about.

The sound of the album is really cool. Just what punk should be! Hard fast riffs and drums, with an amazing bassline. The bass player is really good! And the short guitar solos fits perfectly in to the songs. Not very complicated music at all. Lots of cool gang vocals in it too!

I would say this album is a 9/10. It is not for everyone though. Some would call i just noisy, but it isnt for me.
The best songs are:

On The Front Line
Tomorrow Belong To Us
Static Feedback and Noise
Unknown Soldier
Sounds From The Street

The album excist in Spanish too for people interested.