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05-11-2009, 02:24 AM
Hello, these are some lyrics I wrote for my band. If anyone has time, I would love feedback. Hope all is well, Jason.

Sinister Aristocrats

At what point do capitalism and corruption intersect?
At what point do free markets and exploitation become synonymous?

Sinister aristocrats
Build luxurious castles, and extravagant kingdoms
Upon the backs of broken and bleeding workers
Who they pretend to care about

Prosperity doesn't trickle down
It accumulates at the top
Misery doesn't accumulate at the top
It floods down, washing away hopes and dreams

Corrupt politicians are mercenaries for Corporate America
Paid to assassinate any form of regulation
That stand in the way of unbridled greed
Through the economic rape of common men and women

Sinister aristocrats are hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing
Disguised they speak of opportunity and prosperity
Secretly they salivate at the mouth
Longing to sink their greedy teeth
Into unsuspecting flesh
And taste the profit

At what point will we finally wake up?
At what point will we finally stand united against the wolves?