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06-07-2009, 11:37 PM
Working like a dog while going to college sucks balls--this is a well known, undisputable fact. You learn to stretch money as far as you possibly can--I save pennies in my empty, tin altoid-mint containers just so i can freaking buy my huge box of cup o noodles every week. a girl's gotta eat! (upside to being a starving student--i'm a size 0!!! my ass looks great in my good-will jeans!)

I'm graduating from the university of washington in a few days, and although i'm excited to get my degree, the prospect of stepping into the real world in THIS economy is both scary and depressing, especially if you are a liberal arts major haha. oh, if only i could turn back the clock to a few years ago...i would have gone with a much more lucrative and useful major. civil engineering...man, why did i brush you off so quickly?

As much as I love the offspring, i simply cannot afford to see them when they come into town the 9th. ticket prices are 40 buck-a-roos, plus tax. I don't recall the price being that high when I went to go see them back in 2004 (what a scrumtrulescent show, btw...popped my crowd-surfing cherry that night!)

During a time of war and economic recession, there's nothing more that i need right now than an escape. i was counting on my favorite band to provide that for me. gotta get away! something to believe in! staring at the sun! seeing these guys play is an incredible experience. i know high ticket prices may not be the offspring's fault, but honestly, i feel somewhat exploited here.

there are so many great local seattle bands (dynojams, for instance, is a uw favorite) that i can see for free, or for MUCH, MUCH, MUCH less. And no offense to the offspring, who still retain their position as my favorite band (just barely, though; there's a lot of great music out there and 12 years is a long time to be #1 in my book), but i prefer to see these vibrant, passionate, raw local bands play instead of more expensive and established touring acts. i mean, i rarely go out and see mainstream bands play as it is because i don't have the bacon to do so, but now the few big bands that i actually like--cross out--LOVE, like the offspring, i'm deciding not to see at all.

the offspring got me into punk, which led me towards sort of an emmanuel kant, thinking for myself, personal enlightenment. it's this punkish, rick blaine, terry malloy sort of individualism that has given me the strength and courage to express opinions that disagree with the pressing groupthink of my family and peers. (example: the shady state of human rights in developing countries--all america's fault, i personally believe--i get labeled a communist by my conservative parents for even suggesting that america has anything to do with it. on the flip side, i don't necessarily think capitalism is evil either--this gets me labeled a glenn beck-lovin traitor by my liberal, obama-zealot, fellow college-aged peers. it doesn 't matter if i tack on, "hey, wait, i believe in highly regulated markets and trade agreements that don't exploit the lopsided comparative advantages between third and first world countries" to appease the young liberals, or "hey wait, the privatization of some industries in third world countries DOOOOES enhance their economic growth. good job, pushy american corporations!" for the older conservatives. if you present a dissenting opinion, your head will roll because these...blobs, these...groups...that find solidarity in conformity will hate you for questioning anything outside their respective ideologies.

what is my point with this, as far as the offspring's absurd ticket prices go? i feel like they have a product that people really want, and whoever runs this operation knows this and will charge as much as they can for tickets. my case--as far as being indelibly and positively influenced by their music goes--is not an uncommon one. i'm one of thousands if not one of a few million. a lot of people go against the grain and risk their shorts daily because they have punk music to reassure them that it's ok to stand up for what you believe in, even if it's unpopular. if the offspring were someone like britney spears, i wouldn't have a problem with being exploited and paying 40 bucks to see her lip sync and dance. but their music, at least to me, represents so much more than opps i did it again. what the offspring are doing with 40 dolla tickets is commodifying music, commodifying art, commodifying punk, and commodifying an ideology whose principles are rooted in personal integrity and determination. what they are doing by charging us FORTY plus dollars to see them play is so contradictory to everything they sing about and have taught us, it makes me want to eat popcorn-flavored jelly bellys until i puke.

forty dollars is NOT punk. forty dollars IS diva. jeez, wtf guys, why is it so expensive? does the IMF finance you or something? local bands who charge their audiences peanuts sound just as awesome if not better with shittier equipment. and, sorry to call you out, offspring, i've waited SOOO long for you to set up you gear each time I’ve seen you...it's pretty unreasonable. it's like waiting in line for an hour at disneyland to get on the peter pan ride. is it a pretty cool ride? yes. worth the wait? ...as its relevancy decreases, i'm not so sure.

i don't want to hear the argument, “you're paying that much money to see two other bands play as well—that’s a deal!” i don't give a *f* about alkaline trio or any other band on the bill, and whoever runs the show knows that most people don't. the offspring can sell tickets on their name alone--their fans are the ones who are buying the tickets and making these bands money, not alkaline trio fans. ok, ok...AT are, in fact, really good and have their own fan base, but still, lets be real. they are not commercial enough to draw the kind of crowds and money that the offspring can. and you know, it falls within the same argument that, hey, this is punk music, practice what you preach and what you believe in. alkaline, offspring--you both know that the price is ridiculous. i'm sick of paying for your lifestyles and your excessive and indulgent tour buses.

i think that there are ways these bands could act a little more punk and a little less beyonce knowles to cut corners on costs to make shows more affordable for fans. especially fans who are 2009 graduates and are freaking screwed as far as student loans go. we have to compete in a market with thousands of experienced and skilled people who have been recently laid off. as much as i don't want to be a tool in the system, i really don't know what to do about my debt. i would love to go off to mexico and fight against the privatization of education, for example, but to be free to do that i have to be a part of a system that exploits human beings around the globe in order to pay off my student loans. i can't afford to part with 40 dollars, I need to pay fasfa off ASAP.

anyways, i might piss a lot of people off on here with this post, but I doubt anyone will read something this long. i don't care. i think the more people who get heated about this, the more they'll realize what a bunch of bunk ticket prices are. you don't have to believe what they tell you--they can say, "oh we NEED to charge this because of XYZ; there's nothing we can do!" so MANY things are socially constructed in this world--they are imaginary if you wil--and therefore RULES can CHANGE. change can happen with a little persistence and speaking up. as jimmy stewart once said, lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for. If you resign yourself to the attitude, hey, this is the way things are, nothing I can do will change anything—prove it to yourself first.

i, at least, will stand up and say, FUCK this, i will not pay this much money for someone to sing to me about screwing the system while making me a part of it, even if it is my favorite band behind the curtain. Why? because...

;-) i choose.

i stole the smash album from my sister's exboyfriend when i was in elementry school in 1994 (he was an abusive douche, so i don't feel TOO bad). when i was finally allowed to watch mtv in 1997 (much later than everyone else), one of the first videos i watched was i choose. offspring, you guys are tight, you know you're in a position to freaking do something about this. dr. horrible it up and say, "the status is NOT quo!"

06-08-2009, 02:16 AM
Hehe, the tickets were the least of my expenses. Gas for driving to Vegas, food, lodging, t-shirts, gambling, alcohol and hookers ended up costing me way more. And I spent plenty of money at BFD too with their $10 beers. Besides, 40 bucks isn't bad for a band as famous as Offspring, especially considering its their first tour in years and concerts still seem to be selling out.

06-08-2009, 02:53 AM
The Band not decide ticket's prices...

06-08-2009, 07:50 AM
The Band not decide ticket's prices...

Yeah they do. Ticket prices are determined by the promoter based on the amount of money the band charges a promoter.

06-08-2009, 08:20 AM
There's no need for a duplicate thread, dude. The mods need to close/delete this one.

06-08-2009, 09:04 AM
Correct, thread closed.