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Irwin Abrigo
06-17-2009, 09:07 PM
Is anyone interest in recording this song on their next CD.
I think this song can go all the way to the top. What do you think?

2009 Irwin Byron Abrigo
Happy is what the whole wide
world would like to be
Happy and free just like the
birds up in the tree
Then there will be no enemies
who'll be fighting to be free
No hatred no wars they'll be
peace for you and me
If everyone can be as
happy as can be
If everyone can be as
happy as can be
(1st verse)
A world full of sadness
could be so frustrating
with people believing
that the world is so deceiving
There's something I like to know
Then I won't have to worry anymore
If someone can tell me
Can somebody tell me
(Pre Chorus)
Who's responsible
For the children in the streets that are hungry
They wear no shoes on their feet
They're unhappy
(repeat chorus)
(2nd verse)
I've heard the words of people say
that the world is so unfair
Some people have everything
while their others who have nothing
I know this song won't change the world
But I know it can be sung and heard
By thousands and millions
By thousands and millions
(Pre Chorus)
So my friends would you understand
And please lend a helping hand To someone
who's in need of help if you can
Lend a hand
(Repeat chorus)
No hatred
no wars
no enemies
Just to be happy