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In a May 2009 interview with Calgary, Alberta, Canada's X92.9, guitarist Noodles stated that frontman Dexter Holland had been working with Bob Rock again in Hawaii for what would be the ninth Offspring album. Also in that interview, he said that the album may include some songs that never appeared on Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. Frontman Dexter Holland told OC Register in June 2009 that he wanted to try not to have the ninth Offspring record take as long as Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.[36] In regards to a new album, Holland told Rolling Stone that the band had conversations about working with Bob Rock again and plans to have the new album out sometime in 2010. Noodles also told the Edmonton Sun that the Offspring were planning to begin recording in the fall of 2009. He also said "We don't have any songs yet. Maybe a couple of demos here and there. But we're looking at old songs and seeing if we could flesh those out."

In a June 2009 interview with Billboard, Noodles stated that Holland and producer Bob Rock "kinda went over a couple of things that were left off the last record" and "songs that were even left off Splinter or maybe even Conspiracy of One and kind of looked at some things with free eyes and see if there was anything there that can be worked on." He also stated that he would like to have the new album out in 2010, but the band isn't likely to hit the studio until January. Asked in the interview if drummer Pete Parada will be involved in the recording process, Noodles replied, "He's great. We haven't actually done any real recording with him yet, but we're looking forward to that. He's a great drummer. He's got great ideas, just really on top of things. Nothing fazes him; we'll throw something at him, 'Hey, do this,' and, 'OK...' He's a really nice guy and just a real powerhouse drummer, so we're looking forward to working with him."

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old newsssss

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good news mate, but i alredy posted this thred like a week ago here it is :


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ahh man id give my left testicle to hear one of those demos. :D

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Be careful with that statement. Dexter and Noodles might actually come to your house with a CD of demos and a knife.

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This is not exactly news, but after I saw the Album Seven (http://weezerpedia.com/wiki/index.php?title=Album_Seven) article on weezerpedia.com, I just decided to create an article for the next Offspring album at the Offspring Wiki. Here's the link: