View Full Version : Lowell, MA Review

07-13-2009, 08:25 AM
Hey all ... saw The Offspring in Lowell on 7/10, here's my quick take on it.

The Venue: The Tsongas arena seats about 6,500 people, and I'd say less than 4,000 people were at the show. Kinda makes you wish The Offspring could sell more tickets (I'm sure they have in other locations), but you gotta love the intimacy of a smaller show. The only real complaint I have about the arena is that they stopped serving beer after The Offspring came on.

Frank Turner: The crowd loved him. I read some posts about how he was not well received in NY or NJ. Frank wasn't shy about letting us know either .... he stated something along the lines of, "Wow you guys are a great crowd ... that's more than I can say for New Jersey." He also said MA is one of his favorite crowds along with Charlotte. I personally enjoyed his set, and while he didn't blow me away, the acoustic set added some nice variety to the night.

Sum 41: Hmmm ... while I like Sum 41 in general, and know most of their music ... I couldn't help but notice Deryck replicated Billy Joe from Green Day in just about every way on the stage. From his mannerisms to the the way he talked to his onstage antics ... all I could think the entire time was "wow, thats an uncanny resemblance to Billy Joe. Has anybody else picked up on this? While I typically like their music, and enjoyed the energy they brought to the show ... I couldn't help but see Deryck as a bit of a phony.

The Offspring: Wow, I really haven't heard them play any better than they did in Lowell. I've seen them countless time since they've toured for Ignition in the early 90's ... and they really blew me away at this show. As far as sound goes, they were on top of their game and Dexter hit every note (with the exception to the highest part in YGGFK). They tuned a bunch of songs down 1/2 step, which is typical for them to help save Dexter's voice, but they played a bunch in standard tuning as well, and they all sounded impressive!

The onstage banter was minimal, Noodles interacted with the crowd and with Dexter a few times, but for the most part they just went song to song without acknowledging the crowd. While is seems to be typical Offspring fashion, it's always nice to hear what they have to say in between songs. Their onstage energy is down from what it used to be as well (not necessarily a complaint, but an observation).

Gone Away was played flawlessly on the piano, however he didn't play the entire song ... he just kind of stopped about 2/3 of the way through and ended it without warning. Not sure if everyone there would notice, but it seemed a bit incomplete to me (even though it sounded great). They also left out their little pre-piano antics, which was probably because it loses it's effect once everyone's already seen it a million time on you-tube. The setlist was rather straightforward as well, as they didn't play anything except the hits and well-known songs (which is expected at this point in their career).

An overall amazing show .... was anyone else there who wants to add anything? To the rest of you ... hope you have enjoyed ... or will enjoy The Offspring on this tour!