View Full Version : The Band Owes Charlotte an Apology and Redo

07-14-2009, 08:57 PM
Okay, I am home and listened to my recording. BTW it is DVD quality 96/24.

The band tried, but Dexter's voice seriously was shit! I understand what they did, but I don't agree with it. I truly have a collectors recording done twice over.

The band sincerely needs to redo Charlotte. That was pure crap tonight with the short setlist.

I will argue with anyone about my "fandom". They let me down, pure an simple.

I have put them in my top 5 bands with pinkfloyd, genesis, and peter gabriel, and this is what I got? I am calling pure bullshit!

Don't use SUM 42 to extend their setlist to make your life easier. You pimped yourselves all across NC, and this is the product? Time to rethink or redo?

GOD I am SO FURIOUS!!!! I have an incredible recording and will share. You will see the strain Dexter has through "meaning of life". noodles tried to compesate, but Dexter needs a voice break. BUT NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!!!

Do an Aerosmith, cancel shows. don't make me pay what i did for 5 seats to give me this crap......