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11-20-2009, 11:24 PM
Hello, these are lyrics I wrote for my band Frostbitten Sunsets. If anyone has time I would love feedback.

1) Atrophy to Ashes

At first we could barely keep our hands off each other
But time is a slow venom
That causes romance to atrophy
Now we can barely stand to touch each other

I live a secret life
Like a fire chief
Who moonlights as an arsonist
Fiery desires replace complacent kisses

You burn in my selfish flames
But refuse to admit weíve grown apart
Like Siamese twins
Who deny theyíve been separated

As I walk by the charred remains
Of a once vibrant romance
I see you desperately trying
To capture all the scattered ashes
As they blow in the wind

In a moment of clarity
I realize why love and reason
Are enemies

2) Casanova Illusion

On warm summer nights, I lay beneath the sheets
My lover asleep beside me
As the moonlight dances through the bedroom window
I know why Iím cursed to shiver

You trusted me with your heart
And I smashed it to pieces
You wanted a soul mate
And I wanted to play Casanova

I could break a thousand hearts
And still not come close
To the pain I caused you
When I stabbed you in the back

I left you broken and bleeding
In a desolate wasteland of despair
Cold and lonely, I watched you shiver
As the love faded from your eyes

Rationalization is the antidote to a guilty conscience
So as I found carnal delights and sweet ecstasy
Between the sheets with strangers
I told myself, all is fair in love and war

But time and karma are strange bedfellows
And the charm and seduction
Of my cult of personality
Began to wither and fade

I could offer a half-hearted mea culpa
Or simply the truth
That vanity is almost irresistible
Once youíve had a taste

3) Occult of Personality

I take the path of excess
To the palace of wisdom
Redemption is worthless
Beauty and fulfillment of the senses are priceless

I explore every vice
And indulge in deadly sins
To awaken my senses
And escape the soulís prison

Subconscious desires rise to the surface
Instinct replaces what Iíve been taught
Morality is relative
Ambition is blind

Chaos is strangely intriguing
Like the chance to sleep with an ex lover
One more time

I left you long ago
Because your kisses lost their flavor

Now I hear the serpent laughing
As I frantically stab my hideous portrait
My past sins punish me with age

Once Iím wretched and withered
The serpent smiles
And then slithers away

11-21-2009, 02:44 AM
It's cool that you keep posting your lyrics here but if you have a band, what about posting the entire songs? Your lyrics are good, but I can't enjoy them without some nice melodies accompanying them;)

11-23-2009, 11:18 PM
Thanks. I appreciate the feedback.

12-04-2009, 11:44 AM
How many other people are applying and what are their scores?