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For anyone who knows about realism/neorealism in film, please.

Ok...so I'm doing a presentation on the film Guiltrip in terms of realism. It's a movie about domestic abuse, the husband is a controlling alpha male character. The wife is non threatening and passive. It was made the same year as the divorce referendum.

I'm doing pretty okay with it so far, but there's a thinng or two i'm stuck on.

Firstly, in the film, the narrative jumps back and forth through flashbacks, I'm wondering how could this tie in with realism.
Secondly, there's a child who appears throughout the film and sees the actions of both charcters. Now, on wikipedia in the article about Italian neorealism it says that children were often used as observational characters. However it is not cited and i cant find it anywhere else. Any ideas on the child character?
Any other elements concerning realism in relaiton to film would also be cool.

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Google Books Search Results for film realism (http://books.google.ca/books?q=film+realism&btnG=Search+Books)

It's my way of telling you that I personally don't know much about the subject but that no doubt one of the first two books on the list can help you.

12-06-2009, 08:19 AM
You should look up Kenneth Waltz. That will definitely help in this situation.

12-06-2009, 11:08 AM
Kenneth Waltz refers to realism as a philosophy though. I'm looking for realism in the arts.

Thanks for the link T-6005, hopefully i'll find something easily in those books

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Why do flashbacks seem to you as something that doesn't go well with realism? If they don't appear in different non-realistic manner than the rest of the film, then they are fine. I think you shouldn't focus on tying these two, however; flashbacks are just a method of telling the story. If the child is an observational character there, then he is one :), again, this has little to do with realism, more like revealing the plot from another angle.
I haven't seen it, so can't help much.