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01-22-2010, 10:55 PM
These are some lyrics I wrote for my band Frostbitten Sunsets.


As I approach the portal, between consciousness and sleep
I smell the romantic aroma of peach mango scented candles
The sweet fragrance of burning apple cinnamon incense
And intoxicating cherry vanilla perfume, drifting across from the other side

When I crossover into dreams
I hear serpents and scoundrels, speaking in tongues
Sirens singing of carnal delights, for shipwrecked sailors
And a seductive symphony of unconscious desires

I see bright yellow eyes, glowing in the summer moonlight
The reaper and father time playing chess, one of them nearing checkmate
The Phoenix rising from the ashes, of forgotten senses
And vibrant colors of red, orange, blue, pink, and purple

I feel cold hands reaching out from the shadows
Warm breath on the back of my neck, my hairs standing on end
Smooth velvet skin crawling beneath silk sheets
And wet tongues that slither slowly across my chest

At an elegant banquet, I dine on the finest ambrosia
A flavorful assortment of tastes, with sweet spices and marinades
Lobster tails and crab legs, smoked salmon, glazed shrimp, and filet mignon
Cooked vegetables, forbidden fruit, cheesecake with caramel, and white wine

Across the crowded ballroom, and through a maze of forgettable faces
I see a beautiful woman in a black sequined dress
She has soft white skin and long auburn hair
Red fingernails and a radiant smile, behind crimson lipstick

Her eyes are mysterious and mesmerizing
The right one is light blue
And the left one is dark green
Neither seem confined by mortality, or concerned with time

After a few moments she notices my transfixed gaze
And our eyes meet in a moment of unconscious destiny
Then she smiles seductively, and confidently walks towards me
As she approaches, I can smell her intoxicating perfume

01-26-2010, 12:50 PM
Hey I think you should maybe try the 'Rate original lyrics thread' I started. Nobody really paid a lot of attention to your lyrics and I think they're good. I mean I'm not really into love lyrics because I think there are too many love songs out there but this one is definitely sophisticated and not so straightforward, nicely dark yet not creepy. I just wish there were rhymes.

Well anyways, I think you should post them there. such little co-op :)

02-22-2010, 12:01 AM
Thanks a lot, I appreciate you taking the time to read and offer feedback.