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03-22-2010, 09:19 PM
What was your favourite band to see? Why?

I lied. I have more than one favourite concert:

Roger Waters
This concert was amazing. Not only did he do three sets, but he also had his son out there, spoke about early Pink Floyd, and played songs that EVERYONE knew. People on the floor were dancing.
The light show was amazing, the pyro was amazing, and the songs sounded perfectly. There were no extended guitar solo's or long-winded conversations about anything...
He came on, played, spoke quickly about the band or the song, went back to playing, introduced every member of the band, then played more.

The Offspring
Cannot even put in to words how amazing this concert was!
My favourite band of all time! Everyone was singing and dancing to the songs, the crowd wasn't very rowdy at all, very contained.
The entire concert all you heard was cheering and Dexter chuckling with happiness.
An amazing concert, with the most amazing woman of my life, and getting my guitar autographed.
I could go see this band thousands of times and never get sick of them! They are such an amazing band live!

Rag Doll
03-23-2010, 02:30 PM
A few.

Offspring December 2000 and Offspring July 2009
-The first was the first time I ever saw them, back when I was an obsessed fan girl. And I got to meet them backstage and was super excited/terrified. The 2009 show was the second time I met them. I'm not an obsessed fan girl now, but I got to go with a whole bunch of cool people from this board that all used to be as obsessed as I used to be. It was really cool to get to see them with a bunch of people that were also having a bit of nostalgia over the whole thing. And our VIP section standing area was pretty sweet too. I'm so short I never get to see what is going on at shows, but I could see at that one!

Smashing Pumpkins November 2008
-The second time I saw my all time favorite band. I was basically right up against the stage in a fairly small venue. And they always just put on SUCH an amazing show.

Muse March 2010
-My second time seeing them. They put on the BEST show I have ever seen (and I've seen a pretty decent amount). The lights, the stage, the set up, the whole thing. Even the opening band on this tour made for a great experience (Silversun Pickups). It was just totally incredible. The first time I saw them it was the first show I went to with my boyfriend. "Our song" is one of their songs and we went together this time too. That made it extra emotional and awesome =).

03-23-2010, 02:34 PM
The Offspring - Manchester, 26 Aug 2009. YAY:)

Runners up (I really couldnt decide):

Brand New - Birmingham, sometime last year. Despite the crowd beng fucking huge, and being quite a bit back and my friend complaining her shoes were wet and she was getting pushed...they were great.

rise against - Dublin, february last year.

Damien Rice - Cork, few years ago. I love this man.

03-23-2010, 08:24 PM
Green Day - Sept 04
Small club show the week American Idiot was released. They played the album front to back in its entirety and than played a short set of older stuff. Billie Joe dumped a bottle of water on my head: fun times.

Offspring - Warped Tour 05: Standing under a hot sun in a dusty field for seven hours or so isn't exactly an ideal way to spend a saturday afternoon: but watching them play Session made everything worth it. Seeing them again last july with Frank Turner was also really, really awesome.

Against Me! - April 08
On of the best live bands on the planet. Gabel and company barely said a word: just an hour and fifteen minutes of rock music: We Laugh At Danger is the best way to finish a set.

Weakerthans - March 09
Holy fuck these guys are solid live.

03-23-2010, 10:22 PM
June 24th, 2009. The Offspring and Dropkick Murphys. 2 fucking great bands for the price of 1 show. It was heaven on earth for me. The Offspring could not have picked a better group to have open for them.

03-24-2010, 10:24 PM
Green Day last summer. Heard about the show for months and wasn't particularly interested, then changed my mind at the last minute and figured, "Meh, why the hell not..." and bought a couple general admission tickets for myself and a friend.

It was my first time in a mosh pit and my hair is still growing back, but it was SO AWESOME. I didn't even know it was possible for someone to work a crowd the way Billie Joe did, and you could feel him absolutely loving every single minute of it, returning it right back to the audience. They played for like an hour and a half, came out for an encore, said, "Fuck it, we'll play all fucking night!" and ended up playing for well over two hours in all. I was so exhausted that I started getting frustrated with them for not stopping already even though I was having an absolutely amazing time.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v384/antuulien/889.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v384/antuulien/?action=view&current=889.jpg)

03-24-2010, 11:18 PM
The Blood Brothers: 2005
It was basically the first real venue show I had been too. I went by myself and they were/are one of my favorite bands. They played an amazing and extremely energetic show and at the end of the encore the whole pit fell over, perfect timing. I forgot to mention, this fans were so great, and like the Streetlight show just really in sync with the music. Love Rhymes with a Hideous Car Wreck was amazing. I love seeing shows in small venues, this one wasn't the greatest, and the stage was kind of high (3"), but none the less.

Streetlight Manifesto: 2008ish
First time I saw them, the music is amazing, the pits were so fun and friendly (sounds kind weird), and I was really into them at the time. They are fantastic live, and really energetic. There was a like mamba skank line thing going around the whole venue for a while, just great. The pits were fast and energetic for the fast and energetic parts and slow and basically just a big sing along for the well, slow sing along parts. Perfectly in sync. This one guy who looked really nerdy took his shirt of at one point and was totally ripped, I thought it was funny. Anyway, during a kind of instrumental slowish part of a song everyone in the pit stepped to the sides and he was break dancing, right as the music climaxed and the vocals came back he did a back roll/flip thing out of the pit and everyone ran back in. As stupid as skanking is/looks, linking up with 6 other people and just being in a huge circle doing it is really fun. I may be confusing events, I've seen them three times, but the third time wasn't great.

Have Heart: 2008
They're a hardcore band that have some really great lyrics. I never had a super strong connection with the lyrics or anything but I loved the music none the less and I liked that they could be aggressive and everything but still be a really positive influence. I painted a picture of one of their album covers, it was half done at the time, but I got the whole band to sign it before they went on. The lead singer especially, was a really nice guy. Anyway, the show was just amazingly intense, more pile ons, sing alongs, and energy then I think I've ever seen. The venue by the way is like the size of two bedrooms, maybe. The floor at the venue is made out of wood and you could feel it like bowing (?) under the weight. But yeah, fantastic show, love their music and the guys were great. One of the other bands was really awesome too, but there like Converge angry hardcore, their Ceremony. Oh, and one of the opening bands singer hit me in the head when he was swinging the mic, shit sucked. I finished the painting, saw the band one more time, and now they've broken up. I talked to the lead singer and plan on sending it to him soon.

Touché Amoré: 2009
First time I saw them, it was at the worst venue ever, same one I saw the Blood Brothers at, but it's really shitty now. You aren't allowed to sit down, or leave and come back, or anything really. Anyway, another hardcore band with great music. Probably the greatest hardcore band of all time, and if not they certainly have the potential to be. Unlike Have Heart, these guys lyrics have a lot more meaning to me. Pile on after pile on, there are like 10 of us screaming our lungs out. They were the opening band for Thursday, Fall of Troy, and another band. So no one was really there to see them. It was great and the singer was really into it. There is one song where the music mostly stops and it is just vocals. No one sang along, no one said anything, no one moved. Besides the vocalist it was dead silent, it was surreal. During the last song there is a part where all the music stops and it's just a group vocals type thing. He through the mic into the crowd, jumped onto the ground, grabbed me and a couple of my friends and we stood in the middle of the venue shouting the last part of the last song with our arms around each others shoulder and no instruments. I wouldn't call it life changing, but it was close.

Oh fuck, I forgot the Mae Shi: 2008, maybe?
It was just great. No pits or anything, but awesome energy, fantastic music, so much fun to sing along to, a lot of fan interaction, the mae sheet, man so awesome.

For anyone who hasn't been to a show like these, basically a pile on is when the vocalist points the mic into the crowd and people just well, pile on and sing the lyrics.

Sorry, this is a little sloppy, sometimes I type faster then I can think and I am to lazy to go back and clean it up.

I'm inclined to put a honorable mentions thing here, but it would include almost every time I've seen a band I really like. Sometimes I forget how much I love shows.

ps. mewithoutyou are great live, so are the chinese star, and manchester orchestra/brand new/builders and the butchers.
pps. bob dylan was great because it was bob fucking dylan. 10$ at the state fair, sitting with some good friends, and drinking canadian whiskey, hah.

03-24-2010, 11:23 PM
I think my first show is still my best memory.

It was Flashlight Brown opening for Sugarcult. None of which sounds like it would be particularly awesome but it was truly awesome. I was surprised and amazed by every aspect of both bands' performance.

03-26-2010, 11:12 AM
I go to a lot of concerts and I love most of the bands but now that I'm actually thinking about it I don't really have that much fun at them. Streetlight is great but every time I see them it sucks. Twice they weren't headlining and the one time they were the drummer cut his hand and they ended the set a half hour in, haven't come back since.

I love Big D but the last time they were here they played the absolute shittiest I have ever heard them play, didn't seem like they were into it at all. Nofx recently had the opposite problem, they entertained me and I enjoyed myself for the most part but I just flat out don't like half of their songs so I couldn't get into it.

Weezer was fun, all very showy and gimmicky though. 311 was shit, consisted of "let's all get high!" over and over again. The only local bands around are hardcore/metal and thats not my style really.

The only time I saw the Offspring during my fanboy years was at warped, which wasn't that fun, and i don't like them much anymore so that opportunity is gone as well.

So I don't think I have a favorite show.

03-26-2010, 11:18 AM
The Offspring in their 09 tour was absolutely fantastic. They got moved to a smaller venue the day of the concert and it ended up being amazing because of that.

Rush in their 08 Snakes and Arrows tour were unbelievable as well. They played a total of 3 hours, and it was mind-blowing the entire time.

03-28-2010, 01:45 PM
A toss up between the Grateful Dead and Hall and Oates!