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06-28-2010, 01:16 AM
Alright, so some of you may know that I was once in a metal band called Black Cadence. Well the guitarist/singer was being an ass and not coming to practices. This went on for a number of months, I finally left the band and decided to go in my own direction. I have heard from the drummer that he is still cancelling practices all the time...

I play bass in a new band, Kill the Joneses, playing bass and doing backing vocals. We do not have any songs up (yet), but are planning on recording them as soon as we find a steady drummer and rythm guitarist.
We are defined as 'metal, rock, and pop... With a knife in its back'. Frequently we have been labeled "Metallica, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, OFFSPRING (fucks yeah), and Tool mixed in with some original 'in your face' mentality."
Our goal is to find a drummer & rythm guitarist, record a 5 song demo, get on the radio, do a small tour, and get known around Calgary and surrounding area by the end of this summer.
We currently have a rough recording of two of our songs, but they are just live recordings from the guitarist's house using Garageband. Its only guitar, vocal, and bass, nothing really spectacular.
So far we have come up with 5 original songs and currently have a number of other potential songs in the works. They are not complicated, nor are they weird or strange. They are simple, catchy, and something you can stomp your feet to and sing along during every part of every song.
As soon as we record a few songs I will make a youtube account, a free website, and a Facebook group.
Feel free to add me on facebook (my username), if you are interested in the band.