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08-10-2010, 02:06 AM
So, the new Maiden album has leaked today. Apparently it's the real deal.

If anyone is planning to check the leak, post your opinions (i'd appreciate it :)). I'd rather wait until i get the original CD in my hands, it's really a different experience when you open the case and put the CD in your stereo for the first time...

These next few days will be very hard to get through without listening to the album in advance.

edit: couldn't resist, i downloaded the leak (well, 4 years since AMOLAD can make it hard to resist), and checked a few songs, but only a few seconds of each (i still hope i can resist and won't listen to the rest). And what i heard so far already slays what i've heard on AMOLAD. I absolutely loved that album, but holy shit, the few riffs i heard from this new album are amazing. Not to mention that Satellite 15 sounds unlike anything (and i mean unlike ANYTHING) Maiden ever released.

If this album turns out to be their last (i hope it won't be), then they'll leave with a bang. Harris said they might release another one, but you never know.

edit2: Listened to some more. I might listen to the entire album. It was too tempting to resist, since i've been anticipating this album like crazy. Anyway, i doubt it'll ruin the listening experience. From what i've heard i've already been totally blown away. Not just because it's a new Maiden album. It's because it really slays. It's easilly their best album since Fear Of The Dark, hell probably it's their best since Seventh Son. But since i actually like their post 2000 material more this album is their best in my opinion. Really, holy shit. And while it still sounds like Maiden, this time they're trying out some new things.

08-10-2010, 08:39 AM
Thanks for sharing but threads about this already exist.


08-10-2010, 11:00 AM
Thanks for the reminder.

08-10-2010, 12:30 PM
I only physically own two Maiden albums: Rock in Rio and Seventh Son. The rest I just have digital copies of. So I'm not in any rush to buy this one... which means yeah I'll be downloading it. I get a *little* nervous about leaks, though, because that's what the RIAA targets for suing... and there's a bigger risk of getting a fake/infected file. If you were so kind as to upload it, Raptor, I'd be more than happy to download and listen :D But otherwise I'll probably be waiting until close to the release date.

08-10-2010, 01:03 PM
Listening to the first song as I'm typing. The first song surely is a lot different from what I've heard from them before. Maiden has become very progressive over the years. Still have to get used a bit to it.

08-10-2010, 01:07 PM
With my internet connection speed it could take a while. I downloaded it from pirate bay, after reading the comments and learning it's the real deal. The size is about 105 mb or so (192 kbps), for the reference.

I couldn't resist, and i'm listening to the album right now. WOW. It's incredible, more than i could hope for. It's not AMOLAD part 2. Instead, they've upgraded their style. The production is different, guitars are more upfront than in AMOLAD, dynamic range is a bit smaller, but still nothing to be worried about, the album isn't overcompressed (though maybe the leak could be a bit differently compressed than the final version?). And this time all 3 guitars are put into good use, they create great atmosphere. Guitar riffs are many times something that is unusual for Iron Maiden, which is a good thing. Everything sounds so fresh.

Another good point - the overly repeated choruses are gone. There are choruses of course (and some of them are the best in years in my opinion, they send shivers down my spine, and i can't think anything other than sweet Jesus fucking YES!). And while they used pretty much the same formula for their epics (long and quieter intros are present, and then the songs get more intense), the songs themselves have more complex structures than before, and many interesting changes in rhytm/tempo. Not to mention that solos are killer.

Oh, and i noticed one recycled riff in The Talisman (the riff in intro is almost exactly the same as in The Legacy from AMOLAD, though this might have been intentional; the song itself is effing great).

Anyway, the album is killer. El Dorado and The Final Frontier (which is basically the first song on the album, minus the intro - Satellite 15) are lousy indicators of how the album really sounds. The songs from 5 to the end are one huge combo of awesomeness, the best on the album (i'd also count 3rd and 4th song in that killer combo; basically the 2 weakest tracks are the first two).

And When The Wild Wind Blows - Steve Harris, thank you!!! That song is being compared to Hallowed Be Thy Name, though it doesn't really sound similar (maybe in the terms of epicness, or that it has the potential to be an immortal classic), i'd rather compare it with The Sign of the Cross or The Clansman (it just reminds me more of those songs, and that's not a bad thing), or perhaps Fortunes of War

Anyway, i know the album isn't even really out yet and that part of the excitement is because of the album being so new, but i doubt i'll change my opinion much about this one (maybe to better). But it clicked with me from the moment i started listening to the tracks, unlike AMOLAD, which needed 2 or 3 listens. It's better than AMOLAD, and therefore better than i hoped for.

Me very happy :)

08-10-2010, 06:23 PM
Okay I grabbed it. I couldn't resist. And you're right, man. It's amazing. I loved AMOLAD, but upon first listen, I like this more. The intro is really weird, though. I don't get why it's like a weird intro smashed up against a decent song. I'd definitely agree that The Final Frontier isn't a good indicator of the album as a whole. El Dorado is better, but still. The album gets better as you go on. The Talisman is one of my current favorites. Absolutely stunning. I'll probably give a better review after more listens :)

08-11-2010, 02:58 AM
Yeah, some say that the intro (Satellite 15) is connected to The Final Frontier really well. It doesn't really seem so to me. They could have easilly been 2 separate songs, since there's even a short pause between them. It doesn't really feel like one song to me. Maybe it'll grow on me, but it's just weird for now. I like that they went more experimental with Satellite 15 though.

The Talisman is a great song, i agree 100%. I especially like the chorus.

And for some reason this album seems to me like the sum of their entire career. It's not really like they went back to their roots, but some songs still give you that old-school Maiden vibe, and at the same time they've created a more progressive record than before, and incorporated new stuff. Guitars are simply amazing, and now they've finally succeeded in putting all 3 into good use. I really didn't expect anything like this. I hoped for maybe some more complex song structures (i thought it would be a nice thing), some unexpected turns, and they've done that. But i didn't expect the vibe, the atmosphere of the album would be this good, and that has a lot to do with guitars. The riffs are amazing.

Oh, and one more thing - a fwe months ago i got into a debate about how originality doesn't really exist anymore. Well, i realised a few weeks ago i was terribly wrong. Alice In Chanis proved it, and now Iron Maiden too. Nobody really sounds like these 2 bands (and there are other bands with their own sound too), even if you can't say they haven't invented anything really new (ok, they're both pioneers of their genres, but with all the copycat bands they still sound unique). So you were right back then :)

08-12-2010, 08:50 AM
I just ordered the limited mission edition of the album. The one in a tin case. This is the first time ever that i noticed a Slovenian internet store had a music album available for ordering before its release date (though it wasn't available there yesterday). Fucking YES!

I should have it within a week :)

08-14-2010, 06:18 AM
Ha! I got the album today, and it's not even supposed to be released yet. Or did some countries just get an early release date? The artwork in the booklet is totally amazing. I really hope those paintings or drawings are available for download in hihg resolution somewhere, because every single one of them would be an awesome computer wallpaper.

This really made my day :)

edit: Too bad the bonus content for the special edition isn't accessible yet. Probably it'll become available on monday.

edit2: So, now that the album has been officially released the bonus content has been unlocked. I hoped for some downloadable high-resolution versions of the pictures in the booklet. Sadly this was not the case, but there are still some very cool wallpapers available for download. The game Mission II is made in the same vein as the first game available to everyone. The wallpapers and photos are a nice bonus, as is the director's cut of the final frontier video.

I've read some reviews and comments, and noticed that this album is also getting some hate, that doesn't do any justice to the album. It's more boring than AMOLAD? It's the same thing Maiden always does? I couldn't disagree more. From the technical point of view it's their best album, there's so much going on you can't digest everything during the first listen. Songs take some unexpected turns, which only makes them more interesting. I usually like faster songs, but i find nothing to complain about here. Maiden's newer epics tend to be more interesting than their short rocker songs, and they shine in this aspect of the album.

Oh well. I guess you can't please everyone.

08-19-2010, 11:15 AM
After getting a good listen of The Final Frontier (I have the kind of a job that allows me to listen to music during the work), I decided to review it properly. I wonít go into details about every single song, Iíll try to review the album as a whole.

From the very start of the album Maiden let us know that this time itíll be something different. Satellite 15 is probably the most experimental Maiden ďsongĒ to date, though (I read it somewhere, canít confirm it 100%) it is mostly Adrian Smithís work and features drum machine instead of Nicko in his usual position. After the atmospheric intro there is a short pause, and then The Final Frontier kicks off, with its traditionally rocking riffs. The song is totally different from Satellite 15, so I donít quite see why it was merged into a single song together with Satellite. They could have just easily make them as 2 separate tracks. This is the only real flaw of the album for me. After this things get better. Much better, though thatís not to say that Satellite 15Ö The Final Frontier is a filler song, far from that. El Dorado is quickly growing on me with its galloping tempo, but itís the 3rd track, Mother of Mercy, that truly gives you the feeling of things to come. The intro of the song is very simple to play, but it sounds so great it gives me chills. I really like the song. Then the albumís ballad Coming Home starts. Usually Iím not really fond of Maiden ballads, but this one is really good. Bruce does a great job singing it, just like he does a great job on the rest of the songs (The Talisman comes to mind, he sounds amazing there in my opinion). The Alchemist is probably the most old-school songs theyíve released in years, and it is a very good song, though I find later songs more interesting. Starblind is definitely a standout track (actually, itís a masterpiece!), and features extensive soloing in courtesy of Adrian Smith throughout the whole track. Actually, Smithís the main soloist on the album (not really surprising, he had a huge role in the songwriting part; we could say this is his album), and he sounds excellent. Starblind has a different time signature than weíre used to when listening to Iron Maiden, and this is very welcome. Isle of Avalon and The Man Who Would Be King are definitely worth mentioning to, as they both incorporate many tempo shifts and surprising elements. But the best has been spared for last. When The Wild Wind Blows doesnít feature any odd time signatures or abrupt tempo shifts. Itís a pretty consistent track, but itís composed from many different parts (and in that view it is complex). What makes the song so great is the fact that it flows so well and fits perfectly along the story-telling style of its lyrics. Bruce delivers, yet again. He sings it perfectly, just the way the song should be sang. The instrumentals really give you the same feeling as the lyrics do, and thatís just another huge plus point for this song. Basically, the whole ďCelticĒ feeling of the song is a pure win for me, and the song reminds me of The Clansman in that aspect. It has a huge potential to become their future classic.

To sum up, The Final Frontier isnít 100% flawless. A few other Maiden albums may contain some better songs. But the fact is that this is the most progressive and epic Maiden album to date, and feels the most accomplished. They got rid of some previous flaws (choruses are not overly repeated anymore, and songs are more complex and the element of surprise is present). And since I love the direction theyíve taken with their newer albums, I think itís a classic. Iím having a hard time ranking one Maiden album above another. Each of them has something different, perhaps a different atmosphere, a different feel. If the album works as a whole, Iíll give it the best mark, regardless of how great the other albums are. And this one works beautifully.

Best songs (not in any particular order):

When the Wild Wind Blows, Starblind, The Talisman, Mother of Mercy, Isle of Avalon, The Man Who Would Be King

08-19-2010, 08:35 PM
The Cover is pretty awesome