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09-30-2010, 12:19 PM
Are there any demos from Splinter or RAFRAG circulating? I think that would be pretty cool to hear

09-30-2010, 02:48 PM
No, Offspring demos from those album are kept under lock and key pretty much. There's a video on the internet that shows dexter playing the solo to CGM(HAY), then it plays a brief snippet of a never released song. It's not confirmed what this song (or at least to my knowledge), but many speculate thats it's the track "Pass Me By", which is a confirmed outtake from "Splinter".

Other than that, there aren't many audible tracks to hear. There are, however, interviews where they talk about some of the outtakes, like the original riff for "Let's Hear It For Rock Bottem", which I want to hear.

Mary 13
09-30-2010, 03:10 PM
Like, where do you get your information from? Thanks, I didn't know until you have spoken upon its awknowledgements.

09-30-2010, 03:41 PM
Well, Dexter has mentioned Pass Me By in a journal post and many of use have been anxious to hear for several years now.

As for that riff, Noodles talked about it in an interview. The verse for Let's Hear it for Rock Bottom used to be a heavy, darker riff. But, Dexter wanted to lighten it up and made it a ska riff instead. Noodles said he loved the riff and wanted to use it on another song, maybe for the next album. I can't find the interview, but if someone has the link, I would greatly appreciate it if they could post it.

Edit: NVM, I found it. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/interviews/interviews/offsprings_noodles_i_dont_care_to_argue_how_punk_i _am.html

Q: And that riff during the instrumental section that repeats while the chords change behind it - where would that type of orchestration come from?

A: That was definitely something that got worked in the studio because it had a totally different verse. It had this really heavy, dark, menacing bass driven verse and Dexter and Bob felt that it just wasn’t working. I really loved it because it was a huge contrast between the verse and chorus. I felt it worked together but they weren’t feeling it. After a little while it was, “Nah, this isn’t working” and then it really got reworked. They were right, it did come out a little better. You never know with these things. Another one where I lost that vote but I like the song, it really started to grow on me once they changed it.

Sometimes I’ll hear something and I’ll have a hard time letting go of the way I originally heard it. Sometimes I just have a block there.

Mary 13
09-30-2010, 05:01 PM
Hm, very interesting facts. I really wanna hear it on the new cd, now.

Thanks dude.

10-01-2010, 08:48 PM
There's been talk of Pass Me By, a Ring Of Fire punk cover, a Dirty Magic rerecording, a Spanish version of Hey Joe, demos of Pay The Man and Defy You.