View Full Version : Virtual band,Offspring style,needs a singer!!!

12-14-2010, 04:28 AM
Hi everybody!

I'm a 24 yrs old guitarist who lives in France, and i've always been a huge fan of The Offspring, especially (like most of you i guess) of their 1st/mid era.

I've been in several little bands but now i want to do my thing...And that thing is music which is in that particular style. My other favorite punk rock band is Pennywise and I love big guitar riffs on fast and positive tunes!

But today i want to do something with all this, and since there are not many fans of this genre where i live i had this idea to come here and find (which i hope) what i'm looking for: A SINGER :)

If you're interested in singing for fun (but seriously enough to make nice tunes,ofc), well...here's the deal:

1) I make tracks (whole music, i got a bass and a guitar, only drums are PC drums, which i try to make sound realistic enough even if i dont have that many skills in programming drums :) )
2) You sing on them!
3) you give me the trackS back (music + vocals and vocals alone)
4) we have a track, yeah! lets make a second one!


I've uploaded a track i made, so you can hear it:


I hope i'll get an answer :) if not, well... thanks for reading! lol


ps: those interested can leave their email/msn adress or pm me with it!