View Full Version : Great new goth rock band?

04-16-2011, 09:19 PM
Hey everyone,

There's a new band called Fragmented Mind who is about to release their first studio album. It's definitely different but somewhat along the lines of what would be a cross of Evanescence, Metallica and Tim Burton. I would check out the tunes posted on the youtube page titled Twisted and Rush.


The entire production of the record is quite high end. I will list a copy of the album cover here along with a tracklisting.


01 - Twisted
02 - Rush
03 - Dream of You
04 - Do You Even Care
05 - Wish My Life Away
06 - Phobia
07 - Lost Souls
08 - Weeping Woman
09 - The Promise

This is definitely something worth checking out guys. Also check out the website for any updates. www.fragmentedmind.com

Album will be available on iTunes April 30th.