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02-08-2005, 01:43 PM
Well as you all know, Denmark is a multi-party parliamentary representative democracy. That basically means we vote whichever party we like into different seats in parliament.

I don't know any other way to do this than by going through the parties and just offering my own experiene on them. The numbers may not be correct, because I only had two hours of sleep and this election has been rather depressing.

And mind you only 67.5% of the votes have been counted. But it seems rather certain that there won't be any huge changes. Because the votes are counted by county to county, and they *tend* to be fairly evenly distributed.

It should be noted that there are a total of 179 seats in the Danish parliament. I do not know if this counts the 4 representatives from Greenland and the Fairy Islands, I could care less.

We'll start with the current parties in power.

The Liberal Party. They practice an economic policy directly hostile to most people in general. Their youth organization, has the same brain dead snob automatons that I'd expect to see in the Republican youth. They believe in a minimal state and all power to the market forces. They are still the largest party in Denmark, but they lost 4 seats, making their end total 52 seats in the Danish Parliament.

The Conservative Party. The former largest rightwing party in Denmark. It must be odd for them to play second fiddle to a party that once played second fiddle to them. Economically speaking, they are to the left of the liberal party. They do believe in cuts in the Danish welfare state, just not so enthusiastically. Generally they don't represent anything that conservative philosophy should, they support huge reforms of the communal system, they support Denmark going into the EU and losing it's Euro. And they love all those traditional conservative values of Crown, Church, Fatherland, etc. They gained 3 seats in the Danish parliament making their total 19 seats.

The Danish People's Party. They are not a part of the government coalition. However the government maintains their majority in parliament with support from this party. Making this party incredibly powerful in comparison to it's size. The things that are strikingly obvious about this party, is it's incredibly xenophobic attitude towards anything with a dark skin color. That's basically the sole raison d'etre for this party. They give me the fucking creeps, everything about them. They gained 2 seats making their total 24.

Now for the opposition.

The Social Democratic Party. I met the Prime Minister candidate for this party this morning. He handed me a rose. An incredibly sincere man, it's a pity I disagree so much with where he is bringing the party. This party has been burdened with internal conflicts, and a smear campaign that is basically incomparable in Danish politics. Compounded by the fact that the liberal party basically took their program and spread it as their own. And since they have a far more powerful election machine, this strategy worked quite fell for them, up until last night or so. This party lost 5 seats making their total 47. The Prime Minister candidate, just gave a speech announcing his resignation. And how depressed he is that the people of Denmark will now have 4 more years of an inhumane political war waged against them. I agree with that quite strongly.

The Socialist People's Party. The Party that split from the Communist Party in 1968 and basically followed Tito's 3rd path. They tend to believe they are socialist. Every once in a while they make a pip about how socialism is the alternative to Denmark, but then you just got to point out the fact that they support the EU, and they suddenly become quiet again. Their Chairman, Holger K. Nielsen, for the 15 years he has been leader, has brought nothing but decline to the party, and he continued that tradition with this election in which they went down 2 seats, making their total 11. It was cool however that they gave out little red books as part of their campaign called Holgers Lille Røde (Holger's Little Red).

Enhedslisten, the Unity List. An election device designed to get a coalition of Socialist, Communist, and Anarchist groups elected into parliament. They are the party I voted for. And they are the *only* opposition party to gain seats in parliament. They gained 2 seats making their total 6 seats. Which is a gain of 50%. Mind you this party is incredibly new. This is the only good result of the election in my opinion.

And now for the parties that don't really matter either way.

The Radical Left. Denmark's most centrist party. They support a liberal economic policy with open borders to immigrants and a huge love for the EU. I despise them for their hostile economic policy, even though they do good for the immigrant community. They made huge progress this election. They gained 7 mandates making their total 16. *hate*

The Central Democrats. Another middle party. They made no progress. Hopefully they will disappear.

The Christian Democrats. They lost the only Seat in parliament that they had. I deem this to be a good thing because they supported the right wing government.

The Minority Party. A group of hippies who want to increase individualism, what that means, they never described. They are the newest party in Danish politics. They failed to make it into parliament. Good.

This is so depressing. I normally don't consider drinking myself to sleep as a viable option. But I'd rather not go to bed feeling the way I do. I don't want 4 more years of the kind of crap that this government pulls.

The Union movement played a pitiful role. Because there is no party that focuses on the workers. When my party, Denmark's Communist Party Marxist-Leninist runs in the 2008 elections. We expect large help from the Unions. They do contribute the largest funds to our newspaper.

02-08-2005, 02:22 PM
Resembles quite a lot to the Belgian situation, probably because we're both tiny unimportant exporting countries ; ). Except we're a federal country so you have to multiply the number of parties by 2 and the left is bigger in Wallonia since they don't have a succesfull extreme right/facist party like we in Flanders do. The Danish parties that are in power seem to be the same one we'll have on the flemish side with the next elections (depending if the other parties drop the "cordon sanitaire"). How this is going to work out with the walloon one's, i have no idea.

When you mean, they are pro EU, what do you mean ? Pro current EU policy or pro the institution itself. A lot of the left sadly doesn't distinguish between this.

02-08-2005, 02:28 PM
Well every party says they want to change the course of the EU, don't they?
the Socialist People's Party, wants to bring it to a more social-conscious thing. I don't think it will ever be that. Besides SP is recommending a yes on the Proposal to a European Constitution. So that really shows how much they plan on changing it, in my opinion.

But of course, the left-wing is generally not pleased with EU neo-liberal policy. It's just the far left that doesn't support the idea of the EU in general. With the exclusion of a party called the People's Movement Against the EU, which is a coalition of anti-EU folk from all parties. However they only run in EU elections.