View Full Version : Stop n' Chats

11-14-2011, 07:43 AM
Thanksgiving Eve is approaching. Are you ready for some stop n' chats?


How are you with stop n' chats and small talk? I personally am terrible at both of them. When I feel like a stop n' chat is inevitable, I'll quickly try to decide whether I'll have enough to talk about to have an actual conversation or not. If there's actually something to talk about, the key is finding ways to make the initial small talk branch out into topics that aren't just mindless drivel. This isn't necessarily always easy for some reason. If I think I don't have much to talk about with a particular person, I always try to cut the conversation short and come up with an excuse to walk away ("alright, I'm gonna go grab a drink man"). The key with this is to maintain a certain enthusiasm, energy, and confidence even though you're basically losing interest with them in about 60 seconds after not seeing them for perhaps a year or two. This can be awkward if not done right.

Oh yeah, I love when people say "alright, I don't want to hold you up" when they feel they are done speaking with you. As if they had a mental list of questions about your current doings that they're just dying to know, but they're choosing to take the unselfish route and let you get back sitting around and drinking with your friends.