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12-20-2011, 06:26 PM

This fifth release from New York City's Da Pantz marks a shift in style. Building off the autobiographical approach established on previous releases, he shares his most personal work yet, offering survival strategies in eight parts. Flirting dangerously with self-destructive tendencies, "Survival Tactics" reckons with the best and worst life has to offer in an attempt to learn how to live.

This album includes Parris Haynie's music video for "Leech (Survival Tactics: Part Two)" as a download-only bonus.



1 Is This Over? (Survival Tactics)
2 Explots
3 Between Sidewalks and Telephone Poles
4 - 215-4016 (An Interlude)
5 - Deskmoney
6 - Leech (Survival Tactics: Part Two)
7 - Straw Man
8 - Bad Form (Survival Tactics: Part Three)

DOWNLOAD: http://dapantz.bandcamp.com/album/survival-tactics