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01-20-2012, 12:54 AM
The whole engineering process starting from the concept design to the production stage is analysed by the designer through the process of engineering analysis (http://www.enventureonline.com/services/mechanical-design-services/engineering-analysis.html). The properties of the final product is also analysed thoroughly. The design, plan and execution methods are examined by the designer and the engineer, to see if any errors have occurred or are there any limitations existing that can be rectified. Possible chances of improvements and modifications are also checked for and necessary steps are suggested.

The analysis engineer follows a series of steps for analyzing the engineering process. A usual practice among the engineers is to use the method of mathematical modeling for the process of analysis. The technique translates the situations into mathematical form. It involves the solving of mathematical problems by using formulae and equations. The process starts with the specification of the problem. It includes the issues of space available, government rules and laws, money that is required, etc. The materials required for the making of the product is also considered. In the next step, actual physical situations are idealized for the mathematical analysis. Specific mathematical analysis and modeling is done in the next stage. The suitable mathematical formulations are derived, which are capable of solving the concerned engineering problem.

The result, that is, the solution is obtained in the final stage, mostly in numerical form. This is further interpreted to give the required form of result. Various methods and criteria are used by the analyst to change the numbers into physical terms.

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