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Al Coholic
05-17-2012, 06:06 PM
drunkenly unsure if the title of this thread was spelled correctly...tryed? treid? no that's not right. No matter. Stream of conciousness, like those horrible books your professor made you read. Are there two f's in professor? no time now. The board is reading. Have they read this far? Probably not. You are though. HA! fuck you, go ahead. Close this window, sign out, and swear to yourself that you'll never read the rest. OK, you will, but you'll say "TL,DR" and then contribute some nonsense. We all know.

What are you doing? How are you feeling? Making threads is hard. It's especially hard when you don't allow yourself but a second to correct obvious spelling mistakes. No time to think of the next sentence, you just do it. Can you do it? Ofcourse! Do you have the balls? The book on reverse pshychology I'm pretending to read says you don't. Challenge: do it. Reply, no filter. Just read and write without backspacing.

Where have you been. You used to be cool. Oh, it was not to long ago we talked and probably appreciated eachother. Are you new? Then make a thread so I can like you what is this I don't have all day.

And then it happens. You're totally trying. You're trying to make a thread people like. Something interesting, something cool. Something people will chuckle at, or want to read. And you're all like, bahhhh this is lame. Does it always just flow naturally? Did it in the past? No really did it? I don't know, and I can tell you it's flowing naturally now. No filter. I'm just typing. Can you tell me, why aren't there enough threads? No, not from everyone. From you. Sure, you can tell me you're busy. You can tell me there's not enough threads. Weren't you always busy? Were you always so concerned that other people would think you're weird for not posting the only threads?

Pause. I'm thinking. Still typing though. That's the point. Thinking..........dot dot dot dot dot.....I think I made my point. What do you think? No, not like that. What do you think without thinking about thinking. Don't be shy, just let it flow, and if it turns out that this was all nonsense, then it means all the people here are probably full of nonsense and that's ok, I come here to read nonsense. And if it turns out that what you said - with no pauses or breaks or moments to think - was extremely cool then hey, you just produced something extremely cool.


Lord Phidias
05-17-2012, 08:20 PM
What I'm thinking about is about the reason I keep posting in this forum... I'm not really sure about the motivation, but I get this sense of.... dunno, commitment maybe after I post something or after creating a thread, but I still kind of enjoy lurking here and somewhat contributing to some of the discussions.

WIsh I was drunk with you.

No wait... wish I still enjoyed getting drunk just because...


Lol, I followed the rules, no backspacing!