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07-14-2012, 01:51 PM
Oxygene 8

Oxygene IV


I got hooked on Oxygene 8 during ice hockey tournament, game replays, I barely found out who did it. It's from 1997 album Oxygene 7-13. He has another Oxygene album from 1976, 5 stars from allmusic.com. It's pretty awesome that 7-13 lived up to previous Oxygene, though they gave it only 3 stars, but those key songs above are equal in my opinion. I haven't digested the albums well, but it's fascinating and everyone should hear it at least once.

I'm going through the discography, it's a tough nut to crack. I tried to delete Zoolook album, it didn't look very appealing and sounded like a zoo for the first time, but I just can't delete it. It's very good, it won some awards in the US, 4.5 stars by allmusic. A voice on Diva reminded me of Half-Life's combine policemen, who knows maybe it's sampled from it.

Music for Supermarkets Overture, that's a catchy song. Poor quality, but maybe it's better like that. The album's story is rather crazy, not really mainstream. Reminds me of Once Upon a Time...Life, another French thing, a show for kids about human body, loved it.

Whatta departure for me. :d Laser harp, now that's something...

07-24-2012, 10:24 AM
Haha, what went wrong on Revolutions 1988? Kids singing ňaňaňa and a woman singer so lost at the end. Some Islamic influence with a horrible although a bit funny robot voice. Some of the worst 80's and 90's rock influnce, but it's mild. Some totally boring tracks that I can't believe I can be so indifferent to them. Such a good idea for an album, but I guess not in the right time. I kept Overture and Industrial Revolution Part 2 track to know what's going on with this album plus Computer Weekend track is actually different, cute and good.

On the other hand Geometry of Love 2003 is such a good album! Such a good theme, eargasmic sounds and incorporation of classic instruments. If anything recent is great from him, this is it. Beautiful. Pleasure Principle has a beautiful and sad violin and some other subtle things. Geometry of Love Part 1, violin again, but also some earmelting synths or whatever. <3 Piano on Soul Intrusion, Electric Flash and Skin Paradox, all with some great, subtle and tasty electronica. Velvet Road is a key track, it actually reminds me of some weird Wes Borland's guitar work. It's a bizarre and amazing track, you are a bad person if you don't like it. Maybe, it's not a groundbreaking album or 5 stars, but it's something you want to listen and enjoy immediatelly, so happy it exists.

Velvet Road


08-28-2012, 01:11 AM
Equinoxe 1978 and Magnetic Fields 1981, both are something like Oxygene, more of the same, but Equinoxe is a bit more intricate and Magnetic Fields with a bit of music concrete added. 3 and 4 stars, I guess it's not groundbreaking anymore after Oxygene. :d But, it's great and fun.

Waiting for Cousteau 1990 is mostly music concrete like Zoolook 1984, but probably not better, the 4th track is around 45 minutes long, so it's kinda odd. Music concrete samples real world sounds. Both albums are 4.5 stars and very special and unique, Zoolook samples 25 languages plus Jarre gets a bunch of musicians and Cousteau is about marine life.

Rendez-Vous 1986 and Chronologie 1993, both 3 stars, Rendez-vous is about going to space, they say it's a bit more rock, but it's not bad like Revolutions 1988, a couple great tracks for sure. Chronologie is a good title and idea again, but 19th century classical--I guess church like sounds make it a bit unattractive to me, plus some classic rock or other 90's ailments. On the other hand, he included songs made for a watch company. He should have concentrated on it. Later, he reworked Chronologie 6 on AERO 2004 5.1 surround sound album of reworked stuff plus some new aero tracks, it sounds badass.

Metamorphoses 2000, Teo and Tea 2007 and Sessions 2000 2003, I kept 4 tracks of both albums, they are 4 and 3.5 stars, very well executed, but as a whole it's an annoying mainstream or some French vocals. Sessions 2000, that's not even a proper title so...it's some kind of jazzy lounge music to make you feel like you are somewhere, it's not for everyone. Only 1 track survived.

08-28-2012, 01:03 PM
Oxygene, Zoolook and Geometry of Love.

Here's something from Zoolook:



...and don't let me talk with myself. :d