View Full Version : Black Light Burns is coming back...

07-24-2012, 12:55 PM
...with all of its insanity and weirdness. 2nd album, not yet leaked.

lol at wes


Scream Hallelujah


It Rapes All In Its Path (not on the album)

If you haven't heard the first album Cruel Melody, it's a great supergroup album with Josh Freese.

08-09-2012, 12:19 PM

It's out, all over filestube.

08-27-2012, 01:34 PM
It's a quite long record, it's great to get lost in it and some songs jump out at you a bit later, so it kind of grows on you. It's not too perfectionist and there are some intentional mistakes.

It obviously is not the supergroup it was on the first album, but that doesn't matter. Wes is the boss, he can't sing, but that doesn't matter either. They can play most of it live without a problem.

It's an exploration of insanity, the way he sings and then some weirdness. It's big, black and raw.

- 2 songs are different and great, The Color Escapes and Torch from the Sky. It's like Nine Inch Nails with stylish singing or rather talking.
- another couple of great songs is the title track and Bakelite. It's his typical beautiful weirdness with a guitar. Bakelite smacked me so much that I studied Bakelite-like materials on Wikipedia and the rules of the Backgammon game, chips can be made from Bakelite. :D We had Bakelite window handles, table lamps and a radio so it's fascinating. He expressed iodine sky on the previous album perfectly, but I'm not sure all the music on Bakelite is bakelite-like, bassguitar yes, but there's more to the song. Not sure what it is about, maybe a love song, gotta read the lyrics. It's an interesting material, you can't melt it if you re-heat it again, we always laughed that it's an immortal or indestructible ugly brown material.

Lots of fun tracks on it, I like everything on it.

2 bonus tracks, My Gun and War to make it even longer plus the older pre-album soundtrack It Rapes All in Its Path which is pretty great.