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10-23-2012, 01:56 PM

My name is Michael Bennett Leroux. I am a big Offspring fan and an indie film maker. I am currently working on a short comedy-mockumentary called "A StartStopStory." The movie is about "StartStop", a fake band that invented punk rock music in 1976, but because of a series of terrible events they never got credit for it. We are almost finished shooting and I really feel that this film would benefit from a personal touch from the real experts... the bands that were inspired, good or bad, by StartStop.

So what I'm hoping for is The Offspring saying how they actually feel about StartStop in a short little video. It would be amazing to hear Dexter say that "StartStop are terrible and didn't invent anything," or Noodles saying "StartStop is the greatest band of all time." I live in Toronto so a web cam video would work.

Hopefully this movie will be as funny as I think it is, and I really hope you all can make it amazing!

Michael Bennett Leroux

11-07-2012, 03:19 AM
Be bold. Stay positive. Be confident. Congrats! Hope you get to finally finish the film. Dexter and Noodles aren't jerks, they're the sweetest/humble guys! Will ya post it up as soon as you are satisfied with the film? Curious.