View Full Version : Product Marketing Strategies That You Find Interesting

11-04-2012, 01:20 PM
Or, perhaps just other non-obvious marketing strategies that you've noticed/figured out.

Those wildly over-priced Godiva Chocolates. The only place I ever see them featured prominently is at clothing places like Kohl's or Macy's. People are A) Already indulging in things that instantly make them feel good (nice clothes) B) It always seems easier to write-off a somewhat overpriced thing when you throw it onto an already expensive bill comprised mainly of items that cost much more.

I also often see them at college bookstores. Maybe "B" applies there, in that people would like to buy something that makes them feel good after paying so much money for expensive necessities. But anyway, Godiva Chocolate isn't that amazing, and it doesn't seem to sell a high quantity. But they're so overpriced that they probably make up for it that way.