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03-04-2005, 10:21 PM
Okay, this is a story I had to write for my Honors English class, I'm bored and I'd thought I'd share it with you all. It probably sucks cause I did it last minute and yeah anyways....

Until The Day I Die…

It was the beginning of September and Pat was a senior at Temple High School in Temple, Texas. During football season Pat seemed like your ordinary 17 year old guy but out of football season he was one of the biggest freaks on campus. Most people only liked him because he happened to have made captain of the football team, but other than that, people kept their distance from Pat. The intelligent kids at Temple High portrayed Pat as a very interesting, quirky guy. When he wasn’t suited up for football Pat was dressed in the best traditional and cyber goth garb. He lived up to his image too. Pat was a very calm, almost sedated kind of guy. He rarely spoke up in class and he ran around with one other dude, not really the kind of person you’d think Pat would be friends with. The guy’s name was Iain. He was a scruffy 19 year old, old school British punk. Iain was beyond hyper 24/7 and he always had one thing on his mind, girls. Pat laughed to himself whenever he thought about what Iain was thinking about. Of course, Pat knew. Iain was also quite the short tempered kind of guy. One time Pat accidentally said Lain rather than Iain out loud while reading a note and Iain stepped up to Pat and screamed like a little girl,
That one little mistake made Pat laugh hysterically. Not because Iain flipped out about such a simple mistake but because Iain was about 5’3” tall at 135lbs compared to a 6’8” at 210lbs guy like Pat.

The first couple of months of school went by quite slowly for Pat. It was November 12th, Pat’s 18th birthday. Iain made every attempt to cheer Pat up but he finally gave up and let Pat be his depressed self.
“You know what Iain, I’m so fucking sick and tired of all of this.”
“What do you mean?” questioned Iain being smart about it.
“You know what I mean. This sucks; everyone around me has someone to be with except me. Fuck, even you!” Iain having a girlfriend was highly surprising to Pat considering the fact that Iain was such a pervert.
“I don’t see why you don’t just go ask that one chick you’ve been jerkin’ off over for the past year out,” mumbled Iain.
“You know damn well why!” shouted Pat.
“Oh come on don’t tell me you’re still stuck in the past. That was three years ago dude, plus, Rayne was a shallow bitch for leaving you.”
Three years ago Pat was waiting for his buddy to take him home when their car got t-boned in a four-way intersection by a drunk driver. The accident had left Pat with a scar down the right side of his face which is why his girlfriend left him. She said she couldn’t stand being seen with someone with such a hideous imperfection. Other than the scar though, Pat was just absolutely gorgeous, almost perfect.
“Let’s just drop the subject I’m late for my appointment,” snapped Pat.
“You’re going to get the D-Rings replaced huh?” Iain replied while doing a line.
“Yeah, the skin has healed pretty well so I think I can put them back in.”
After the car accident Pat formed a new kind of obsession known as suspensions. Pat once tried to describe the feeling of “weightlessness” to Iain but Iain just cringed at the thought of having metal hooks or permanent D-rings implanted into your back. About 6 months ago Pat got into a very violent fight with some local Skins and had 3 of 6 rings ripped out. Not only was Pat into suspensions but he also loved piercings and brandings. Pat’s 25 piercings and two heart shaped brandings on his chest made up for his facial imperfection to people much like your Humble Narrator.

It was 7:15AM when Iain called Pat’s cell.
“Wake up! Wake up! WAKE THE HELL UP!” he yelled impatiently.
“Wake up? For what?” Pat said groggily.
“There’s talk that we have a new junior at school,” replied Iain who was talking abnormally fast.
Pat had the feeling that Iain had his morning fix before he called Pat.
“So, why do I care about this new person?” questioned Pat still half asleep.
“I don’t know. Joey told Acey, who told Tripp, who told Racci, who told Edsel, who told Bugs, who told Diz, who told me that she was very, very attractive.”
“What’s it to you, you have a girlfriend now you moron.” Pat retorted while shuffling through his dresser trying to find a pack of cigarettes.
Iain snorted, “I was hinting that maybe you’d like her!”
Pat just laughed.
“I’m coming to pick you up in 20 minutes be ready!” Iain demanded.
“Yeah right, you know it takes about 30 just to do my makeup,” said Pat.
“I sometimes wonder whether you’re really a guy or a fag,” muttered Iain.

Pat and Iain arrived at school almost 30 minutes late.
“You know I’m going to end up in Spazzo Land because of you right?” grumbled Pat.
Spazzo Land was Pat’s 1st period teacher’s detention unit. Mr. Rundquist was suspected of buying drugs from students all the time; mostly pot, cigarettes, and the occasional coke.
“Yeah I know, maybe you can make some green off him,” joked Iain.
“That’s not funny, because you know I probably could,” said Pat half serious, half sarcastic.
That’s when they saw her. The new girl, her name was supposedly Samantha but she preferred the name Sam. Pat approached her with caution realizing she was extremely mingin’ (a word he had learned from his lovely British buddy Iain.) This new girl couldn’t get her locker open so Pat simply walked up, kicked the bottom of the door and like magic it popped open.
“I swear, the Devil himself must’ve made you,” whispered Pat.
“Excuse me!” Samantha exclaimed.
“Hmm? The locker, I had it last year it’s a pain in the arse to open at first, but you’ll get the hang of it sooner or later,” replied Pat barely raising his voice past a whisper.
“Oh, well thank you,” snapped Sam.
Pat bowed his head and left. He knew when he wasn’t wanted. He hadn’t bothered making eye contact with her at all. Pat was very superstitious and felt that when one looks directly in another’s eyes they have the power to steal your soul. Another reason why Pat never favored having a girlfriend, they always wanted to look deeply into each other’s eyes and all that lovely mushy stuff.

“Oh wow, she just blew you the fuck off dude.” Giggled Iain like a little school girl.
“Shut it, she’s just a stupid uptight, rich, selfish little daddy’s girl. She’s not worth my time,” Pat barked while swinging at Iain’s head, lucky for Iain, he missed by about 2 inches.
Apparently Samantha had heard him since she walked by and attempted to slap him across his face but Pat was too fast for her, she hit Iain instead.
“Gutted, just all around gutted,” mumbled Iain as he rubbed his face, still red from where Sam had smacked him. Pat thought to himself, since she’s the lovely “look at me I’m an ultra cool and skinny cheerleader” type I bet she’s about as big of a druggie as Mr.Rundquist. He grinned an evil grin at the thought.

A few days passed by and Pat indirectly got to know Sam. He had found out that she was a snob during the day but she was very wild and well fucked up by night. People said she was into the raves in his area, most of which he and his elder brother Chris controlled. He decided he should go and talk to her and try to figure her out.
“Hey you! What’s your name again? Ah yes, Bitchy Daddy’s Girl.” Pat said lowering his voice to make himself sound scary and stupid.
Sam rolled her eyes. “What do you want?”
“What do I want? I’ll tell you what I want. I want you to join me at the annual Winter Fest rave this weekend,” said Pat.
“Raves are for the fuckheads stupid enough to do ecstasy on a nightly basis.”
“Ah, I don’t think so. We all know you do it too.”
“Well do you?” asked Sam, quite impatiently.
“Nope, drugs kill. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?”
“My mother….You know what fuck you, leave me alone! You have no room to talk about drugs either! You smoke them nasty fucking Marlboros!” exclaimed Sam.
“So I’ll pick you up around 10 Saturday night then right?”
“What-ever!” squealed Sam as she turned her back to Pat.
Pat grinned to himself as he walked away knowing he had irritated the hell out of her.

Saturday came and went faster than Pat expected. He spent about an hour trying to decide what he was going to wear and if Sam would really go with him. Soon enough he picked his favorite outfit. Iain called to find out if Pat was really going to go through with his plan and try to get Sam to date him. Iain called around 9:45PM to make sure Pat was ready and on his way out the door. As always he wasn’t. Pat ended up showing up at Samantha’s 15 minutes late. He stepped onto the porch decked out in a long sleeve torn fishnet shirt, leather bondage pants, and knee high platform boots. Along with that he had put on some very detailed make-up and had every necklace, choker, ring, and piercing jewelry you could possibly imagine in. He rang the door bell and a slightly old guy answered.
“Hello Sir, I’m here to pick up your daughter, Samantha.”
“Who are you?” the man demanded.
“Who am I? My name is Pat I go to school with your daughter. She and I are going out tonight, if that’s alright with you assuming that you are her father.”
“I suppose, hold on a second.”
The door was slammed in Pat’s face, he stepped back and laughed inside. He thought “Great an overprotective father.”
Pat heard yelling and things being thrashed around inside the house. He wondered what in the fuck was going on so he went over to the window to look inside but he couldn’t see anything.


03-04-2005, 10:21 PM
Samantha came running out, tears streaming down her face ruining her makeup. Her hair was a complete mess, no longer its perfect blonde waves. Instead it was frizzy and all fucked up.
“What happened? Are you alright?” Pat said quietly knowing that she wasn’t in very good shape.
“Everything is just fine!” she snapped as she wiped the tears from her face. “Are we going or not?”
Pat walked to his car in total silence wanting to know what had just happened.
“The silence is irritating, turn on the radio or something,” Sam demanded.
“The radio is busted, all I have is a CD player, you can pick a CD out of my case but I bet you won’t like any of it.”
“We’ll see,” she retorted.
“The case is underneath your seat, it’s the one with the tribal sun on it,” Pat calmly replied.
“What is this? Pathos, Stripping Velvet , Doom Lit Sky, Emperor, Dissection, Immortal. I can’t even pronounce this one!” she exclaimed.
“Ah, which one can’t you pronounce?” She pointed to the black and white disc.
“It’s Nganga pronounced ‘Nanga’, the first ‘g’ is silent.”
Pat took the CD case and popped in a burned CD. “This is Finntroll, an awesome black folk metal band.”
“It sounds interesting, but folk metal? Come on what will they think of next!” Sam said blatantly.
“Hey now, be nice. Doom Lit Sky is my band and we sound somewhat similar to these guys.”
“You’re in a band? Let me guess, you sing.”
“No, I do not sing I play drums. I have a custom Tama SC Maple kit.” he said with pride like it was something very important to him, which at the time, it was. Playing drums was like a way out for Pat. Rather than doing drugs like Iain, Pat played the drums and was part of quite a few different bands.
“What kind of music do you listen to?” he asked pretending to actually be interested.
“Oh I like the usual, 311, Maroon 5, Good Charlotte. You know, the ‘in’ bands.”
“Lovely,” Pat thought to himself.

They arrived at the rave at about 10:45PM.
"Follow me!" shouted Pat.
Sam followed Pat like a lemming.
"Sam, this is my brother Chris."
"Pleased to meet you," said Chris while taking Sam's hand and kissing it gently. Sam remained silent, but Pat watched intently as she never once took her eyes off of Chris. Pat was almost identical to Chris; so many people thought they were twins even though they were 4 years apart.
"Come on you two, we got the goods in the back." said Chris, expressing his deep Texan accent to Sam.
"Bah!" Pat thought to himself. Although Pat and Chris looked alike their voices were the complete opposite. Chris had a very deep voice with a pretty thick Texan accent while Pat had a soft voice with more of a Californian accent. A lot of people who were merely acquainted with Pat thought he was gay because of his stereo-typical voice.
Sam, Pat, Chris , and some other friends of Pat's were in the back room. Pat left the drug infested hole as soon as they brought out the goods.
"Where are you going?" giggled Sam.
"He's a pussy and doesn't bother with drugs," replied Chris just before sticking a dollar bill up his nose.
"Is this true?" questioned Sam still giggling.
"Yeah, 100% true, and do you know why?"
"No, why?" she said this time not giggling.
"Because drugs are bad, I mean fuck. Look at Chris!" shouted Pat while pointing to Chris who was setting up another line. Pat walked out the door before anyone could reply to his comment.

Pat drove Sam home around 4 in the morning. He didn’t want to let her go because he came to the conclusion that her father did not like the fact that a skinny white boy had shown up at their doorstep. He hated thinking about what her father would do to her. He figured he was very abusive, the typical drunken father. Pat’s phone rang.
“Dude! How was it! Did you get her to go with you?”
Pat thought to himself “Great, Iain’s on his daily, well morning fix, again.” He replied to Iain’s question, “It was fun, but I have the feeling there’s more to her than meets the eye. I think her father is like mine, just not a complete psycho path.”
Pat’s mom left her husband after he got thrown in jail. Once he got out, he realized they were gone and hunted after them. He said it was Pat’s fault that his wife left him and he continued to try and kill him.
“Really?” said Iain in a way that made Pat know he didn’t really care.
“When I picked her up she and her father must’ve gotten in a fight of some sort, or maybe he just decided to wail on her.”
“Ah, I see. Are you going to do anything about it?” asked Iain totally unaware of the real situation.
“Fuck, no! I’m not getting myself mixed up in her problems. Especially if her dad is a drunken living room street fighter! Anyways, I have to go I’ll see you at school,” said Pat.
“Pea..." Pat hung up before Iain could finish what he was saying.

Three months passed by and Sam decided she would stick with Pat. Pat was beginning to dig himself out of his hole again and slowly started to socialize a bit more. He got used to Sam’s little quirks and she learned to live with the way he was. There was one thing he soon realized he couldn’t stand. It was February 14th, not only was it Valentine’s Day but it was also Sam’s birthday and Pat had forgotten. He apologized again and again, but she continued to yell and scream at him.
“You are a heartless imbecile! I can’t believe you forgot it was my birthday!” screamed Sam.
“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry you know I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.”
“That doesn’t matter, you never forget a girl’s birthday, especially if it’s on Valentine’s Day you fucking idiot!” she screeched again.
“I truly am sorry if there’s anyway I can make it up…”
Sam had nailed Pat, he fell to the ground.

After that incident Sam started in on Pat more and more often even for the slightest little mistakes. Pat was no longer permitted to hang out with Iain, go to raves alone, or even talk to other girls. Pat was sick and tired of it and he could only think of one way out. He contemplated day and night of to whether he should do it or not. He had tried before when his ex left him after the car accident and he would've been successful if it wasn't for Iain finding him in the bathroom. He knew he had to do something, Chris had noticed the cuts and bruises across Pat's back and chest and had asked about them. Pat said he simply got in some more fights.

Two months passed while Pat continued to get beat on by Sam. It was November 11th, the day before Pat's 19th birthday. He had come to a final decision.
November 12th, 2005 : TEMPLE, TEXAS NEWS
" Patrick D. Martin, who would have turned 19 today is no longer with us. Patrick's best friend, Iain Bellamy found Patrick in his apartment this morning. According to the medics Patrick overdosed on 50ccs of heroin and over half the lethal dose of cocaine. Investigators found a suicide note covered in blood on Patrick's chest. It said that Patrick would like to have his note read aloud. He had requested Iain to read it." said the news reported handing the microphone to a very ragged looking Iain.

" I know I have let many of you down and I know that those of you that I let down are not feeling sadness. You may act like you are sad because of my death, but I know you pity me. I know you're angry about the fact that I finally did it. I want all of you to know that even though I may not be here physically, but I'm still around. Every rave you hear about, every show Doom Lit Sky plays, everywhere you go. I am there and I always will be." Iain paused a moment to blow his nose on the sleeve of his shirt and wipe the streaming tears from his face. " To everyone that helped me through earlier tough times, I cannot thank you enough. Chris, I'm sorry. I truly am. Iain, because you are my best friend I'm giving everything I own to you unless of course, you want to split it with my brother, like that’s going to happen. As for you Sam I hope you blame yourself for this because it IS your fault. Yeah, I'm talking about little Miss Perfect. You guys always wondered where I got the cuts and bruises from, well, why don't you ask Miss Attention Whore. I know you all noticed how I changed after the two of us started dating, I simply went along with her little games to keep myself from turning to the last resort. Apparently I couldn't do it anymore. This is Sam's doing and I am hoping that you guys will not hate her for this, instead I'd rather one of you go after her and beat her and see how she likes it."

There was an awkward silence throughout the homes of friend's of Pat's. Everyone showed up at Pat's funeral except Chris and Sam. Iain suspected that Sam had been cheating on Pat all along but he could never nail who it was. Now he knew and there was nothing he could do about it. His best friend had killed himself and he was all alone. He decided last minute of to what he was going to do. He paid his respects to Pat's mother and left the cemetery where Pat's funeral was being held. He was determined to find Sam, he didn't care if he got caught or not, he just knew he had to do something about her.

03-04-2005, 10:45 PM
That was very good. I usually don't deal out compliments about stories, but this one was intriguing from beginning to end. At some points, it was a bit unclear who was speaking and the descriptions in the beginning could have been incorparated more into the story as description through actions. The end was very intriguing, and it left me wanting more. I don't know if that was your intent, but that's how it worked. I can also relate to this story in my own life. Pat at the beginning of the story was a lot like me. I'm not much of a sports star, but his prsonality and social position is similar. Good work.

03-05-2005, 07:12 PM
Hey,hey,hey. Thank you. I noticed some of it wasn't as great as it could be but oh well. Tis simply an assignment I put a little too less and a little too much effort into.

03-05-2005, 07:16 PM
I liked it i want a copy

03-05-2005, 09:09 PM
I liked it, although, being myself, I saw a bunch of spelling errors and such, but I'm too lazy to point them out.

Other than that, once I started reading it, I just kept going. Is that the end of it? I was upset when it just ended so suddenly. I need more!

Spelling mistakes eh? There aren't any, but nice try. If you insist on saying that there are some, please, be my guest and point them out. The only other "mistakes" that may be in there are related to punctuation. I never really bother with it. As for the ending, yes that is the ending of this part of the story. I'm only going to finish it if my teacher requests me to.

03-05-2005, 09:18 PM
I'm gussing Iain killed the bitch.