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Mota Boy
03-26-2005, 12:20 AM
When I went to college [I'm taking a semester off, but it's a long story], I wrote for a college magazine. I was a fucking great writer. I ran into my editor tonight and he told me how many people specifically ask for my articles. I kick fuckin' ass at writing.

Anyway, a while back this magazine ran a series on women at our college. I specifically wrote a piece about women who drink (because, as the article concluded, they want to outperform men at social standards set by men). when I ran into my editor tonight, he told me that I got an e-mail from a group a while back. I found out that when you type in a certain, common, series of words, which also happens to be the name of my article, my article comes up first on google. Above the BBC. Above cafepress... above fucking everything [pm me if you're curious, and if I like you I'll give you the address]. OOoooooh, and now that I reread the article, I realize that I allude to someone from the BBS in it.

So I got this e-mail tonight. (well, actually I got it earlier, but I don't have regular internet access. I had 63 e-mails as of tonight. This was one of them.)


I'm hoping you can direct this email to [[Mota Boy]]. I searched
for her in the [[Mota Boy's college]] U website, but no luck.

I am from the Sam Spady Foundation and would like [[Mota]]'s
permission to quote a bit of her article (Mota's Awesome Article is referenced here) in our next newsletter. She mentioned Samantha in her article, so I
know she's familiar with the Sam's story.

We will, of course, give credit for the source.

Many thanks!
Judy Wood
Newsletter Copywriter

I will, of course, allow this to get out. I'm all about knowledge of proper alcohol usage. I just hope that they realize that a male, not a... well, not I don't want to refer to feminists in any disparaging tone on the offchance that they'll come across this site (they've already managed to somehow read my writing on a random site, who knows what's next). But yeah, that's how I accidentally became a feminist. And I still support everything I said in that as-yet-unnamed article.

And seeing as I'm drunk at the present, I'm not sure how I should react to... *sudden realization* Well, it's time to go to bed before I say anything I shouldn't. Goodnight, y'all.

03-26-2005, 12:54 AM
I got a little confused in the middle but that's pretty funny.

03-26-2005, 06:38 AM
Drop the secrecy act. It's one thing to remain nameless if you decide to exclude your personal life entierly from your internet persona; but when you start dropping names and bringing up factual experiences, you might as well stop the self-censor all together.

Yes, i'll be interested to read your article. No, I won't PM you for it.

And just for the record, google sorts articles from up to down influanced heavily by date of submission and the relevance to the sought keywords. It doesn't account for the quality or the popularity of the editorial.

03-26-2005, 07:45 AM
Pfftt... easy to find...