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03-30-2005, 10:17 AM
Well, I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I'm gonna post this anyway...my livejournal entries about my past trip to England =D I visited Dave (theunholynightbringer) and went to 2 Hansonconcerts :D

Entry I wrote when I was in England (on March 23rd):

Hi from England!
Helloooo! I'm in England!! Dave is showering, so I just thought I'd say hi!! I got up at 5.00 yesterday morning, washed my hair, got dressed, packed the last few things, used an injection (eek!) and headed off for the airport! No delays, so I was at the airport perfectly on time =) The flight wasn't delayed either, I could even get an earlier coach to Londen than planned! And I didn't get sick on the plane either! Woohoo!! =) I arrived At Victoria Station around 12.00. Then took the Underground to Camden, where I shopped! After a few hours I went to Oxford street where I shopped some more =P It was great! Would have been even greater if I wouldn't have been carrying around a backpag that was about as big as I am (yes, I know that doesn't necessarilly mean it's very big, but it was!) all day! Shopping with a huge bagback, how hardcore am I? Anyway, at 19.30 I took the coach to Birmingham, I arrived at 22.00, which was earlier than I should have, so I had to wait for Dave & Steve for a bit, but not too long (they actually arrived as soon as I texted I was early =)) and now I'm here!! I'm having lots of fun!! Dave is all tall now! Haha, it's so weird!! We didn't do much yet, as I arrived late, just talked and laughed, and we took ( this horrible picture ) (<-- that had the pic that's in the other thread we made earlier)

But today we're gonna go into the city and tonight we're going out =D

A few entries I made today:

Back home...
Aaaand I'm home!!! This trip was awesome!!!! I had so much fun! I don't even know where to start! Probably where I left off. On Wednesdaynight we all went out to this very nice place...and got soooo wasted! :o Whoops. We had so much fun though! I came to the conclusion that English beer (or was it lager? I don't know the difference) isn't too bad, and I didn't even have a hangover!!

On thursday we went into Birmingham to do a little shopping, where I bought even more cool stuff =P Poor Dave for having to go shopping with 2 girls though!!! But he saw something he wanted too ;) He cought my shoppingdrift ;) I turn everyone into shopaholics!!!

On friday we stayed home, and just hun around a bit =) Aaaaand on saturday it was time for me to go back to London!! =( / =) I was happy to go there cuz I love London and it was time for London, buuuut also not happy cuz I had a great time at Daves!!!

I took the coach at 10.00 arrived in London around 13.00, it was soooo hot there!!!!! I met up with my friends, we went up to the hostel and found out the showers didn't have doors. YIKES!!!!! So I ended up not showering until monday (when we were back in a hotel in Birmingham)...I really regretted not showering at Daves in the morning on Saturday then...thinking: "Oh, I'll do it in London when I get there". I felt DISGUSTING. After I dropped off my stuff at the hostel I did some more London shopping (off to Camden I was!!!), bought another cool top, and some food. (Interesting ;)) And then back to the hostel to sleep, cuz I hardly got any sleep at Daves', and we deciceded to start queueing at...1.00 AM!!!!!! :o

To be continued ;)

Hanson - London 27.03.2005
The alarm went off at 00.30, we (Marcella, Pamela, Stacely, Naomi and I) all got up as quickly as possible and brushed our teeth and stuff. And then we were off to the venue. I really hate having to queue that early, but you really have to to have a view, especially in London, it's crazy there!!! When we got there, we found out we weren't the first, which kinda pissed us off, especially when we found out the girls who were there (a few french ones) only got there 5 minutes before us. If only we'd gotten out of bed a little quicker!! Cuz being the first or the second ones there CAN make a difference!!

The weird thing was, there was still a party going on at the venue, and London was sooo crowded that night, there were loads of people going out!! The people from the venue were great though, protecting us from all drunk people who were bothering us. We also made good use of the people being there asking them about our tickets...which we STILL didn't have. That's what made this day (night?) of queueing worst...we got there that early, there were only a few people in front of us, but we didn't know if we'd get first row anyway, cuz we would have to to wait getting in when the doors opened cuz we didn't have tickets!! So we could have been waiting there all those hours for nothing!! But we asked everyone who was there...all night, and all day, and eventually this very nice guy, who felt sorry for us, especially when we couldn't deal with the pressure anymore and started crying (we were SO tired and stressed =/) told us he'd ask the manager. Then they arranged that about 20 minutes before the doors would open we could go in, to the ticketbox, get tickets, and go out again...but then the ticketlady told us that we had to go out again, cuz they were special tickets that we weren't allowed to take outside, so we had to go outside, and when the doors would open, we had to come back and pick them up...so...we would STILL be delayed!!!!!! But then the manager came up to her and told her and told her to give us the tickets and let us go into the the venue now!!! So we got in before everyone else did!!! =D First row, AND the best spots! Right in the middle of the stage, a bit more to Taylors side =) WOW!!! It was awesome!!! It was soooo worth almost freezing to death =P

We had to wait for about an hour until Farrah, the opening act came on, who I really liked too, and then about half an hour more 'til...Hanson =P

Wow. The show was AWESOME!!! It was my first electric one...and...wooohoooooo!!! I loved the acoustic ones, but this was even better!!! I can't get over how much I love seeing Tay play guitar either!!! (Why does he have to be the keyboard//piano player?) They played Gimme Some Lovin' too, which I totally didn't expect, but LOVED!!! And just...wow! =D I'm so happy we started queueing that early!!!!

Entry for Birmingham coming up now =P

03-30-2005, 10:17 AM
And the other 2 entries, as it was too long:

Hanson - Birmingham 28.03.2005
Barbara and I were planning on taking the coach to Birmingham at 9.30, but it's a 3 hour drive, and we realised we'd lose ANY chance on first row...or ANY good view actually, so we decided to take an earlier one...the 6.00 am one to be exact. But when we got the the coachstation the driver told us we couldn't get on that coach cuz we had a funfare ticket!!! NOOOOO!!!1 But he was all nice and let us on anyway. Phew. We both slept the entire way there, I was so tired after skipping all of sunday night, and only getting 4 hours of sleep that night!!

When we got the Birmingham we walked to the venue straight away, not even checking into the hotel =P We were happy to see there weren't a lot of people yet! Unfortunately...this day was the day of "queuejumping". People joining their friends in the queue, which is the most unfair thing ever...people sit there all day, and then eventually people who get there late in the afternoon are in front of them, cuz their friends "saved them spots". Some girls got pissed off at the French girls in front of the line, and said it was all their fault...some of the Frencg girls did it too, but it was mostly English ones who did...and the English ones who started bitching about it eventually did too, and just lied...they said they'd been all the way at the front of the queue, where they hadn't been, they arrived really late...and they started saying really nasty things to the French girls, that they'd sey their hair on fire, and that they should go back to their own fuckin' country and stuff. God I hate those bitches. The stupid thing is...they are going to the Amsterdam show too! So what are they talking about the French girls being in England???? Anyway, they ended up being in front of us too, where they shouldn't be, and the French girls told the security guy they were supposed to be some Dutch girls, and they told me I should talk to the security guy and join them...so I did...and the security guy told me to join them too...sooooo...Barbara and I did join them, and ended up being front row. Which means we kinda queuejumped too...=/ But that's cuz of those bitches who lied. So it's only fair I guess. I dunno. It's just pissing me off that people can't just get in line, and that people who get up fuckin' early still aren't sure of front row, cuz people just join their friends...just get in line. I also heard that someone actually did happen after the concert...that one of the French girls bruised a rib.

Anyway, enough about that. The concert was GREAT again!!!! They played a lot of different songs!! So it wasn't like seeing the exact same concert twice! =) People weren't pushing as much this time, so I didn't get squished either! Perfect! =D After the concert Tay and Zac jumped off the stage in front off the barriers too...that was great =D

We waited for them outside to come out too, which took ages!!! They stayed behind the gate though...signed a few things through the gate, but I didn't really get to see them, cuz there were too many people =( Oh welllllll. It was still great. I had such a great time! And I'm so happy I'm seeing them again soon!!!! I'm glad I have a week to recover though!

The last bits...
This is the last entry about England, I promise!!! Well...until I post the stuff I bought of course!!! ;) I just had to do the concerts seperately, cuz people are gonna want reviews. Dave dropped by when we were queueing in Birmingham too, that was nice =) He seemed to be afraid of all the Hansonfans though! Haha =D Cute.

Yesterday I set the alarm, cuz I wanted to do a little more shopping! Haha. I bougth some plain tops at Topshop, and another cute top. And Hanson's new Single (Lost Without Eachother). Haha, it was funny, it was release on monday, and well, of course the city was flooded with Hansonfans, who all wanted to buy it, and it got sold out immediately, so they had to order new ones! lol!

And then I took the coach to the airport...where I didn't stop shopping ;) I bought some books there, and some stuff at Claires.

I met this really nice guy on the plane...he came to Holland to play with his band...he gave me their CD too! So nice...he was cute too =P

I got home around 7.30...I was DEAD by then. I still am. I got a really bad cold, and a bit of a fever too. As soon as I unpacked I'll probably go to bed again.

03-30-2005, 10:27 AM
you're such an excited little bunny! hehehehehe.

03-30-2005, 11:33 PM
you're such an excited little bunny! hehehehehe.

Welllll this trip was great! :D

And no one but you cares! lol! :p

03-31-2005, 12:22 AM
i'm jealous, it sounds like you had a great time. =')

03-31-2005, 02:14 AM
I diiiiid! I shopped waaaay too much though :p I'm scared to check my bank account...:o

03-31-2005, 04:35 AM
Its probably very weird but, when I went to london not to long ago, I didnt buy a damn thing. exept for bus/metro tickets ofcourse.

03-31-2005, 04:50 AM
Seriously? Did you go to Camden though? :o

03-31-2005, 07:26 AM
Seriously? Did you go to Camden though? :o

yeah, I did.

I guess I just suck at shopping. :\

03-31-2005, 07:27 AM
Ah well...saves money!!!

03-31-2005, 07:29 AM
yeah, well my addiction isnt clothes but cds.

I have these days where I just have to go and buy cheap cds.

03-31-2005, 07:30 AM
Oooh, I have that with DVDs! But clothes too...hehe :p