View Full Version : Why do those Asians always have better stuff than the rest of us?

04-25-2005, 10:12 PM

1Gbps broadband rolled out in Hong Kong

Internet users in Hong Kong can now browse the internet at speeds that UK residents only dream about.

Hong Kong Broadband Network has launched a new ultra fast service. The symmetric 1Gbps service costs approximately 112 per month, but obliterates the kind of speeds we are used to in the UK. We are eagerly waiting for the rollout of an 8Mbps service and consider that to be fast.

While this kind of speed is unlikely to be available in the UK for some time, the possibilities for its use are immense. Large publishers could offer direct download services for their games, online gaming could be revolutionised and TV channels could be streamed at MPEG-2 DVD quality. It is hard to actually imagine speeds reaching 1Gbps in the UK, but we can dream.

By Tom Orry
Posted 25.04.05, 05:58pm

04-25-2005, 10:15 PM
I'm part Asian, which explains why I can't drive a car, but I wish I could do math better so I would pass my classes more. I'm good at music and art though! :D

04-25-2005, 10:17 PM
I think you missed the point of the thread. I don't think you comprehend the speed 1Gbps!

04-25-2005, 10:18 PM
The reason Asians come up with all of the technology is because there is a lack of Americans majoring in Math (and science, partly). If we had as many math students as China or Japan we'd have come up with that already.

04-25-2005, 10:19 PM
I thought the name of this thread said 'Why do Asians always have better stuff to do than the rest of us?" Then I replied and read it again. Is 1Gbps faster than the speed of light?

04-25-2005, 11:11 PM
b/c asian girls are so hot is obviously the answer

04-25-2005, 11:38 PM
It's easier to wire Hong Kong than the British Island. More capita per square km too, ergo more customers, ergo more demand, ergo more profit, ergo more likeness to supply.

But it's not secret that South East Asia is a haven for internet bandwith. Cheap too. I worked with people who owned affordable and quality 100-mbit servers in the area for their websites.

Dead Cheerleader
04-25-2005, 11:44 PM
I fucking can't agree more. Them fucking asian bitches have all the hot white guys. Goddammit! :mad:

04-26-2005, 08:29 AM
TripBoy makes me laugh occassionally.

I tend to laugh at anything though. Shame, that.